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March 4, 2012

                                                                                    March 4, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and the Family,
Hey Fam!  What’s happening?  How’s life, school, work, traveling, etc?  What is going on over there, I want to know. Sorry if my letters seem outdated and late, but I am getting them out every week, I promise. I would never try to miss a week; I would be worried about mom, ha ha or scared!  No, I’m joking.  Right now it is lightening and thundering like crazy with some heavy rain here and there, but the thunder is extremely loud.  Also the power just went out earlier at the start of priesthood in the Pesaga 5th ward meeting, so it has been out for a while now.  Hopefully it comes back on.

This week we had Elder Kinnison on a split with us up until Saturday. On Monday, I got sick with a cold.  In fact, my nose was draining and when we came home for a little bit on Monday, I just felt exhausted and like my head weighed a hundred pounds.  The next morning was worse, but after taking some medicine and taking it easy, I was good, except for the runny nose still and I hope it goes away soon.  Funny thing, a lady who we were set up with for our fafaga on Monday night made arrangements for us to have dinner at a nice restaurant to eat as she was busy with work.  Sad thing is the food looked delicious, but I didn’t taste a single thing. The raw fish, poke, that I ordered with wasabi sauce and nothing cleared up my sinuses enough to taste what I was eating.  I had a Caesar salad and just tried to remember an Olive garden salad and how good it tasted.   Ha ha   No chance. 
The story of the week comes with prepping and trying so hard to get things going for S.  We had good lessons and visits with her throughout the week even getting her interview for baptism done on Friday, so she could be baptized the next Wednesday like we had set. Then on Friday night at 10:30, she sends a text to us and asks us to put the baptism date back until she has things good with her husband.  She knows that he, (in Australia) wouldn’t be happy and he is being hard-hearted and proud and not really caring about S.  So much so that S is beginning to question him  and also question herself and the church.  We don’t and never would try to force anything but she needs the companionship of the Holy Ghost in her life and also the support from him. On Sunday, we met during Sunday School and she cried and was telling us about the conflicts she was having with her husband.   He isn’t being nice at all.  She said she has been tempted to respond with anger for what he is doing, but instead she is using Christlike patience and trying to talk nicely and explain what she feels and wants and knows is right to do.  She is so strong, but is being beat down by Satan and her husband. I have been praying so hard and fasted on Sunday for her.  She wants to be baptized, but texted me on Sunday , saying her husband said to choose him or the church and if it is the church he will have the divorce papers faxed over straight away.  Argh!  It just gets to me how she is struggling and then he eases up, but gets right back in attack and defensive mode, but she is always patience and loving trying to work things out. She hasn’t said for sure about putting the baptism back,  just keep praying,  knowing it is in the Lord’s hands.  We want to help her, we are praying to be guided in what to do.
We are still teaching Institute and that’s going great except my companion is not helping yet,  because he is struggling with his English and feels unsure and embarrassed.  I am trying to help him as much as possible to be comfortable.  We are also teaching in Pesaga 5th Ward with lessons in English.  We had a lesson with B and I.  That was kind of difficult.  B knows no Samoan and I’s English is limited. So quite a few times, I would say it in English, then translate to Samoan for I.  They are good though.  Just keep trying and do all we can . Good news is K is cousins with Elder Sefo and he has agreed to be baptized this month.  Great news there.
J’s dad - A. S. had his baptism on Saturday over in Tutuila.  He is such a great guy!  I had the opportunity to perform his baptism and he was so happy and beaming and smiling afterwards.  J was there and crying, it was a good day for her.  Next up is her mom, A’s wife, and her older sisters.  Great ward and great fellowshipping there.  So awesome to see.  We did have a lesson with him and he was taking it all in so great.
Well that is all the big stuff this week.  Working with my comp to overcome challenges,  I know I can learn from him and I need to do my best.  Just have to keep working at everything.  Prayer is my tool and I know God is there and He will always help me.
I know the Gospel is true.  I know God lives and Jesus is the Christ.  I know Thomas S. Monson is called of God.  Joseph Smith was chosen to restore the church.  The Book of Mormon is true and the keystone.  Read it!
I love you all so very much.  Keep me updated!   Alofa tele Atu ia te Outou.                 Thanks for everything.
Elder Cody John Walker

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