Monday, September 5, 2011

Still Working!!

Talofa Lava!! Sept. 5, 2011
Hey everybody! How is everything going??! YES! I heard BYU came back and won at the end that is a grand start!! Sweet, keep me updated though. What else is new? Any new news or anything, just wondering.

So this week was another working week with plans falling through and stuff that was not very fun, but got to keep the faith and keep working hard!! Yet again our lesson fell through with Manufotu and his family because Manufotu had stayed over in Upolu another week to get things finalized with the funeral of one of his sisters. So our lesson didn’t go through but we are hoping and praying it will work out this week. They are a good family and I want to teach and help them, but just use patience it’s what we all need. Anyway also we contacted another potential investigator this week his name is Toala Lepau and he was referred to us by his brother Mataafa Amosa. We went over and talked to him and he asked us to come back this week so we could all talk together with his wife there too, and he said we could start the lessons. So that’s hope there and we are also going to try and get a member there to help us. So here is the situation with that. Kind of funny but there are three different houses on this land right next to each other and Lepau and his family are Methodist, another part is Catholic, and then there is a couple that are LDS. It’s nuts but we did get a faamalosi lesson (strengthening) with the husband of the couple, Lemau (ya close name huh) and we also have another lesson set up with him again but with his wife too, Tinei. So hopefully when we go to teach Lepau, we can get the other two to sit in and help us.

We also received a pretty promising referral in Sili 2nd. I am excited, as she just moved here with her husband and the story I got from some of the family in the house is she wants to be baptized, she just has to receive the lessons. Her name is Tina and her husband is a member named Peni, so we are just praying and hoping so much that it all works out. We tried to contact her but she was sick so we couldn't find out the real story from her, but we did talk to two others at the house who had just been baptized in Upolu by two elders I know over there, which was cool and I think they have moved here to stay. Again hopefully we can get more lessons with a member there. They are the two who told me to come back next week and start the lessons. It has been quite a while since a baptism in Sili 2nd, but hopefully all works out with her, Tina.

Ummmm I have no other news, oh wait we did talk to two families --one whose house is right next to the church and another huge family that I think is probably half of the membership of the Catholic church ha ha!!! But ya they both invited us over to talk to them, and that will be this week as well. Oh a new update on Merita's mom, she is already baptized-- happened a long time ago. But she is attending church and liking it again and says she will continue going to this one as she has felt the happiness again. That was great to hear and she is such a funny and nice lady so it’s fun to go over and talk.

My comp gave his first testimony in Samoan the other day at the faamalosi lesson with Lemau so that was super good!! He did a good job too. He was nervous, but got through it and Lemau said he understood all of it! The gift of the Spirit is definitely evident!! Just like it says in 2 Nephi 33:1. Also with that thought, it was way cool last night at a fafaga we had. We are sharing spiritual thoughts (mafaufauga faaleagaga) at every fafaga which is good to do. Anyway at this certain fafaga were some members of a different church, so as I started I introduced the Book of Mormon and shared the scripture in 2 Nephi 25:26 about talking and testifying of Christ. Then I shared our purpose as a missionary (the sentence inside Preach My Gospel) and gave a rundown basically the first lesson with some other lessons combined in one. I could feel the Spirit guiding me and helping me as I kept quoting scriptures I didn't think I had memorized before, but they came to my head. It ended up being about a 20 minute spiritual thought, but I felt like it may have helped the lady maybe become interested with her family when they go back to Upolu. (they were visiting)

Well that is the update for the week; hopefully next week will be some exciting news of baptisms coming up and lessons coming together. I know this church is true though and that it is led by a living prophet. I know Joseph Smith is the Prophet who restored the church in its fullness to the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and is true through and through. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know He is our advocate with the Father. His Grace is Sufficient. I know our Father in Heaven lives and loves us. I love you all!! ou te alofa tele ia te outou!!! Keep Strong!! Remember that!! Thanks for everything!!

Alofa atu
Elder Cody John Walker

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