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April 2, 2012

                                                                                  April 2, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and the Family,
Hey everybody!  Wow time flies, I can’t believe all this news I am getting.  How is Ross doing now that he is back?  Ask him if he got my last letter (I sent it back in July or August) explaining to him that I have not proselyted in American Samoa.  But that is how mail gets to us. (Sometimes rather slow).  I can’t believe all those guys are finishing up. Kinnon first (the lovebird is getting married before I get back), Tyler, Ross, Munk, & Parker, right?  Crazy stuff.  Right now, I am so loving my mission and don’t want it to end.  Anyways how are you all doing?  Good I hope.  Things are awesome here.
This week we tried to so some contacting of referrals we got and one is for sure starting lessons, but the other two, we haven’t quite gotten a solid contact with.  Good thing is one that’s for sure and we’ve set up lessons to teach, is with Valima where we have had absolutely no work at all.  Also working to get some in Magiagi.  Hopefully start that this week.  I’ll have updates on these next week, but ya, that was a thing we are really trying to improve on—contacting referrals fast!  Also have been having weekly meetings with ward mission leaders together with Bishops if possible.  That is so important.
Update on S is we got to talk to her at Sister A's house. She is still doing well, she just got a temporary visa to go to Australia and visit sometime soon.  She can go whenever she wants.  She still comes to church steadily, and is working to completely be able to quit smoking. Just happens when she gets really stressed she says.  She needs to keep strong and be around the right people.  She is golden and I know she will be baptized.

Institute lessons are sill going great.  We had kind of an intense moment when I sparked a comment from a Catholic girl when I taught about the Great Apostasy.  But she listened and asked a great question and was very acceptive, wanting to learn.  I love teaching that class and with help too from Malaga, it’s great teamwork.
We had a great first lesson with L, a guy who is investigating in the Alafua ward. He was open and said at the moment it’s hard to believe Joseph Smith’s story of the first vision, but he will give it a try.  He said he has had a lot of questions from attending church and likes it but is happy to begin learning more.  I was really happy with that lesson.  I felt the spirit and had help from the Afualo family where the lesson was at, just good all good.  He will be in Savaii for Easter break this week, so we can’t meet with him until next week.
Big story for this week is we got to help another zone, Upolu North, to do the TTIP and Follow-up and Fellowshipping teaching for their stake and our zone got to go to the branches over in Fagaloa.  It was so much fun.  Cool thing is my comp and I covered Lon, the branch that Sister Logo goes to if you remember her from the start of my mission. Ya, her dad is the branch president and since we got there sooner than expected, we chilled at their house and drank some Koko Samoa.  Awesome branch there!  They accepted all that we taught, practiced it, and had a good time.  Funny part is we asked for the Family History coordinator and this blind guy says, “She’s dead.”, when the lady is sitting right next to him. So she stands up and says she is here.  He then says, “Wait, I just said you were dead!”  So I said to him, “looks like she is back from the dead.”  It was funny, I love it.  The village is right by the ocean and the pixes and views were amazing. I will have to show them to you all.  So Awesome!
That’s a wrap.  I have to go.  Hopefully more news next week.  I love you all!  This church is true.  The only one. God lives and loves us.  Jesus is the Christ.  President Monson is a true prophet.  Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration.  The Book of Mormon is so so true.  I know it with all my heart.  Temples are awesome. So important.  Alofa tele atu mo outou.  Keep strong.  I love you all so much!  Thanks for everything.
Alofa atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

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