Monday, September 5, 2011

Talofa Lava!!                                                               Aug. 29, 2011
Hey everybody!! How’s everything going!?! That’s exciting for all of you guys that college football is starting. Keep me posted on what’s happening and stuff. Hopefully BYU does well this year going independent and all and yes I do hope Utah does well in the Pac-12. That’s great, but Bryan from what Tori told me not so much drama ok. ha ha jk dude, but seriously!

Anyway this past week was a little frustrating but patience is a main thing that all people can work on right? We had a lesson set up with Manufotu Eli and his family we were prepping and praying and studying so we could have another great lesson and experience and... well...nothing. We tried on Tuesday but no go as Manufotu was working with another family prepping coconuts for the pigs, so we came back on Wednesday where the mom said that Manufotu was somewhere and also the mom had invited two missionaries from her church over, two older ladies to talk, so no avanoa there (opportunity). Then we tried again Thursday and I finally found out that Manufotu's sister had died in Apia and he was there for the funeral until Monday. So we rescheduled for the lesson tomorrow on Tuesday and we are praying/pleading all works out. I have faith and I know that the daughters at least one of them Lucia really wants to know more as when we meet her on the road she wants to talk and is happy to see us.

We also got another guy we are going to teach and a funny situation is after we talked to him on Saturday he came to church the next day. Well we were surprised needless to say and very happy but it was good for him to come and he attended the whole sacrament meeting!! Come to find out later from the Bishop, he is a leoleo (police) seeing who wasn't at church so that in the village meeting those who didn't go would get fined!! ha ha. ya it is against the law not to go to church here in Samoa!! Didn't know that was the rule in the village. It was cool, but funny and at least he came.
Also this past week we have been going around and giving some strengthening lessons to some ward members. It has been good trying to get people to stop smoking and still stay active in church, and also giving them the goal of the temple to look forward to. It’s been good and we have been doing some pretty good studies on it that I really liked.

Anyway that’s the update, kind of short as not much more happened. But I know the church is true. I know that it is led by a living prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Jesus is the Christ. Go to Him. Believe Him (right dad) and He will help you and be there for you. All of us need patience; it is a Christ like attribute after all. Anyway I love you all. Keep Strong!! Trust in the Lord. His Grace is Sufficient. ou te alofa tele ia te outou!

Alofa atu
Elder Cody John Walker

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