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February 19, 2012

                                                                                                February 19, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,

This week was probably one of the busiest in this area and the truth of the matter is most of it was spent teaching investigators for the APs, while they were with President in Tutuila for conference and meetings.  But before I get started I need to ask how everything is.  Remember to keep me updated on all the facts and what is going on.  Thanks so much for everything you all do.  I really appreciate it all! It is so busy here it is crazy.  But it is a good busy which makes me happy.  Anything new there?  Fun story is my companion and I dressed up as Laman and Lemuel and acted out Nephi’s story for sharing time in Primary. It was fun and the kids liked it. 

First off to talk about is S. She is really progressing and is so ready to be baptized.  In fact, this past week we set a baptismal date with her, the 7th of March. A Wednesday, but that is the day she wants and so we are all for it. We were able to meet with her twice this past week and the first time we read Alma 5 together and applied it to her and invited her again to be baptized and go forward with what she knows and feels is right.  That chapter is so good, I love it. Very useful.  Sis.Vui is also a very great person befriending S and helping her to progress.  She is also a convert to the church, married to a non-member who comes to church every fast Sunday and so she can relate to S quite a bit. S was nice too and cut our hair after the lesson. The next time we met with her she had a great story to tell. She told us how for the first time since we had started lessons she had truly prayed, as in sincere and thoughtful.  She asked the Lord for help and if all of this was right and what she should be doing and she felt a warm feeling and opened up her scriptures to Psalms 73 and read it and it was to her a story of her life. She told us how she was crying and just knew it was what she needed to do, as in be baptized.  The only problem remaining is her husband.  So on Thursday we all (the 4 of us) had a fast together for a day until Friday night, fasting that S would know how to say it and know what to do, also that missionaries will find her husband and that he will be open to them and listen and then of course that her husband’s heart will be softened enough to allow S to be baptized.  On Friday as we went to visit her at Sister Vui’s we were told she was out with her mom and also that her mom (S’s mom) has breast cancer and when she had gone to the hospital they said that it had progressed to a critical stage and there was nothing they could do but tell her to enjoy life.  A hard ultimatum.  We also included her in our fast and also planned for after church on Sunday to go and give S’s mom a blessing.  So after church we went with H to go to the house of S’s mom and give her a blessing, which she was willing to accept and Brother T gave a great blessing of comfort and peace and that her body would function correctly to the end.  So great, the priesthood is awesome and S’s mom was happy for S being baptized and was proud of her.  The mom has such a great attitude and so faithful.  She is not a member, but could become one. We shall see.

Next is T.  We finally got him baptized!  The 18th of February and he was baptized and I was able to perform the baptism and Nielson was able to confirm him a member. He is 9 yrs. old and a great kid. This week we just went over and helped him remember all the lessons and be prepped for his interview.  A fun thing is that his parents and grandparents who are inactive came to his baptism. (his mom is not a member).  His aunt came who had served a mission, but came back and married a nonmember and is not as strong as she could be.  His older sister, who is 16, is his example and friend. Both his aunt, D and M spoke at his baptism and Sister K his grandmother bore her testimony and it was grand.  Such a great family, great people!  It was good to get him baptized and he was so happy.

We also met up with and taught the 5th lesson to J for the APs this week.  She is such a good girl and so strong.  She invited us to a young women program to hear her bear her testimony and was so good.  She is the reason her family is interested and will be the reason they will be baptized.  We taught her dad two lessons this weekend, invited him to be baptized at the start of March and he accepted!  The first time we met him he explained how he wanted peace and happiness in this life and no more contention and wants to know what all this is for.  Perfect setup for the 2nd lesson, right?  So we taught about where we came from and why we are here and God’s plan for us.  Also taught what we need to do in this life to obtain that happiness.  He was all ears and so into it.   It was fun lesson. Gave him a Book of Mormon and he, the next time we met said he had been reading it.  Also he said since the last lesson on Wednesday, he had quit smoking and hadn’t touched a cigarette and doesn’t want to ever again.  We gave him a blessing as he was sick a little that Friday.  Hopefully he continues and can fulfill that commitment to be baptized on that first Saturday.

Next is L, whom we set up to be baptized on this Saturday the 25th.   He is also a baptism of the Aps and we contacted  him and taught him the first two lessons.  A smart kid, age 11.  He goes to Pasega church school of the LDS here in Samoa.  He just moved from New Zealand with his family and has excellent English.  He loves the gospel and is set for this Saturday, so that will be great.

Another is N, also from Pesaga.  She is a great lady and she needs her glasses though to read and has not brought her glasses to the last two lessons.  Great lady and she has a desire to be baptized.  Needs to get married first though.

We also helped J get a name ready to take to the temple, her mom’s mom.  Also hoping for her Dad’s dad as well.

We had a lesson with P W.  We went with Elder and Sister Weber to his house and had a great sit down time. He is still struggling with praying to know if things are true, but wants to know so much about the Book of Mormon.  He is too caught up in the history of it all and not so much of the spiritual goodness.  He is great guy and invited us to dinner.  We are excited for that as he wants us to meet his wife, too.  Well I gotta run.

I know Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know God lives.  I know President Monson is a true prophet.  I know Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration.  This is only true and living church.

I love you all.  Out te Alofa tele lava mo outou uma!  Keep strong! 
Thanks for everything.  You are the best.

Alofa atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

p.s.  I get a new comp as Nielsen finishes. That’s exciting.

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