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May 6, 2012

                                                                                                            May 6, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and the Family,
Hey Fam! How is everything going? Good?  As always I truly do hope so.  Hey make sure all that yard work is done before I come home. jokes, but seriously. Ha ha.  Enough of the rocks, right? How is the ward doing Mom and Dad?  How is Primary Mom?  And how are the missionaries over there, Dad? Is the work progressing and doing just fine?  Ours is jumpstarting here and it is only the beginning. It is so exciting. I wish I had just started my mission with all the changes and new things we are doing, it is so amazing to be a part of. Miracles are beginning to happen. Patience, hard work, obedience, praying, fasting and so on and so forth.  Keep strong and keep on trucking.
I guess the sad news first, we had to take S out of the teaching pool as she left for Australia Saturday to be with her husband for the whole month, not coming back for a month or so.  The thing that was sad is that we tried and tried to see her before she left, planning different days and times just to give her a message before she went and maybe some helps on how to be strong while in Australia and lastly find out exactly where she was staying to help her to find a chapel over there so she could go to church (maybe with her husband). Which would be great!  But no such luck. In fact it kind of seemed like she was avoiding us.  But try not to think that, just give her a break and hopefully she comes back and still wants to talk to us.  Pray and hope.
We had a follow-up lesson with W and hopefully planning to go with him and the Vailima ward to do baptisms for the dead this Saturday.  We just read a little from the Book of Mormon and encouraged/invited him to continue reading and learning more.  He is a good cool kid and will be a good missionary someday. He was busy the rest of the week as are a lot of people this month in preparation for the 50th Anniversary of Samoan Independence.  Busy time coming up is all I can say.
We contacted a girl from Vailima name J who has a “friend” on a mission in Hawaii and they are kind of writing back and forth and he, the missionary, invited her to learn more so she told her friend who contacted us and we met up at her work place and she was very open, but surprised at how quickly we contacted and talked to her.  She is a cool girl, just hesitant at the moment, but has been to church before so is familiar.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her we would keep in touch.
We had another ZLC as well as interviews with President.  The ZLC was good.  We planned a mission fast for unity, revelation and further promptings from the Holy Ghost, and the softening of hearts of those we teach and are looking for. It was a grand idea and I know miracles are coming our way.  We also talked on how we can help now with reactivating and helping people remain in the church.  Really good meeting. Very spiritual and powerful.  Interviews were awesome. A little different though as Pres. came to us in the van and that is where we had our interviews.  So cool to talk to him, I love Pres. Leota.  He talked with me about the work and then he complimented me on my handwriting! Ha ha  Seriously said I had good penmanship or whatever.  I think he is confused with someone else. Anyway it was awesome.
We met with L at McDonalds by chance and talked to her, but she said right now we need to just not meet to teach anymore until her parents calm down as she told them she was meeting with us.  We had a good discussion and talked and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  Hopefully  she continues to do that.
We had the starting visit with A and P . I think A will be baptized this month or next along with P.  Great couple and progressing so well. Just got to know what A wanted and then planned this week to start teaching.  Hope all goes well there.
That is a wrap.  I will talk to you guys soon.  Phone call!  But besides helping a family move, meeting again with S and P and a lot of work beginning that’s a wrap.  I will have a lot more to write coming up.  Oh it’s exciting.  I know the church is true. Jesus is the Christ.  God lives.  We have a living prophet.  The Book of Mormon is powerful.  I love you all.  Keep strong.

Alofa tele Atu mo Outou,
Elder Cody John Walker

p.s.  I got sick all day Sat.—chicken is the culprit –aargh!)  Love you all!

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