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July 23, 2012

                                                                          July 23, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and The Family,
Talofa Lava Le Aiga Malosi Walker!
Hey Family I almost decided not to write any more, but repented and am writing to you now as these letters might be a history or journal I guess. Also though, I promised to write every week so I have to keep that promise. I hope you all stay well and good till I see you in a couple of weeks. I won’t ask for news or updates as you can just tell me in person.  By the way, I am not trunky, but it’s still fun to make jokes. Sorry, I will just start writing.

We had T’s baptism this past week on Thursday. It went really well, just that it rained at the baptism, but that didn’t destroy T’s spirit.  She was happy and smiling the whole time.  The Bishop is so great too. Bishop Faalaulau called the members to step up even more and go out there spreading the gospel and also befriending T and all the others who are baptized as well.  Then after he finished he gave T a big hug congratulating her and saying they are there to help.  So Awesome! That’s exactly the kind of bishop we all need.
We had two visits this week with another lady, and she isn’t a member, is catholic and is very good friends with many elders now, including us now.  She told us about her whole situation with her family. It was a good talk and then we had lunch with her as well the next day for the second visit.  We did invite her to read and pray about the Family a Proclamation as she as many people, don’t or won’t try to read the Book of Mormon like it’s so hard I guess.  Anyway she said she would, so hopefully she does.  Little baby steps with her.
We had another lesson with A.  It went well, she wants to continue lessons, but just can’t commit to baptism as of her brothers, so it’s hard.  We had a great reunion I guess or good visit with S on Friday. It was good to talk to her again and she really enjoyed the visit.  We focused on her and strengthening her testimony of the Book of Mormon and also about the church and Joseph Smith.  She knows a lot and has a testimony but yet continues to struggle with overcoming Word of Wisdom challenges and praying to know if the church really is true and also the Book of Mormon. A, was really good and bore her testimony and told of an experience a lady had with her conversion and applied it to S.  S understood that it will be hard, but she is getting there.  Needs all the help she can get though.
We had a new investigator this week, L. We met with her at our fafaga last Tuesday.  It was really good and she already started reading the Book of Mormon. We had a little discussion with her on the BOM on Saturday and she had a lot of questions!  We invited her to read and pray to know if it’s true and also invited her to attend our Institute class as well.  Hopefully she comes as well as the others we have invited.
We finished up lesson 3 with L, who is waiting for his wife to have her baby so they can officially get married. And then he can prepare for baptism.  She is going on 9 months, so she should have the baby any day now.  I hope it all works out so I can be there for his wedding and baptism before I leave.  He is way cool and fun to joke with.  He is only 20 yrs. old though, I had thought he was older than me, but I guess not.  Anyway it was a good lesson and now it’s just keeping the commandments.  It has been really fun coming to know him and help him to change his life for the better.

We had an open house at the Institute on Friday where we showed the movie of Samoa and its progress from the beginning of the church there until now. We also had posters with descriptions for them and stories.  I should say that Sister Leota has planned to have open houses at the Stake Centers and any other places they are invited, Good missionary tool.
Anyway, that is it for the week.  I love you all!  Thank you for everything.  I know this church is true.  Jesus is the Christ.  God lives and loves us.  I know families can be together forever.   The Book of Mormon is true.  I have finished it again and I know without a doubt it is true!
E Mani le Talatelei.   Keep Strong!  Faamalosi Pea.   Endure to the End!  
Tumau e oo I le Iuga!!
Alofa tele atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

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