Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Teaching and Learning Opportunities

                                                                                                                                                January 8, 2012
Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,

       What is up everybody?  Been busy lately? I hope all is great and going well.  Remember to always keep me posted.  Have you decided on a name for the new little girl yet- Blake and Angela?  Have Kendra and Trisha been giving you some good ideas?
Well as I wrote in my last letter about Elder Rodgers and his appendix, turns out the drainage tube they had that was supposed to just slide out, didn’t!  So he had to go in for surgery again after they tugged for a while, trying to make it slide out and it wouldn’t. He was good though, as the Hanson’s (the mission nurse and her husband) told us. He is now recovering again and doing great. We have been busy this week with ZL council the entire day on Wednesday. A lot of people were gone this week or busy and it has been hard to catch them. But through all of this, there were also small spiritual moments and blessings I noticed and am very thankful for.

On Monday, we had a ton of lessons fall through, with people busy and wanting to kafao (hang out) and play games.  We set up times to come back and teach.  Since Rodgers still recovering, spent that night at the office in the MRC with Elder Funaki.  An added bonus was being able to have a hot shower the next morning.
Next day, I helped Funaki set up for a trainers/new missionary follow up meeting they were having.  Elder Funaki was having to do everything himself this time without Rodgers.  We helped as much as we could, setting up equipment and then my comp and I had to get going.  We went through the day making purchases for other missionaries and dropping it off and doing all these other errands. That night we cooked pasta at one of the Sr. couple’s house, the Webers. 

The next day, Wednesday, we had out zone leader council. It was good and we talked about setting goals and also getting people to the temple soon after they are baptized. Emphasized that this mission is part of the Lord’s mission and work and should be done the same as He would do.  We had some of the Sr. couples also share messages.  It was good and they emphasized getting the info out to the zones and doing so clearly and completely.

Thursday was our meeting with the zone and we got out the info to them and that took a little longer than needed, but there are people who sometimes talk longer than needed in meetings.  Right?   Did our reports and then dropped everyone off and went to our meeting with the APs.  Rodgers sick again, so we were asked to teach a lesson for them to a girl going to be baptized next week. She is 10 yrs. old going on 11. They asked us to cover her reading of the intro of the Book of Mormon, teach her about baptism and the priesthood, so nothing too complicated. Only thing is she was comfortable with Rodgers and Funaki and then two new guys show up. She was shy and we had to ask direct questions to get her to talk with us.  But luckily too, we had her Grandma there so that was a big help. We had planned that day to meet with P, but he had been called away to care of some family matters, so we rescheduled for next week. We visited with J and her family. We asked how she was doing and asked to see if she was still reading from the Book of Mormon and praying.  She said she was, but no change from the boyfriend/husband.  For some reason she doesn’t want to get married.  He is mainly stalling, so she can’t be baptized.  So ya, not so good there.  Her kids are so fun and I love messing around with them and talking with them. Great kids.  Then luckily, since our fafaga had fallen through, we have a great well of good families who have told us that whenever a fafaga falls through to give them a call.  So we called Bro. N and his family and he said to come on over.  He is from Australia and married here in Samoa. His wife is a news anchor down here on TV.  A great family and so kind to feed us and take care of us. Fun family and fun to talk to. They showed us a DVD of the paintings of Liz Lemon Swindle in a slide slow while Kenneth Cope sang songs about Jesus Christ in the background.  It was a cool thing and spiritual.

On Friday, we had to go back to the office, as my comp had rashes on his arms and needed to get something to take care of it.   We parked the car that day and walked up to Moamoa. First tried to visit F, but not there, she was in town buying things. Next was to T and T, but as always, they were sleeping when we got there. So we walked up to A’s house and he was getting reading to head out somewhere. We talked with him about church and he thought since he had gone once, he could just be baptized and never really go back again.  He shows no real desire to go to church.  My comp told him he needs to go to church and show true commitment before baptism.  We left and went over to S, but only A’s husband there, so we sat down to have a lesson with him and he just wanted to ask us questions to try to trick us and confuse us somehow in our beliefs.  We used the Book of Mormon to answer all his questions and then left.  That night the Hansons made us a wonderful home cooked meal, and afterwards we even had ice cream!

