Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 9, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and the Family,

Well, changes just keep coming and all kinds of stuff comes up that keeps me very busy.  I guess I need to ask first off—how is everybody?  How are things going?  Keeping busy, but good, too? (good meaning healthy and safe).  I hope all is good and I love you also very much!  Keep me updated on everything.

K, now to the news.  First off, it was transfers this week, so we were expecting the call on Saturday night, so when it came, my comp—Elder Malaga answered and he got the news.  First off, I got the news that I am staying here in Alafua which I was super excited about, and my comp was going to be the new AP.   Elder Malaga is the man, love that guy.  My new comp is Elder Ormsby from Provo.  So another companion.  Cool thing is Elder Ormsby was trained by Elder Malaga.  Elder Malaga just completed a year, and Elder Ormsby is on 8 months of so. He is a good kid.  So that’s what happened.  The rest of the zone is training and also others moving on.  Elder Rousseau is in the zone, that should be fun. But ya, that’s the big news. Just keep moving on. Elder Malaga was a great companion even though it was only for 3 weeks.  I am excited for Elder Ormsby and the work we can do.

So this weekend started off eating in the Palagi ward, Pesega 5th ward.  I already feel fat a little bit!  Food here is so so good.  Anyway Andrew, our ward mission leader had set us up to eat with nonmembers.  Both families were Indian, who moved here from Fiji.  Also we are eating with a Fijian family on Wednesday. Great opportunities for missionary work.  The first Indian family was S and P and we shared with them about the family and the Proclamation and how it is so important in this church and also gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon, P actually telling us that she would read it, before we would come back next week.  Crazy cool.  We had a good discussion. The other night was back to R and S and mostly talked to S and scheduled next week to go back and talk more.  Awesome people, hopefully can help them find Christ and God.  Love talking to them.

We got a new investigator in Alafua ward named M.  She is golden. It was a referral and we finally were able to sit down with her and it was sooo awesome.  Her younger sister is a member and has been a very good example to M, and in fact M cried while explaining it.  She loved the first part of the first lesson and we also got her to pray after which took a little bit, in fact I prayed to show her, then she prayed, too. 

We had zone leader council and it went well.  We had discussions which were continued into our zone meeting.  Some wanted to talk about pday again and trying to change it back which won’t happen until we are a completely obedient mission. That is all President is waiting for.

We also got out first investigator and taught our first lesson in Vailima. His name is W and he is set for baptism on the 21st of this month.  He is a cool kid and is already strong.  He understood all of the first lesson, also getting his question answered concerning whether we worship Joseph Smith, which is a NO.  But he is good and all set now.

We had a great visit with P. W. and his wife and Pres. and Sister Leota came, too.  Awesome! His wife opened up and asked the question—“Why are we are so committed to our religion?”.  So we explained and Pres. Leota invited them to learn more, and they accepted!  So ya, they were so great to us and feeding us so so well.  I could feel the spirit so strong and his wife was just so attentive.  Love them! Can’t wait to go back.

Also had some caroling for Easter, it was good.  We went to different areas and sang to people giving them a DVD.  I think it is a good thing.  Just get right out there singing, give the DVD and then leave without speeches.  We want people to feel the spirit, no culture needed.

That is a wrap.  I have to get going. I know the church is true and God lives and loves us.  Jesus is the Christ.  President Monson is a true prophet.  I can’t wait to watch conference this weekend—the 14th and 15th, when it will be replayed for us.  Miss seeing it live.  The Book of Mormon is true. Love you all.  Alofa tele atu me outou.  Keep strong.  The gospel is true.

Alofa atu,
Elder Cody John Walker                                                       

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