Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 8, 2012

                                                                                         July 8, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and The Family,

Talofa Lava!  O a mai tou susuga?  Malo lava le faamalosi!
S is back from Australia, but gone back a little as her husband is very against it.  For two months he probably was very forceful and negative as she didn’t come to church, but told us she has the flu. So trust that is true and hopefully help her out. She said to keep in touch and set up time to meet so hopefully that all works out.  She was so set back in April, going strong but don’t give up hope.
We had a lesson with A.  She let us know apologetically that she couldn’t go through with her baptism because of her brothers.  She said she wants peace first. It was hard as she really wants to but just is too concerned with outward forces.  We invited her to go home and pray about it and see what God had to say.  Then go forward with that. She said we could continue lessons but eventually also said she would be baptized, but just not now.  Sad day.
Also taught L.  He is just waiting for his wife to give birth then they will get married and he will be baptized.  He can’t wait for that day.  Good guy.  Always so happy to see us.  Comes to church, reads, prays and us constant.  Such a steady investigator.  Awesome.  Need to teach him all the lessons.
L is going strong.  Cool little kid.  Also S, his house is just way far so he has trouble, but still planning their baptisms this Saturday the 14th. So hopefully all works out.  Planning to go see S’s parents this week. Need to talk to them. Pray all goes well there.
We have been having fun Fafagas this past week with the Magiagi ward.  So fun to talk to them and laugh and joke and enjoy each others’ company.  I will miss that. Good families!
We had a ZLC this past week.  That was way cool.  We went over the special meeting with Elder Pearson and are going to put to work those things and anywhere we go to invite change and repent, report that to the bishop, then follow-up.  Great stuff. Keeps us focused and busy.  Then the next day shared all of this with the zone in a 3 hour meeting.  Long, but really good. Great meetings.
We had planned visits with some of the auxiliary leaders in Pesega 5th with brother P.  their visits were more successful than ours.  Ha ha .  But we had time to talk to H who is a great guy.
With the transfer that happened on Friday and no sisters to be in Vaitoloa until Tuesday, the baptisms fell on us to help get it done.  We needed to teach the last lessons to one named G, a really honest, sincere guy who I just really looked at and saw him with the love God has for him.  It has happened before, but I really felt for G. We had the interviews and then the baptisms the next day. The baptism service was amazing.  Packed with so many people.  So many supporters. Awesome!  I could definitely see all the help that the new members have. There were 3 converts and one rebaptism. Then the funny thing happened. We had received money for our fafaga, but as we were leaving a lady came asking for the sisters as they had a fafaga ready for them. We said that they had been transferred and it worked out that we could go and accept the meal.  It was fun though, as we talked with an RM who served in Pocatello, Idaho.  He and his wife are planning to be sealed this November. The mom of the RM is sturdy as her husband had passed, but they were sealed so they will be together again.  Cool experience there.
Had Ward Conference in Pesega 5th. It went really well, a lot of people came.  President Faalego is really good. He talked on the basics of the church and whether we are getting it done.  Prayer, scripture study, FHE, church and other things.  These things will provide the foundation for our lives.  Did a really good job.  The counselor talked on remembering the past to better the future. Always important.
Contacted a girl named T in Vailima, should be a good baptism, she is used to going to church and has been going for a while. A good girl.  Also going to contact and start lessons with others so starting there.
That is the update for this week.  My comp and I are so busy we can hardly think.  Plan well, set goals, then go out and get it done.  I am so thankful we are busy. The work is exploding.  So exciting!
I know the Church is true.  It is the only true and living church on the earth today.  I know President Monson is the living prophet and holds all the keys to direct this church under the leadership of Jesus Christ. God lives and His Son, Jesus Christ also.  They love us infinitely.  I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  His teachings and life are our guide to peace in this life.  Follow Him!  I know the Book of Mormon is true through and through.  The most correct book on the earth and the keystone of our religion.  I know that Joseph Smith through the restored priesthood set up again the church on the earth.  E moni le tala lelei.  Keep strong, and Endure to the End!   I love you all so much!  Alofa tele atu mo outou.  Thanks for everything.
Elder Cody Walker

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