Saturday was great as I was able to help teach R again, but this time with Elder Funaki. This I have got to say was a privilege and blessed opportunity. Elder Funaki is one of the greatest teachers I know and he is able to connect with those people he teaches. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he had a book and we told a story having her (R), as the main part of the it.  It was awesome. The spirit was so strong and R was taking it all in and loving the book and story. I learned so much from him and will try to emulate and use some of his methods of teaching.  It was a good experience, that is for sure.

Sunday was a day for church, and R came which was very good.  I love you all so so much!  Keep strong.  Love one another. Keep our family together and strong.  Ou te Alofa tele ia te Outou.  Love you all!  The gospel is true, and remember Jesus is the Christ and He suffered for all of us.  His grace is sufficient.  God loves us all and families are the center of Satan’s attack.  Be calm and reserved and always love.  Thank you all so much for everything!
Alofa Atu,
Elder Cody Walker

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year! Talofa Lava!

                                                                                                        02  Ianuali  2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,
Hey Everybody!  Talofa Lava!  Malo Soifua!  O a mai outou?  I hope you had a great, awesome  New Year.  Welcome in the year 2012, goodbye to 2011.  I have got to say the year flew by.  This year I really didn’t want to come as it means the end of my mission in August.  I don’t want it to end.  I love my mission with all its ups and downs, twists and so on and so forth.  I can’t really describe my feelings with this, but know that I still love all of you and can’t wait to see you all again, but know that it will be so hard to leave here.  I just want to wish you all the best this year, sending my love to the Best Family in the world!  I love you all!!  Thank you so much for everything.
So I am writing this pretty late on Monday as our pday got switched to Tuesday.  It was an Aso Malolo (Holiday Observance day) for New Year’s Day.  But we have been helping Elder Funaki out as Elder Rodgers from my group had his appendix removed today and is recovering.  Scary thing is it was close to bursting and then did once he was in surgery.  President and Elder Funaki were there though and gave him a blessing and the doctors did well and he is all good now and is recovering.  Still keeping up the good attitude as always.  He is great and I really look up to that guy.  Love him to death and hope he is recovering fine.
This week was another busy one. We got  to have an actual rest/pday on Monday and I got caught up a little more on journal writing and scripture reading. But it was good to relax.  The sisters called needing a blessing so we went there and as always we are grateful for the opportunity and considered it a privilege to help them.  Sisters are stalwart, that’s all I have to say!
Tuesday we tried to go see A first but only got to talk to his wife as he was headed out to go somewhere to work. Always busy that guy.  Sometimes too busy to go to church or anything else.  Still working on that.  We are in the process of starting a Sunday School up in Muamoa where he lives along with many others who are investigating the church.  Also there are some less active members that could benefit from a closer church building.  It is quite a walk from Moamoa to the fale sa (church) in Alafua.  Like an hour or so, plus now it begins at 7:30 in the morning!  Right now the Stake Pres. is talking about it and is going to bring it up in the next stake meeting.  Next on our visits was to S.  We talked again about the Book of Mormon, but questions were coming from A this time.  She was really interested in our discussion and as we started on the second lesson she was all ears.  S also liked what he was hearing about the plan of salvation.  Then A’s husband woke up and came and joined the lesson and that’s where the teaching really stopped as he started dominating our conversation with questions to pry us and ya we answered them and tried to continue to teach, but he almost wasn’t going to let us.  A left right when he came in and S was just sitting back looking pretty annoyed, because my comp said that pretty much happens every time. He just comes in throwing questions or making statements to where there is no real progression in the lesson.  Just have to go back and try again.  T’s baptism had to be postponed again as he didn’t make it to church.  So we went to visit and let him know and kind of set a new date with him.  Oh forgot, even with all the distractions, we were able to invited S to be baptized and he accepted right away!  So now we just need to get him married and going to church.  After T’s visit, we tried to see B and I who were busy.
