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July 15, 2012

                                                                               July 15, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and The Family,

Malo lava Soifua ma le Lagi Mama!  (Congrats on living and the clean heavens).

By the way my English is leaga and I sometimes fill in words with Samoan ones as I can’t remember all the English I am looking for. This week was absolutely packed to brim with stuff to do and even with all we did, we still haven’t completed everything such as contacting people, talking with each companionship on some things to do and much much more with lessons and such!

We had a baptism this week.  They were the first baptisms in Magiagi.  The two kids I told you about, Lite and Sofeni.  We finished up Sofeni’s lessons on Thursday and then interviews for both on Friday with the baptism at 6:00 on Saturday.  Well, it was planned for 5:30, but we were on Samoan time. Ha ha. But it went really well.  Awesome baptism and a good turn out too.  Those two kids are legit.  Good listeners (of course if not they would get fasi), but they learned and hopefully grew from our teachings.  I really enjoyed teaching them. Cool kids.

Also have a baptism set up for this Thursday in Vailima.  It’s the girl T, I told you about. She is 14 yrs. old and solid. We taught the first three lessons this week.  She has even been reading steadily from the Book of Mormon. Reading every day. Also on Thursday when we taught she had come with questions for us about her reading. Awesome! She loves church and young womens.  She is excited to be baptized. Of course the bishop was excited, too.  We will finish us her lesson Tuesday, then her interview on Wednesday and baptism on Thursday.  Hopefully all works out.

Last of all, the big news—we went to the TEMPLE.  It was amazing. Awesome. Sekia, Musuia, unforgettable and much more.  I loved it.  First we had training as a zone at the office with President Leota who really emphasized having our hearts right, faith has got to be strong, and we need to visit, invite, report, and follow-up with everyone we see.  This all put together will help us accomplish our goal.  He asked us all what we thought and whether it was possible to obtain our goals or no.  All of us answered yes we could, so now we are to go forward and get it done. So then we went to the Temple and wrote down commitments to give to the Lord on what I will improve on and change so that I can always have the spirit and work well with my companion. Just 100 % obedience.  I love the temple and wish I could go more often. That is definitely a blessing in our lives to go there.  I love it!  It’s indescribable in words.  The Samoa Temple is so beautiful. All are just amazing places to be. The Lord’s house.  I got the chance to go with Too-Faalogo and Ormsby, too.  We were the last ones in the Celestial room, so peaceful.  Holy and Amazing.

We have some new investigators in both Vailima and Magiagi with some wards as well.  Crazy, but it seems where we live is where we have work.  Maybe the other wards may think they don’t have missionaries or something, but we keep on visiting when we can.  We still have investigators there, too.  Just do all we can.  It is so fun though to be busy.  We have some pretty promising people too, that we have contacted. So busy by the way, that on Thursday we did a split with the APs.  I went with Rodgers and Malaga went with Ormsby. Got a whole lot more done.

Well that is it for now.  Sorry, but gotta run. I love my mission, kind of don’t want to leave. Actually a lot, I don’t want to.  It is sad to think about so I don’t.  I just work and keep going until I drop.  Do all I can with what time I have left.  Thank you all so very much for the support, letters, prayers, packages, and love!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!  You are constantly in my prayers.  Keep strong.  Faamalosi Peal. And endure to the end. Tumau e oo i Iuga.  Ou te Alofa tele naua ia Outou! Faafetai mo mea uma.

Elder Cody John Walker

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