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Talofa!!! Oct. 17, 2011

WOW WOW WOW!! A lot of news this week well not a lot, but BIG news this week!! But first off I want to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday!!! Dad, Manuia Lou Aso Fanau!!! 56?!??! Wow getting up there aren’t ya?! I hope it’s a great day Dad. I love ya and you are the best!! Thanks for everything you do!! You deserve an awesome day and I hope you had a great celebration last night. Do what you want for the day; take the pin back of “I’m The Boss” from mom, just for the day ha ha!! Love ya Dad!!

So now the big news...............WE GOT TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!! Yep WE, not just me!! My comp, To’o-Fa’alogo and I are both being transferred together to Puapua in Savaii North Zone. So going from one side of the island to the other. Oh it was sad though. I did not want to leave Sili at all!! But as two elders, Touli and Memea, got their visas to go to Papua New Guinea, it left a decision for President Leota whether to close Puapua or Sili. Well since we haven’t had any baptisms and real work in Sili for three months now, he decided to move us to Puapua and have elders in Mosula cover Sili just being available in case any people choose to be baptized. We got the call on Saturday night at around 10:00 pm from Peck so all yesterday after church and this morning until 12:00 we have been saying goodbye and giving faamavae(s) (strengthening talk kind of thing), crying almost all the time and I didn’t like it. But the Lord has made the decision. We will go to Puapua not forgetting Sili and continue the work of the Lord over there. I am going to miss that area though. Especially the ward - Sili Muamua. We got fed really well by Bishop Mika as a last gift for us last night. We got our pix with everyone as well as their phone numbers to keep in touch. They were all sad and crying and I could barely think as I talked and said goodbye saying as much as I could, I already miss that area!! Malo, Moeai and his Family, Kalolo, Fiu Sakaio, and so many others. Merita and Tauola in Papa. I could go on but time to move on. It will be different whitewashing an area but trust in the Lord and go forward with faith.
This past week was a good week and the Lord blessed us to have the experiences we did before being transferred, Tender Mercies I know!! First starting on Wednesday we woke up early and went over to Fiu Sakaio’s house as we had planned to go with him to his ma’umauga that morning and help him out doing some work. He told us we would go at 6:00 in the morning, but as it turns out he was either joking or didn’t think we would really come. So we sat outside by a tree until he woke up around close to 7:00 ha ha, but it was all good it let him know we were ready to go!! He gave us some koko Samoa and then we went up to his ma’mauga which was a good hour and a half walk!! We got there and started to weed his Taro plantation (ma’umauga=plantation). Well he thought we were weak or not used to work as he kept telling us to rest ha ha!! But ya it was good and on the way back I talked to him about stopping smoking and taught him or helped him understand more about why not to procrastinate and that we have agency, but God still expects of us obedience to all of His commandments!! It was good and I got him to commit to try to stop and clean up his life.

Then the next great experience was at our fafaga at Lemau and Tinei’s house. But that same day we had had a zone conference and it was good. It was a good prep for us for when Elder Pearson of the Seventy is coming, well actually here and we have a conference with all of Savaii and him tomorrow in Fusi from 10-4, so a good long one and for it we need to prepare a talk for 2-3 minutes so if he calls on us to be ready!! So ya great counsel though during it on when studying focus on investigators and do some role play and then also help strengthen others and not cast them out. Thus why our experience at Lemau’s was so good. We almost didn’t go to it as they were on their way of bringing it to us, but we got them to turn around and have it at their house which was perfect. After eating I started talking to Lemau who is kind of weak in the church, going when he wants and by what his wife is saying starting to smoke and stuff, and also has an earring(not that big but still ya know). I asked him what church he believed was true as Paul says in Ephesians “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” and he said ours but his only problem was Joseph’s First Vision. He said it is hard for him to believe that God the Father and His Son appeared to him, but that he believed Joseph was the one chosen to restore the church and did. Kind of strange but as we talked he said he knew he needed to find out for himself and we bore testimony that that part is what was keeping him from obeying all the commandments and being more active. I also bore firm testimony that he did in fact see God the Father and Jesus Christ and they did speak to him and he did get an answer to his sincere prayer. I bore testimony of the truthfulness of the church and of the power of prayer but it needs to be sincere and he accepted he would search and pray for himself which is exactly what we want all to do. That is our purpose, to invite others. They still have agency but we do what we can to help them.

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