Monday, June 25, 2012

June 10, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and The Family,
Wow! A lot sure can happen in a week let me tell you guys. But first, how are things? Everything just fine, no problems or new things coming up? Where are the pixes of the new baby? I hope they are in a letter coming very soon.  Please.  Faamdemde.  I want to see Alexsis. Ya, also pix of others would be cool. I love pixes as I am sure all of you do, too. (and you are probably waiting on some pix from me. Ha ha. (Sorry, just don’t want to chance the mail).Ya, time sure flies and it has gone by super fast this week. 
First off, we are moving again. This time to live in Magiagi, still covering Alufua and Pasega 5th, but no longer Vaitoloa wards as other missionaries are coming to stay here in this house.  Yep, I think my comp and I were sent here to prep the house for them as they are the sisters in our zone.  Yep, being transferred from Matautu to here to cover this tamaieria (small area) and elders are going to be in Matautu.  Elders Lokeni ad Uri are being transferred together over to Savaii, Faala area!!  Uri is pumped and Lokeni relieved in a sort of way, just different.  Anyway the elders coming to Lotopa are my son, Too-Faalogo and Teleaga.  Both being transferred from Yuanai area and coming here to Lotopa.  I never thought that would happen.  To be in the same zone one last time with him.  Crazy cool!
We had a good start to the second lesson with L on Tuesday.  It was a neat experience as we went over and M her husband came to us apologizing saying she couldn’t talk as her stomach hurt and so we were leaving and about to just hop in the car and leave when I saw K and went to talk to him, but felt almost “pushed” toward him. Anyway we talked for a few minutes and were just seeing how he was doing, then got in the car to leave when M came walking out and L had just woke up and wondered if we could have the lesson.  Of course we said, Yes!  We went in and had a great talk and lesson with her on where we came from and the importance of Adam and Eve and their Fall.  Also our purpose here. As we talked to her she seemed happy to learn. Also gave her a blessing and I credit the spirit and the gift of tongues as I gave the blessing, it was so clear, genuinely from God.  All was spoken peacefully and just really all for her and all really fit for her and her situation.  Such a blessing not only for her, but for me as well.  Awesome experience and almost didn’t happen.  Next we went to our fafaga with the Martinez family, and Bro. Martinez’ parents from Australia had just come and his mom made homemade soft taco shells.  Amazing!!  I haven’t had that forever. I ate like 8 or so.  So good. His parents were born and raised in El Salvador.
We had another ZLC on Wednesday.  We had Brother Pauga come again and speak on reactivation and he gave us more help with stories on how it is best done. (Also showed us a cool trick with a pen and your hands).  He gave us advice on fasting and having a contrite spirit with a broken heart. All very important. Then we had a lecture from M, but it opened our eyes to prices of the mission and spending wisely.  Also had other matua faaleagaga (senior couples) speak.  Really great meetings.  President Leota gave us some good teaching on certain items to stress over and over and continue to work on including weekly progress reports, being anxiously engaged, keeping us focused on goals and helping the ward leaders to obtain them. Keeping us pumped.
This week we had a lot of referrals to contact so that was our main focus. We met some new faces along the way and had one really promising one who said he would want to start lessons.  Another said he would be fine with us coming back this week, and the last two we didn’t actually talk to the guy but to his wife and gave her a Book of Mormon and the invitation to give it to her husband.  The work is still progressing!
I have to say Mom we are so loved here and I love this area.  We have so many “moms” taking care of us. Sister K especially, who when she heard we had moved into our own place gave us a bunch of food and then said come back next week for more. Any house we go to they give us stuff to help us out, if they have it and find out we have a need.   So so blessed.
We had another visit with S on Friday and it was perfect.  She was so open and ready with questions.  We discussed Joseph Smith and his first vision, which talks about our beliefs and knowledge of the other churches at that time and how he was told,  “they were all wrong”.  That statement in the pamphlet really gets to some people understandably, but there is only one path, one faith, and one baptism and one Lord.  We talked on the importance of priesthood ordinances done by the right authority. All this is so key and we asked her if she consistently read the Book of Mormon and prayed asking if it’s true.  She said, no; so we stressed you can’t get an answer without asking. Also touched on eternal families and how it is only possible through the priesthood and inside our temples and she was shocked, but not so much when we explained why. It was good though, and her friend may be interested as well. Something she did say that I liked was how they know we as missionaries, are the ones to go to for answers, which means they know our purpose and helps us to know we are sharing our message.
We had another good visit with D.  Invited him to read the Book of Mormon every day.  He still has problems to overcome, and it is hard, but he can do it.  The power of the word has more power than anything.  Alma 31:5.  So we put it to the test with him. 
Well that’s a wrap for this week, still had some hard downs when my comp was down sick.  He still has not gotten over it completely.  We are going to stay in the MRC until the house in Magiagi is fixed.  It has some problems right now.  So ya, we are in the office. Anyway, I know the church is true and the only true church on the earth.  I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that through him with the restored priesthood the true church was restored to the earth.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and so powerful.  I know Jesus is the Christ and that he lived, suffered and died but was resurrected on the 3rd day, so we all will be resurrected and brought before God to be judged of our works.  I know God lives and loves us!  It is infinite.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for everything!!  Keep strong and endure to the end.
Alofa tele atu mo outou uma lava!
Elder Cody John Walker

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