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Talofa!!!                                                                                                                October 31, 2011

Hey everybody what’s happening? How’s life and work and all that fun winter weather? It is crazy not to see snow, but instead be sweating around this time of year. But its fun and I love it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Oh ya and Happy Halloween!!! Hope it is filled with tons of candy and such. Maybe I will buy some chocolate today and eat it and then maybe get sick because I don't get it all the time ha ha!!
So this week we had a fun twist this past Tuesday! It was clear a little when we left that morning but as we were at the bishop of the Puapua ward’s house it started to pour like none other. Luckily the Bishop gave us a ride to Lano for our fafaga that night and we had hoped to get there a little early so it wasn’t too late to ask Vui, a counselor to the stake president, for a ride home so we wouldn’t get soaked!! But as we were sitting in with the family the dad didn’t really want us to leave early but wanted to talk so we ended up not leaving until seven to head down the road to ask the Vui for a ride. It was fun to talk to them don’t get me wrong but I felt bad because these other ward members aren’t talking too nice about them for keeping us late and that resulting in what happened. When we were heading back to Puapua we came to the ford and wow is all I can say. It was running so high and there was no way we were going to go through that. Not even buses were attempting it and they are big. The water was actually higher than the van we were in or to it equal for sure, and it would have swept us away if we had tried. So we went back and the Bishop in Lano, Bishop Tuifelasai, was cool and way nice and let us sleep over at his house for the night. He fed us and everything it was awesome. He made a place for us to sleep and gave us the mattresses they use and also covered the place where we slept with a mosquito net. All just for us, it was amazing!! A way cool family and so gracious. Yes, you can be assured we are being taken care of.

Friday was our best day with some really good visits. First we went over to talk with Taala Meki who lives next door and owns the store we go to. Cool thing is he doesn’t charge us for anything we get and won’t let us pay. It’s so cool and he is a really nice guy. Then we headed out going towards Asaga and Lano and were going to do some tracting and also make other visits. Well our plans fell through with two people, Malo and then Siivaa; so that left time to try and find others to teach and so anyone we saw on the road, we went over and talked to them. We talked to this tina (mom) for quite a while and ended up teaching the whole entire first lesson to her just while standing there and talking. It was really neat and she was interested to hear more. The other house we went to we also got a lesson but only because the rain trapped us in and she wouldn’t make us leave and walk in it ha ha!! We just talked about the meaning of the name of our church as Elder Ballard explained and she was listening, but then she, as a member of another church that has their service on Sunday, tried to test me and ask what day is right to worship on and ya so we shared some scriptures and she agreed but wasn’t really accepting that much. Oh well, plant the seed and move on.

On Saturday at our fafaga we also got a new potential investigator a girl named Kiki. We talked to her and this other girl named Nele the whole time while eating. The member who had prepared the meal, just stayed in the back and sent these two up to fan the flies and present the food and talk too. Nele has already received the lessons but the loomatua (elderly lady) won’t let her be baptized yet, mainly because of some other Samoan missionaries not working but just hanging out talking to her. A bonus for us is the loomatua, named Nele too, likes elders from out of Samoa, especially palagis. So we will see what comes out of it as our lesson with Kiki is on Wednesday. Nele doesn’t stay here but goes to school in Apia but said before we left she wants to be baptized and might in Apia if her grandma lets her. Earlier though we had visited this family, Malo and Moe and their kids but it was so awesome talking to Malo!! He told me his conversion story with some history of some stuff and it was great. A cool thing about that is they are planning to go to the temple around the 26th of November and Elder Beck who baptized them will get to go with them.

A lot of families are really cool and are giving us koko samoa to make at our house which is way legit!! I love koko Samoa and want to drink it all the time. Actually more legit than regular hot chocolate.

Anyway that is the update for this week. I hope all is good still and doing great. I love you all and miss ya but wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!! I know this church is true and the only true and living one on the earth today. It was restored in its fullness by the prophet Joseph Smith by the power of the Priesthood. I know that President Monson is the living prophet that leads and guides the church today. I know that Jesus is at the Head of this Church and He is the Christ. I love Him and am forever indebted to Him. His Grace is Sufficient. I know God lives and loves us. The Book of Mormon is true through and through. I love that book and get something new from it every time I read it. I am so grateful for it and for this church and for this great opportunity to serve and time is going by way to fast. I love you all!! Ou te Alofa tele ia te outou!! Keep Strong!! Thanks for everything!!

Alofa atu
Elder Cody John Walker

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