Wednesday was our zone’s turn with two others to paint a school, Ah Mu.  It’s a primary school.  It was a lot of fun; we get all the tedious little hard jobs.  It took us from 8:00 clear to 5:00.  It was a lot of fun and I got to know a lot more about some of the senior couples which was neat.  Also it’s always fun to joke around with the other missionaries.  That night at our fafaga, the father had two people over that weren’t members of the church and wanted to know more!  So after eating we taught them a little and challenged them to come to church and also read from the Book of Mormon.  That’s what we really hope out of any fafaga!  Members bringing others to church or introducing them to us, or both!
Next day on Thursday, we were busy with interviews for the Pesega elders in our zone.  I also had an opportunity that morning to interview the father of a family from Tuvalu and he was such a nice guy-steady and good.  After that we parked the car and walked all the way to Moamea to make some visits. First off was with F, but she rescheduled to Friday as she was busy with some family things.  Next was T and T and we expressed again the importance of the Book of Mormon and invited them to read that precious book.  We had pushed our fafaga to little later so we could do the interview afterwards and say goodbye to a girl at the house we stay at.  Our fafaga was at the Berbert family’s home.  Brother Berbert is the U.S. representative for the Embassy here in Samoa.  He travels all over the place and it was neat to hear about his work.  After the fafaga we returned to our home where the family was hurrying to get going to the airport as Moe was leaving to go to BYU in Hawaii.  She had served a mission in Australia and is a way cool girl.  She is already missed at the house. She was such a good influence on that family.  She is going to dance at the PCC (Polynesian Culture Center).  Tori when you go to Hawaii, you should look her up, she was a good friend.
Then we go to bed for the next day and ha ha, I swear Friday the 30th came and went in less than a second!  Busiest day of my life. Nah jokes, but ya, the dateline switched so we skipped Friday the 30th and went straight to Saturday the 31st, so we could be on the same day with Australia and New Zealand.   So we very quickly got to Saturday.  We moved Elders in Vailima to their house in Magiagi, that took all morning!  Then we ran to the office for some stuff before we got to our area.  The one visit we made was to a catholic family.   This lesson was good in helping us know more of a surety how together and complete and sound this church—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is. The guy we talked to for the most part was I think, some kind of a teacher, because he was more protecting his religion rather than teaching anything new.  We were just discussing some things and he was very on guard. He said the Catholic Church doesn’t use the Old Testament and only reads from it as guidelines.  So my comp just bore a strong testimony and we left with that, but he tried to invite us to come back to learn more from him.  Well we declined his offer and bore our testimony again before leaving.  We know our church is the one and only true church.  Our fafaga that night had a New Year’s/Birthday party for the Mom (grandma of the family) whose name is V.  The Dad is not a member, they are a good family.  Their daughter came form Utah to visit.  She went to BYU and is going back, and she lived in Wyview, too, where I was at before my mission.  She was cool to talk to as well.  Anyway we left early as they were partying till 12 and we needed to be home by 9:30.  Brother V cooked some amazing steaks for us for dinner.  Sister V’s brother from California visited with the family and it was neat to talk to him, too.
Sunday we went to both wards and had a good time at both. Our investigators from the fafaga came so that was good.  They enjoyed it.  Excited for Sunday school as it is focusing on the Book of Mormon this year.  Our fafaga was at the house we stay at, so that made it easy. I spent time studying and writing in my journal, and planning.
Well, I've got to go.  I love you all so much! Thank you so much for everything.  Time flies when you are in the work of the Lord.  Tyler is done!  Can’t believe it.  Next is Ross.  Wow!  I know this church is true.  The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion.  Out e Alofa Tele is te Outou!!  Keep strong.  Jesus is the Christ.  His grace is sufficient.  I love you all!  Write to me and keep me update!

