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Talofa Lava!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  November 29, 2011

Hey everybody what is happening?!  Sad thing is this is the last time to email, but you will still get letters-- they will just take a couple or so weeks so no worries.  Hey!! I got the news Blake and Angela!!  That is so AWESOME!!  I can’t wait to hear you tell me on the phone call home whether it is a boy or a girl.  That’s so exciting I am happy for you guys.  I hope everyone is enjoying life and having a great time, but also being safe.  How was Thanksgiving?  Not much different here than any other day so ya I said Happy Thanksgiving but don't think you heard me ha ha!!  Hope it was great and full of thanks as that’s how I celebrated was thinking about and remembering all I am thankful for.  Winter is there for you guys and it is summer and the rainy season here. It has been raining for at least a good two weeks or more straight!!  Crazy stuff, but the Lord is blessing us for it to rain at nights and in the morning while we are studying, but then just cloud cover with very little rain during the day so we don't get soaked.  We are just so busy I am not going to lie, it is so much fun and so awesome!!  We, this week, will barely have anytime to proselyte and look for new investigators as we have people to contact, lessons to teach to investigators, and even..... Another Baptism!!!!  It is so exciting!!!  Way Cool!!

So to start off this email- the update is about Vesi, who we will be baptized this week.  She has been going to church for three weeks but hasn't been available and a returned missionary where she lives said she was still not ready to start lessons, but when we went over there again this week she agreed to let us teach her the first lesson and she loved it!   It was great and also the returned missionary named Taai is a great help, reading with her from the Book of Mormon and reviewing lessons with her.  We taught her the first lesson on Tuesday and when we went back the next day to teach the second lesson on the Plan of Salvation and checked up on whether she had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and the lesson and she said she had and knew it was true!!  At the end of the second lesson we committed her to baptism for this Saturday as she has been plenty of times to church and is way ready and progressing steadily.  Another good thing was on Saturday when we went to teach the third lesson; Taai was there and helped out a lot with the teaching.  My comp is getting better with his Samoan as he just keeps trying and studying a lot.  He taught about Faith in the third lesson and did pretty good.  He said he was nervous but he is getting better every day. Anyway we recommitted her to baptism and she said she was happy and excited for it that next week.  She is golden and as always we are grateful for the opportunity to teach her and help her enter into the gate and begin to walk on the path to eternal life.  It has been a great week!!

Also some other good news is we are planning to commit two other people to baptism this week.  One, Tiresa Matafeo, has been going to church off and on but the dad of her husband has been resistant to letting us begin teaching.  He is a High Councilman so we worked through that and should start lessons on Tuesday and hopefully commit her to baptism next week.  Also we met a really neat guy in Puapua, Misi Uepa, who is partially blind and is living with his uncle there since he doesn't want to live with his dad who I guess isn't being the nicest guy to him right now.  Sad story, but we did meet with him and shared a quick lesson on Saturday.  He went to church the next day so we will work with him as well this week.  He just wants to know his purpose in life as others are trying to make him think he is worthless, but no one is ever worthless in the sight of God.  We testified of that and let him know God loves him and wants to talk to him through prayer.  He seemed pretty happy and will hopefully let us in and teach him and help him feel more like a true child of God.

We finished up the fifth lesson with Talaave this week and she is set to go to the temple a year from now in November.  It was good to hear that, as that keeps them on the path and has a goal for them to shoot for. Also yesterday on Sunday we had a member, the President of Sunday School in Puapua named Tiasaga Minoi, re-teach the first lesson on the Restoration to her and it was so perfect as he bore testimony and offered his help to them in any troubles or questions and he can as he only lives right up the road from them so not far at all.  He was perfect and gave her advice on keeping their marriage strong and prepared always to go to the temple.  Awesome!!  We are setting up with other members this week to reteach other lessons to her so that will be good and she will make friends as well.

We are going back to Lano to teach Kiki and Ruta together again and are just praying and hoping they have been reading and praying from the Book of Mormon to know whether it is true.  If they gain that, they will accept everything else about this church and that it’s true. That should be good and exciting.

Well that’s the update for this week.  I need to get going, but no more emails.  So the next update will be a letter like I said.  First though I want to Thank you all so so very much for all the emails, love, support, letters, and everything else, Especially Prayers because I feel them and they strengthen me every day!!  You all are the best Family a missionary can have and also the best Friends!!!  All great and amazing examples to me.  Thank you thank you thank you!!  Faafetai tele lave naua mo mea uma.  I know this Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the only living and true church on the Earth today.  I know that it is led by a living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson who holds all the keys to lead this church.  I know that Joseph Smith did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in the Sacred Grove and that Sacred First Vision started off this rock that was cut out of the mountain without hands and it IS filling the earth and no unhallowed hand will stop this work from progressing!! I know that Joseph did restore the church by the power of God, which is the Priesthood.  I know that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer and the head of this Church.  He did atone for all of our sins so that we can become clean and eventually return to live with our Father in Heaven and Him in the Celestial Kingdom.  I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and another Testament of Jesus Christ and that we can know it is true by reading it, praying sincerely with faith and it will be manifested unto us by the power of the Holy Ghost. I love you all sooo much!!  Ou te Alofa Tele iate Outou uma.  Thanks so much for everything!!  Hope I didn’t forgot anything or anyone, but you will still get letters.  Keep Strong!!  That is still the goal and motto.  Also Remember Jesus Lives, He is the Christ and His Grace is Sufficient.  Thanks again for everything.  Temples are the goal and the way to eternal life.  I am so grateful our family will be together forever!!  We will Be Together Forever Someday!!

Alofa atu,
Elder Cody John Walker

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