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                                                                                             26 Tesema 2011
Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,

Wow!!  What a week!  I’ve got to say the highlight of it was Christmas day and skyping with the family and talking to all of you.   That was absolutely amazing!  Sekia!  Thank you to Elder and Sister Hansen! So much fun seeing and hearing all of you.  Another plus of Skype was seeing my two new nieces and one nephew for the first time.  So awesome!  They are already so big.  Of course, talking to all the fam was awesome too. Mom, Dad, Tori, Jason, Rachael, Alyssa, Bry, Jesenia, Seneca, Paelyn & Emmett, Blake, Angela, Kendra, Trisha, Hailee (also found out from Blake and Ang they have another girl on the way, Sweet!!), Tyson, Jen and Elise.  All of you are so amazing. Awesome! Cool!  And I love you all so much!  Thank you for everything! You have done so much and continue to do so much.  I have the Best Family!  I can legitimately say that.  Way blessed and lucky.  Way to make my Christmas rock! Yes, I could go on, but time to talk about the week.

Monday was pday and busy again with errands. Too busy, so we had to cancel an invitation to go golfing with Toja, (that’s ok) but plan to go next month some time maybe. Our fafaga was actually a family that lived in Aleisa. It was the palagi/English ward. They have a guy just younger than us and he was very talkative.  That was our Monday.

Tuesday was great!  It was our mission Christmas party.  President and Sister Leota did all the islands separate and it was sooo much fun.  We were constantly laughing and playing around. President did a lot of zone things. We had a cheer to make as a zone, then later we also performed a little as an item all as a zone.  After lunch, we played games in sports clothes as zones for teams, mostly race like games.  Also they had the senior couples prepare games for us to play as well, which was way cool.  President had all the Samoan missionaries perform the Manu Samoa, a war dance, then he had the ones from New Zealand and Australia perform the Haku with President in that one with them as well.  That was way cool/ awesome/ funny to see!  Then they had all the Americans come up after the Tongans, all 3 of us, to perform our dance and sing too. The Americans/USA sang the National Anthem as we don’t have an American Haka or dance.  I suggested “God Bless America” but then thought it would be too mimika (prideful).  We got fed very well, way good food.  It was just so much fun and we had a way good time! Hopefully you got the DVD that the mission made and sent out.  Anyway we got cookies and a shirt form Pres. and Sister Leota which was way nice of them. Afterwards we went to get mail and did our fafaga as well that day.  I was tired and worn out.  Great!!

Wednesday we had a busy day planned, but a lot of plans fell through. We did have another lesson with a guy which was really neat.  He had gone through the pixes at the beginning of the Book of Mormon that show the stories about Nephi, Samuel the Lamanite, and others, and he had read the scriptures that go along with the pictures. We went through them and answered his questions about each of the stories and scriptures.  It was really fun to talk about the stories with him and he is very interested in the Book of Mormon!!  Next we tried to visit another contact, but she was busy so we talked to her aunt for a little while before trying to contact a referral from our ward mission leader.  We got into the house but the guy didn’t come over until later after we had talked with the others there.  He said he was busy until next year, so try back then. We were supposed to have a meeting with others which didn’t happen, so we got to watch some of the Christmas Devotional in Samoan before our fafaga.  They took us to a restaurant and I ordered medium rare steak and first bite I take it is cold!!  Not so cool, probably will never go there again.   

Thursday –Saturday, the main things we did were from 4-8 we went caroling in our areas in the zone. We also had some errands and other things we did in the mornings. We taught a lesson and challenged him once again to come to church so he can progress further towards baptism.  He is still challenged with his duties for food preparation on Sundays.  It is the Samoan way.  Caroling was great and so much fun and it felt great doing it. We had to be quick to sing, give the DVD (Joy to the World), and then leave before they could prepare stuff to give us or give us money.  But it was good for the zone to do together. I had another baptism interview to do for the sisters on Saturday.  They had their baptism in Matauta combined with baptisms of Magiagi as the water ran out up there. It was a very busy day on Saturday and for our fafaga we also went caroling.  Just way busy and full days.

Sunday—Christmas day was the best! The fafaga was amazing with so much good food.  Talking and seeing all of you was awesome!!  I had such a good time.  After that we just came home and wrote and read.  We have a mouse in our room that I need to get rid of.  Don’t tell Tori , ha ha!  Anyway, but that is a wrap and I have got to get going.  It was a busy week, but way fun and exciting.

I love you all!!  I know the church is true.  Jesus is the Christ.  His grace is sufficient.  President Monson is a living prophet.   Ou te Alofa tele ia te Outou uma!  Thank you for everything!!   I love you all so much!!  Have a great New Year!

Alofa Atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

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