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Malo le Soifua Manuia!!                                                                            October 24, 2011
Hey what’s up everybody? What’s new? Hope and pray all is great!!! This week was pretty busy so I will get started!!

So first off we got transferred and all settled in...Right after cleaning of course!! The house was filthy!!! We spent the first two or three hours cleaning and making it available to breathe and make places to put our stuff. Now, as I have been in Samoa a year, I am used to dirty places and living but this was way worse than some fale o'o(s) that I have seen!! Anyway ya, so then we had the Savaii Conference with Elder Pearson of the Seventy. That was So Amazing!! So great and he didn’t beat around the bush but put it out straight for this mission and things he has been sent to say and teach. He started off by making it clear that they just don’t come out here with a desire to see the sites, but because one of the Twelve, President Packer to be exact for him, called him on assignment to come and designated keys given to him to come and teach us and tell us what needs to change and improve. I can’t even tell a little bit of how great it was!! He kept pushing us to become the missionary that can do miracles, starting with ourselves and becoming a true disciple of Christ!! His wife too was great getting us to make commitments and stuff, it was fun. President and Sister Leota were also there and spoke. All together it was about 6 hours long with great stuff. But ya that’s a quick wrap there.

We spent the other days getting masani (familiar) with our new area and the two wards we cover--Puapua and Lano. On Wednesday we went around in Puapua with the ward mission leader's younger brother Lua (the ward mission leader is Misi). He took us around and showed us members' houses, and then on Thursday we went around with Lemi the ward mission leader in Lano where he showed us houses of members in that ward also showing us the houses of our fafagas for this week. Both days were great and fun. Honestly, it was a lot of information so I don't remember a lot of their names but we will go around again just the two of us and see them again. They were quick visits the first time letting them all know our names and where we were from and then leaving. But a cool thing is a former elder, Elder Peck talked to me, asking us to contact a family in Lano that he baptized and getting them to get to the temple and good news they are planning on it!! The parent’s names are Malo and Moe and they are going to go this next month and Peck is going to go to!! But ya quick info there!!

Oh as the title says with the Book of Mormon, I finished it again on my mission. But this time as I read through it I marked and counted all the many different names of God and Jesus Christ in the entire Book of Mormon and it took me the whole 12 weeks of this training program and it has been an Amazing experience to see that truly is another Testament of Jesus Christ!! I have known that, but this has strengthened my testimony and I plan to share it with others too. Here is a quick review (and publish or mark me on it if I missed some but I am pretty confident I got them all) but the total number of different titles is 128 (this includes different titles/adjectives to describe God etc) and the total number count is a whopping 4152!! Just the title "God" was written 1344 times and "Lord" at 1337 times. "Christ was 319; "Father" 229; "Jesus" 116; "Jesus Christ" 51; and "Son" 44. That is a quick review but it was so cool and I loved doing it. My next goal is to put a box around all of the times the Holy Ghost and Spirit are mentioned. The Book of Mormon is true through and through. It is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I love it and I can’t wait read it again!!
Well that is the wrap for this week. It was pretty busy, but fun. I love you all!! I know this church is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that President Monson is the true prophet on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Thanks for everything!! Keep Strong!!! Ou te Alofa tele ia te Outou!!!

Alofa atu
Elder Cody John Walker

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