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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            January 22, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and The Family,
Malo lava le Soifua!  What is up family?  How’s life treating you?  Hopefully all is good and going great for all of you.
On Friday of last week, we got to attend the baptism for Rhonda, the girl the Ap’s were teaching and that my comp and I had opportunity to also teach a few lessons. It was awesome to see it and she was so happy and excited. She was baptized at another church building in Tulaele where she is used to attending church and wanted to be baptized there, but she lives in the Ap’s area. The other elders in the Tulaela area had a family with kids to also be baptized and one other girl as well.  President also came to it and it was a great service.  The only problem that came up was that nobody had the key for the gate to the baptismal font, so luckily it was low enough that they hoisted all the people being baptized over the gate.  Ha ha. They were all smiles though as that situation was rare.  President taught all the kids very well as he explained the five parts of a testimony.  It was great!  It was a privilege to be able to go.
We had a hectic week this week, with transfers, and a new incoming group from the New Zealand MTC, so that made it even more crazy. My comp was sick from Sunday night to Tuesday, so I needed to do all the running around, and pick people up and drop them off.  Since Monday was transfers, they put the day to buy things for the zone to Tuesday, to give as sort of a break as Monday was busy the entire day with the transfers.  On Wednesday, we were on a split with Asaasa the entire day and it was raining and as we went around to our appointments, they all fell through, or the people weren’t home.  We did get one good visit to R K and her daughter D. Sister K hadn’t read very much in the Book of Mormon, saying she starts to read and then gets all these questions and stops. She says she can’t focus at all. I wanted to say that’s Satan, but she actually brought it up.  She knows she needs to read—no excuses.  We gave her the chapters in Alma 5-7, which are good for less-active members to read. We told her the 5th chapter was especially long, but it is a great chapter and we would cover it with her when we came back the next time.  She agreed to read it and also asked about our dinner plans that night. We had received come money and told her we were taken care of for the night.  She said that since Elder Asaasa was getting transferred to Tutuila tomorrow (she had taken a liking to Elder Asaasa as he is Samoan and a great guy) so she insisted on taking us out to a nice Italian restaurant in town. She is a great lady, just has some weaknesses as everyone does.  It was great food, too.
Thursday was busy again, bringing people to leave for travel to Tutuila and also get training most of the day.  That night we also had a meeting with the Stake Presidency and Bishops.  The Aps and President were also there and we had a little training. There was training and an example of teaching for us as missionaries as we will be teaching the information to the members this Sunday, the 5th Sunday combined meeting.  It is to help members in inviting people to hear the gospel and also in befriending new members and those who are less active as well as those who are investigating the church.  It should be good.
We had been asked by the Aps to teach a lesson they had set up with an investigator.  We said of course, as those two are super busy and still are all the time. It was a lesson with an 18 yr. old girl who has been going to church pretty regularly and wants to be baptized.  We taught her the first lesson.  It went alright, but we hope to have more understanding with the next lesson. She has really never been taught or read the bible, so everything was very basic. Thing that is great is she feels the church is true and wants to be a member, but knows also that she doesn’t know very much and that is why she likes the lessons, so that she can understand and learn more.  She was good though and said she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon.
We had a great faiamalosi (strengthening) lesson with a less active man in Alafua ward.  He came right out in explaining his problems with the church and how the people inside are hypocrites and don’t practice what they preach. He of course is just like a lot of people, looking at the faults of people which are sometimes hard to ignore.  We taught him that the church is perfect, but the members who have callings and such are not perfect. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon.  We are going back this Saturday and hope to read from the Book of Mormon with him.
We also went to visit this less active girl in Vilimaa name V. but ended up just talking to the mom.  The last time we had visited with her and her mom.  V’s situation is that she is the only member in her family, the rest being Seventh Day Adventist.  The first time we had visited there about 2 or 3 weeks earlier, there was an elderly man, the dad of V’s mom who was very sick, and when we returned, we saw a new just barely dug grave in the yard and came to find out it was her mom’s dad who had passed away.  We were surprised and so as we talked to the mom we gave some thoughts of courage and told them how families can be together forever through God’s plan and also about temples and she was actually very receptive.  We will be going back to teach more about the gospel, and hopefully all goes well.
Sunday was good! S came to church!  For the first time, and she enjoyed all of it.  She is married now and for 2 or so months has been getting her life set to move to Australia to live with her husband.  B also came and U, so that was a good week!
On Saturday we had been given money again for our fafaga and so went to eat at a restaurant that served Indian food.  Way good, but all of Sunday and today I have been sick to my stomach.  Not fun! Had to get some pepto from the office to survive.
Well that is a wrap for this week. I have to get going. I love you all so much!   Thanks so much for everything.  I know the church is true with all my heart. I know President Monson is called of God and holds all the keys to lead this church.  I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he was chosen to restore this church to the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true and is another testament of Jesus Christ.  I know Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I know He atoned for our sins and His grace is sufficient for all.  I know God lives and loves us.
Ou te Alofa tele ia te outou!
Faafetaimomea Uma!   Keep strong!  Love you all!

Alofa Atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

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