Alofa Tele Atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

Friday, January 13, 2012


                                                                                             26 Tesema 2011
Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,

Wow!!  What a week!  I’ve got to say the highlight of it was Christmas day and skyping with the family and talking to all of you.   That was absolutely amazing!  Sekia!  Thank you to Elder and Sister Hansen! So much fun seeing and hearing all of you.  Another plus of Skype was seeing my two new nieces and one nephew for the first time.  So awesome!  They are already so big.  Of course, talking to all the fam was awesome too. Mom, Dad, Tori, Jason, Rachael, Alyssa, Bry, Jesenia, Seneca, Paelyn & Emmett, Blake, Angela, Kendra, Trisha, Hailee (also found out from Blake and Ang they have another girl on the way, Sweet!!), Tyson, Jen and Elise.  All of you are so amazing. Awesome! Cool!  And I love you all so much!  Thank you for everything! You have done so much and continue to do so much.  I have the Best Family!  I can legitimately say that.  Way blessed and lucky.  Way to make my Christmas rock! Yes, I could go on, but time to talk about the week.

Monday was pday and busy again with errands. Too busy, so we had to cancel an invitation to go golfing with Toja, (that’s ok) but plan to go next month some time maybe. Our fafaga was actually a family that lived in Aleisa. It was the palagi/English ward. They have a guy just younger than us and he was very talkative.  That was our Monday.

Tuesday was great!  It was our mission Christmas party.  President and Sister Leota did all the islands separate and it was sooo much fun.  We were constantly laughing and playing around. President did a lot of zone things. We had a cheer to make as a zone, then later we also performed a little as an item all as a zone.  After lunch, we played games in sports clothes as zones for teams, mostly race like games.  Also they had the senior couples prepare games for us to play as well, which was way cool.  President had all the Samoan missionaries perform the Manu Samoa, a war dance, then he had the ones from New Zealand and Australia perform the Haku with President in that one with them as well.  That was way cool/ awesome/ funny to see!  Then they had all the Americans come up after the Tongans, all 3 of us, to perform our dance and sing too. The Americans/USA sang the National Anthem as we don’t have an American Haka or dance.  I suggested “God Bless America” but then thought it would be too mimika (prideful).  We got fed very well, way good food.  It was just so much fun and we had a way good time! Hopefully you got the DVD that the mission made and sent out.  Anyway we got cookies and a shirt form Pres. and Sister Leota which was way nice of them. Afterwards we went to get mail and did our fafaga as well that day.  I was tired and worn out.  Great!!

Wednesday we had a busy day planned, but a lot of plans fell through. We did have another lesson with a guy which was really neat.  He had gone through the pixes at the beginning of the Book of Mormon that show the stories about Nephi, Samuel the Lamanite, and others, and he had read the scriptures that go along with the pictures. We went through them and answered his questions about each of the stories and scriptures.  It was really fun to talk about the stories with him and he is very interested in the Book of Mormon!!  Next we tried to visit another contact, but she was busy so we talked to her aunt for a little while before trying to contact a referral from our ward mission leader.  We got into the house but the guy didn’t come over until later after we had talked with the others there.  He said he was busy until next year, so try back then. We were supposed to have a meeting with others which didn’t happen, so we got to watch some of the Christmas Devotional in Samoan before our fafaga.  They took us to a restaurant and I ordered medium rare steak and first bite I take it is cold!!  Not so cool, probably will never go there again.   

Thursday –Saturday, the main things we did were from 4-8 we went caroling in our areas in the zone. We also had some errands and other things we did in the mornings. We taught a lesson and challenged him once again to come to church so he can progress further towards baptism.  He is still challenged with his duties for food preparation on Sundays.  It is the Samoan way.  Caroling was great and so much fun and it felt great doing it. We had to be quick to sing, give the DVD (Joy to the World), and then leave before they could prepare stuff to give us or give us money.  But it was good for the zone to do together. I had another baptism interview to do for the sisters on Saturday.  They had their baptism in Matauta combined with baptisms of Magiagi as the water ran out up there. It was a very busy day on Saturday and for our fafaga we also went caroling.  Just way busy and full days.

