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February 26,2012

                                                                         February 26, 2012
Dear Mom, Dad, and the Family,
Hey Family!  Wow, last letter in February. I can’t believe it.  February flew by for all I can remember.   How is winter time going over there?  How is everyone?  Hope all is still going great and everyone is strong and healthy and all that stuff. 
First off in news is my comp Elder Nielsen finished his mission.  As well as Elder Aloi, Elder Pedersen, Elder Sua and the others in their group, but I mentioned those guys because I have written about them in past emails and letters and thought you might remember them.  Anyway it was a sad day to say goodbye to all of them. 14 of them total. That was a good MTC group and I was grateful and glad to have served with Elder Nielsen for his last 2 ½ months.  But ya, he’s back home now as well as all of those guys in their different places.
The day that they left was transfers and a busy day for us and my new companion, Elder Sefo.  He was already in the zone for a little while in the area Lotopa but now he is my new comp as a zone leader. He really wants to drive the car and so far since Wednesday I haven’t touched the steering wheel, but hopefully he will be all driven out soon.
An exciting day was Thursday.  In the morning I got to go do sui papatisega (baptisms for the dead) with the family that Asuafi and I baptized last year. The Maulio family with Fesolai, Moega, Maria, Silia, and Taunese.  Because of a mix-up I was a little late, but got the opportunity to baptize Maria and Silia which they held back on just so I could make it.  The bishop felt bad as the time had changed and he forgot to let me know, so we were a little bit late, but all worked out and I got a picture with them, too.  Also I received good news from them though; they said they are planning to go through the temple in 2 months, in April!  To receive their own endowments and to be sealed as a family.  I was so stoked, because I might be able to go with them.   Also that night I got to go with Rodgers and Funaki to take a lady from the Pesaga 5th ward through the temple in the English session.  Amazing experience there as well.  A great lady and she was all smiles with some tears as well.
On my last day with Nielsen we got quite a bit done with teaching a class at the institute, kind of an investigator class, but it has members in it as well.  It’s called “Teachings of the Church” and we don’t have a curriculum or anything so we just ask what the students want to learn and go from there. Also had a last visit/lesson with Serina and she was sad Nielsen was leaving, but glad I was staying, and she is still set for the 7th of March.  We had a lot of baptisms to go to this week for our zone, consisting of a busy Friday with interviews and also a busy day on Saturday.  10 baptisms all together and I got to go to Lamoana’s baptism too with the APs.
I’ve got a cold right now, but all is good. But I got to go, not too much else this week.
I love you all so much and thank you all for everything.  Keep strong!  I know the church is true and Jesus is the Christ.  Thanks for the love and prayers. Pray for my comp and I please.  Thanks.  Everything will be good.  Obedience is the key!  God lives and loves us.
Out e Alofa tele me outou.  Alofa atu!
Elder Cody John Walker

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