Thursday, October 13, 2011

Great Opportunities for Teaching

Talofa Lava!!!                                                                                                    Oct. 10, 2011
Malo Soifua ma le Lagi Mama!! Hey everybody how is everything going? Anything new going on this past week? Hope you have had fun listening to the tape and getting the pictures too!!
So this week we finished up all the lessons with Lucia. It was a great experience and I loved teaching her, she is such a great lady and she loved all the lessons. Needless to say after we talked more this week she apologized for the comments on the lesson about being too long because as we went a long she commented how she loved to talk to us and discuss certain things about the church and also reading together from the Book of Mormon. We started with lesson three on Tuesday and as we started talking about baptism and how it is essential to enter into the Kingdom of God she got more interested and we read out of 2 Nifae 31 about how the Savior was baptized to fulfill all righteousness and how also He had set the perfect example and shown us the only true and right way to return to God. She said she understood that, and also as we talked how there really is only one true church of God and Jesus Christ because as the scriptures say the gate is baptism and so if it isn’t performed how Jesus was baptized, then it is some other path and that won’t lead to eternal life and God. It was a very spiritual lesson and as we talked and testified, my comp included in the lesson testifying and bearing his testimony twice in Samoan and doing a lot better, I could feel the Spirit strong and carrying it to Lucia!! Also it was good that her husband was there for the first part of the lesson and shared his thoughts on repentance and baptism which is Awesome because Lucia needs help, support, and strength from her husband and also then she can help him too.

The family is essential and important in the church and they understand that. As the husband, Saogalote, talked he said how he knows this church focuses on the family while others not as much and also how when families are living the way they are supposed to, they are more happy and united. Then the next two days we finished up talking about the last two lessons on the Commandments and also the 5th lesson on Laws and Ordinances. Now the fifth lesson is normally for after baptism but my comp and I prayed and decided to teach it to Lucia before she left to go back to Upolu this Saturday, so she can have the goal of the temple and eternal marriage and also help her understand her role as a member more and also how her husband, who holds the priesthood, when held worthily is a great and marvelous blessing in the home. We are going to miss her but we are going to refer her over to the elders in Magiagi who actually is Elder Nilsen from my MTC and his comp Elder Priday and hopefully they can contact her and get the marriage performed along with her baptism by the next month or so. We are continually praying for her, and also got some pix with her to remember her by, and hope all works out and the family said they would keep me updated. So ya that was our only investigator in our area, so now we are back to searching!!

So a cool thing is my comp got this exercise machine thing from his family so we are using that now and it is great. We actually started this morning using it as he got it yesterday. I also got the boxes you sent mom; thank you so much for all of that, it was great!! And you too, Tori- the cereal is awesome and helps out in the morning. Love you all and hope to continue to hear from you guys. Keep me updated please!! You all are so Awesome!!
Oh plans for this week are good too, as my comp and I are taking a different approach at getting referrals and such. This week for Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings we are going up to members plantations (ma’umauga) on the mountain to help in the morning. Also as I was thinking we are going to go today and see if we can go to Manufotu Eli’s maumauga on Friday morning to help him and see what he says. Just keep serving and being friendly and who knows what might happen. It should be some good experiences.
Well again that is the update for us in this area, Sili. We are hoping and praying that the new law of Freedom of Religion passes this next month or so as that would open up this area to all other villages and we would also want to have bikes too. ha ha!! Anyway, I know this church is True and the only true and living one on the earth. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the Mouthpiece of the Lord on the earth as His prophet and that He and the First Presidency along with the Quorum of the Twelve hold all the keys to lead this church. I know Jesus is the Christ and is our Savior and Redeemer. I love Him for all He has done and still does. I know God is our Loving Heavenly Father. I know He hears and answers our prayers as we are obedient and diligently search the scriptures, but always in His way and in His time according to His will. I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. Keep Strong. Remember that and His Grace is Sufficient. I love you all!! Thank you for everything!! Ou te alofa tele iate outou!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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