Sunday—Christmas day was the best! The fafaga was amazing with so much good food.  Talking and seeing all of you was awesome!!  I had such a good time.  After that we just came home and wrote and read.  We have a mouse in our room that I need to get rid of.  Don’t tell Tori , ha ha!  Anyway, but that is a wrap and I have got to get going.  It was a busy week, but way fun and exciting.

I love you all!!  I know the church is true.  Jesus is the Christ.  His grace is sufficient.  President Monson is a living prophet.   Ou te Alofa tele ia te Outou uma!  Thank you for everything!!   I love you all so much!!  Have a great New Year!

Alofa Atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

18 Tesem 2011


 Dec. 18, 2011
Dear Mom, Dad, and Family,

Hey!  Wow, how is everything going? Been very busy?  I can sure say we have again this week and sad part is we didn’t seem to get as much done.  We tried and did a lot doing what we could, but the office was over loaded with errands and people and we are the closest, we had meetings, helped other missionaries, and so on.  I’m not complaining, just don’t like being so busy with that kind of stuff, but it is a good and I’m not complaining, it is a good busy I guess.  Anyway Happy Birthday to Seneca tomorrow, even though you won’t be getting this letter til after Christmas.  But Manuia le Aso Fanau to her!!  This might get to you all before Christmas and if it does—Manuia Le Kerisimasi!!   Hope it is good.  I love you all so much, and can’t wait to talk to all of you.  That Christmas call is really what I look forward to.  Oh Mom and Dad thank you so much for the packages and presents.  Thanks to everyone for the packages, you are all so great!!   I am waiting this year to open them, as I didn’t wait so well last year. I hope Christmas is great and fun and white!  Also hope the New Year’s great!  
Monday was pday and a lot more relaxing than the first one. I spent it writing my letters and getting them in the mail.  Our lesson with Serina went through and our fafaga was with Hatu Tinkia and his family. He is such a great guy, nice and very helpful.
Tuesday we had to help the ZL companionship in Aleisa with their car. They needed to take it in to get it checked. So we started picking them up, a little confusion about when we were to meet to pick the car up, so we didn’t get so much done. I think we could do better with our time.  Just keep trying.  Our fafaga took us out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant which was great.

Wednesday our Zone Leader Council was from 9-3, so basically the whole day as well. But it was a great conference and president was good and patient, but firm in his commitment to the changes on pdays as about 4 other elders were asking to change it back. President told them that of course we weren’t used to the change as it had only been two weeks to try it.  He asked us to give it two months, and then we can talk about it again.  He gave a good analogy about Moses and the children of Israel, in that they had been in captivity for 400 yrs. in Egypt and then they were brought forth to then roam in the wilderness, a test and trial for them to prepare to enter the promised land.  This is us and the promised land is the blessings we receive for obedience. We have to be willing to change for the good and benefit the mission and to keep the spirit with us.  Pres. Leota referred to D&C 58:27 where it talks about being “anxiously engaged”, and doing so with love and by the spirit, and not to be “desperately engaged” and doing it just to get numbers, and hurry up baptisms to meet a goal. It was good to get that point across.  At the end he just explained how he knows he expects a lot of us, but he knows that our jobs are important as well as everyone else.  Not just jobs, but Callings.  The zone is affected more than I think by my actions, so I need to be completely obedient, to expect them to do the same. He is an awesome teacher and inspired man. He just gets to the point, explains his points well, then sincerely asks us to support him and help him to accomplish our duties and callings within the mission.  Great!!  Excellent!! After the meeting we tried some visits before we had our fafaga and a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader.  It was good and we want to have more of them as frequently as once a week if possible.  We talked about some investigators and got fafaga set up for us on Monday with a very nice family.
Thursday we had Zone Meeting and talked about all the stuff from ZLC the day before. We had a great meeting with some of the changes made and also practiced for our item for the Upolu Island Christmas Party.  We had a good lesson that day with a lady we have been teaching.  This time when we went over, we read and talked about the Book of Mormon and explained more to her.  We had a great discussion and she liked what she heard and has discovered. When we challenged her to baptism, she said to wait until she talks to her family. We bore our testimony to her and asked her to continue reading and studying.  She is a great lady and wants to do what is right and likes what we have taught her.  Next was a meeting with our ward mission leader in the Alafua ward. It was good and he wants to help us and get more involved.  Our fafaga was with an Indian family. They are Hindu.  Really nice people and they love having us in their home.  We talked to them more about the Book of Mormon.  She said she would read more.  They had the Book of Mormon there in their home and are very open about talking about it.

