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July 2, 2012

                                                                   July 2, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and The Family,

Talofa Lava Lou Aiga Malosi Lava! How’s it going family?  I hope all is well. Time sure flies.  Already to July. Crazy stuff.  So super busy here, it is great.
It was an awesome week. I can’t begin to describe it. First off, on Monday morning we had a special Zone leader meeting with Elder Pearson of the Seventy in Upolu. It was amazing and so inspirational.  I love it when he speaks.  He has so much enthusiasm and keeps everything upbeat.  He talked on Priesthood keys and how they are designated and also on essential ordinances for the Celestial Kingdom and also on having our vision broken down to unity, clarity, focus, faith, and urgency.  Also talked on having faith in ourselves and helping others do the same with understanding as well.  That is key.  Such a great meeting.  He is like President Leota pushing us to work together more with leaders and changes are happening.
We had one of the most spiritually powerful and just plain awesome lessons with F and A this past Tuesday. I wish I could explain it in detail but it would take too many pages.  Both of them felt the spirit as we talked on the Plan of Salvation and they expressed their desires to be with their families forever.  Then we invited them to be baptized and this is where it got emotional. A accepted right away with how her mom had passed on and she wants to feel belonging and loved, which she knows can come as she performs ordinances in the temple and helps unite her family and how it’s been hard for her not having that relationship.  Next came F whose mom also passed at an early age and whose dad is a pastor of another church and how his dad said if you turn on the church now you turn on me saying don’t ever change so that’s why it would be hard as he loves his dad and has always looked up to him.  Sister F came in explaining Christ’s love for us and it would be more to follow Him.  It was so emotional and I just was so amazed at how strong the spirit was and the way it worked through us to them.  A accepted the 14th and is still working towards that.  We had another great lesson with her, another emotional one and we talked about repentance and how she needs to forgive herself.  We shared Alma’s testimony and experience and she understood she really needed this before her baptism. Oh it was so amazing! F though was told he couldn’t meet with us again as of right now, but all is for a reason.
We have had more lessons too, with L.  He is doing great and progressing steadily.  He said they are waiting until after his wife gives birth to get married then have his baptism. She is due any day so it will be this month hopefully.  So awesome though how he bears testimony of how he knows this church is true.  M was able to meet again and we were able to help her with her problem with the Book of Mormon and this being the only true church with priesthood power.  She had been wondering why we so wanted to help her to be baptized in this church and so we explained all that. 
We started lessons and have planned baptisms for 2 kids in Magiagi coming up on the 14th as well.  L and S. Cool kids simple and fun to teach.  I love those two lil guys.  They like us too and love having us teach them.  So innocent, they are both 11 yrs. old. S is a bright kid and he picks it up fast and L is sincere.  Fun guys.
Had L’s baptism this past Saturday, and I had the blessing and opportunity to baptize her.  Also before that we taught her the 4th lesson.  It was a good baptism. L seemed happy. Her husband was a little sad that he could not perform the baptism, but he was still there to support her.  Hopefully he can get back on track and they can do things together and eventually be sealed with their new little boy. That will be an awesome day for them.
We are still having great fafagas, not just because of spiritual thoughts and conversations we have had, it has been so fun to actually help out and really fulfill the whole purpose these fafagas are for.  Hopefully changes are made in people’s lives. Also could affect others.
We had a very busy, but fruitful day on Sunday.  First, a fun thing (by the way, I was exhausted from this) is that we were busy with meetings, visits, zone business from 5:20 a.m. to 10:20 p.m., meaning 17 hours in a shirt and tie. J  First off a meeting with the Stake presidency of Pesega at 5:30 in the morning. Then sacrament meeting at 7:30 at Alafua, then right after that, we attended the ward council for Pesega. Then to sacrament meeting in Pesega 4th for L’s confirmation. After that back to the 5th ward for church, then to our fafaga at 2:30, followed by another meeting, this time with the Apia Stake Presidency, followed by a general stake priesthood meeting. We dropped off elders and picked up reports and then came home to plan until 10:20 pm where the day ended.  Crazy, but fun. Don’t even want to know what the APs and Pres. Leota go through.
I have got to run.  Hope to always keep busy. I love you all!  Thanks for the pix of Alexsis, it was so cute. Thanks for everything. I know the church is true and led by a living prophet.  God lives and loves us.  He sent His Son to Atone for our sins.  Jesus is the Christ. Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  The Book of Mormon is true.  I know families can be together forever!  Keep strong. Endure to the end.
Alofa tele atu mo outou uma lava!  Emoni le Talalelei.
Elder Cody John Walker

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