On Friday, we had planned to teach a couple, but then another guy came to us, asking us to come to his home, so he could learn more. Of course, we went and taught him the first lesson and asked him to read the Book of Mormon to find out for himself.  He was really accepting and interested. We just need to get them all to progress toward baptism.  We encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon to pray and to come to know for themselves that it is true. Also that day, I had my first baptism interview to do.  It was with a 9 yr. old kid, who was fun and a way cool kid who is ready to be baptized.  We were able to attend his baptism also, the next day. 

On Sat. attended Matoutu’s baptism, it was grand. Then we had a great lesson with another contact that night right before our fafaga.  It was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he is so ready to be baptized, but has some problems with getting to church consistently.  He has conflicts with his wife’s family as her father asks him or tells him to make the food that day, so he has to do it.  It is part of their culture. Anyway he missed church the next day because of that.  Just have to be patient and pray for help.  We slept over at the MRC that night and I had the first hot shower in 14 months! My entire time in Samoa, we always shower with cold water.  We made cookies too, but they didn’t really turn out.

Sunday was good –Tamafaigi made it to church and so did an investigator I am not familiar with yet.  Our fafaga that night was with a guy from Australia who challenged me to focus on Temple marriage and make that as a priority after my mission!  Great fun guy and family.  I had mashed potatoes for the first time since the MTC.
Well that is a wrap!  Busy, busy, busy, but it is all good. Just have fun, work hard, and pray and study.  I know the Church is true.  Jesus Christ is our Savior. His grace is sufficient.  God lives and loves us. The Book of Mormon is true and before you get this, I will have talked to you!  That will be Awesome!  I can’t wait. Hope all is well. Thank you so much for everything.  I love you all so much!  Ou te Alofa tele atu ia Outou!  Thanks for all the love and prayers. Remember Keep Strong!!   Love you all. The gospel is true.

Alofa atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

Friday, January 6, 2012

Malo Soifua ma le Lagi Mama!

Dear Mom, Dad, and all of the family,  
Malo Soifua ma le lagi Mama!  Talofa Lava!  Ua?  O a mai outou?  O a tou mea na fai?  Ua pisi tele?   Hey Everybody!  How’s everything going?  Been Busy?  What have you guys been up to?  Remember no more emails so letter is the only way to get news as well for you all, but I know if I don’t send a letter I will get a call from the office telling me my mom has called wanting news. Ha ha and I will get it in letters too!  Jokes J  Anyway, I better get writing.
This week has been hectic all starting with Monday.  The main hope of changing p-day was to take away distractions, making pday less hectic and busy, keep companions close together, keep also the spirit constantly with us and so on and so forth.  Well all or most of those were improved, except making pday less hectic!  My comp and I after study and washing the car were busy from around 12:00 clear until 6:30, being a little late too for our fafaga and having to do stuff after as well as we hadn’t accomplished it all before the fafaga. It was insane!! Driving an elder who was sick back and forth, getting reports picked up and letters as well to get to the office, drop off mail, make and drop off purchases, and so much more.  But as my comp and I finished the day we looked back and realized that through that entire day we didn’t lose our patience with anyone, everything got done, no one was hurt, we helped each other, and we were able to accomplish everything.  Focus on the positive, right?  Right!  It was a learning and fun day.  Busy and hectic, but it was a good dinner we had that night and FHE too.
Tuesday we taught a new investigator and set up another day to go back and teach another person.  We taught and met a new guy and had the opportunity to teach him the first lesson.  On Tuesday we had a split with a new missionary who arrived from Australia, Elder Pepe.  He is a good guy and will be a good missionary.  He was with us that night and helped us teach the lesson.  We had a farewell party for Elders Atoa, Johnson, and Smithing with their families.  It was so good! The families were nice to meet and talk to.  The family we stay with is so generous, giving and loving. I am well taken care of mom; it is like a home away from home.  We also went to teach a nine yr. old boy, Elder Nelson has been working with him for 3 months now.  The only thing stopping him is he is not consistent in attending church.  It is a challenge for him to get there.
On Wednesday we went to the hospital to meet a couple who wanted a blessing for their newborn baby who had some serious complications and had to have surgery.  But the baby was in ICU and we couldn’t go in.  They said they would call us when we could have the opportunity to give the blessing.  We pray and hope all is well.  We went to see another lady and she wants to be baptized, but her husband is being stubborn a little, so we have to be patient.  On another visit we met with a man who is a Seventh-day Adventist.  It was an interesting conversation, but really didn’t go well. He mainly wanted to Bible Bash, which is never what we want to do, as you get nowhere.  We just tried to end it and ask him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, but he wants physical evidence, not a spiritual witness.
Later that night we had a better experience with a different investigator.  She is a great lady who is really searching and is doing so diligently. At our lessons, she takes notes of what we say and teach.  She, well we, together are working for her to get baptized this month as she has prayed and still is and loves what she is learning.  We also cover an English ward, so we also teach in English, which is harder in some parts.  I’ve been use to Samoan and it is different teaching in English. We read together in 3 Nephi 11, so that was good.
On Thursday we had our zone meeting and I taught a lesson on the Book of Mormon.  It went all right, and at the end I asked everyone to bear their testimonies on the Book of Mormon.  It was neat to do that.  That night we went to the music/singing stake thing at the church. It was way fun and entertaining.  Samoans sing so well and it was fun to listen to them. It was also Grandma’s (the grandma at the house we live at) birthday.  She is 80 years old.
Friday was busy as well. We taught two others, and also went around inviting everyone to the Ward Christmas Party that night.  Our lesson with our investigator went well, she was really interested in the Book of Mormon and so we started at the first part of how God is our loving Heavenly Father and all of the first lesson, to give a background and then talked about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it.  She seemed interested so we will see what happens.  Pray always!   The party that night was good and  loud, but good and fun. The family that I live with is way cool.  One of the daughters reminds me a lot of Tori, always talking.  Ha ha!
Saturday we went first to a less active that was an actor in a Samoan movie-Broken Promises- (random fact) and talked to his wife about getting a temple date set to go seal their family together.  She seemed willing to set a goal, a specific date, so we will go back and help when the husband/father can be there, too.   Another family we contacted was nice, 2 kids, and we are still working with them.  Stake Conference was that night so we went to that and also the next day- Sunday.  After the meeting we had our fafaga with a really nice family who is familiar with travelling in Utah and have been jet-skiing at Willard Bay.  The sisters in our zone had a stake meeting for missionary work so we went there and the Stake President was good and one question I wanted to put in here is from him; “What am I doing to build up the Kingdom of God on the earth?  Important question I think!
But ya, that is the update and plus my hand hurts from all this writing!  I love you all so much! This will get there around Christmas so ..MANUIALE KERISIMAS!   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I know the church is true. I know Jesus Christ is the head of it.  I know God lives.  I know Jesus is the Christ.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and is another testament of our Lord and Savior.  I know Joseph Smith is God’s chosen prophet to restore the gospel and His church.  I know Pres. Monson holds all the keys to lead this church.  Ou te Alofa tele ia te Outou!  Thank you so much for everything!!  Love you so much!  Talk to you soon!  Haha Keep Strong!
Alofa atu,
Elder Cody John Walker