Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slowly Getting It Going!!

Talofa Lava!!!                                                                                                      Sept. 26, 2011
Hey everybody!! What’s up?? Anything new?! I hope all is going great and if any new news comes up-- keep me posted. I’m talking of new ones maybe on the way not holding out or keeping it a secret until you know if it’s a boy or a girl he hem..Jenny and Tyson! he he funny jokes it’s all pule a outou!!

Well this week has been a little busy but also a good week planning for weeks to come. Let me explain. We went and contacted our referrals this week and we have a promising one that needs to get married first but this time things should work out hopefully. The whole situation with Tina was iffy but this one is different, the family is strong in the church and also for our lessons the Mom of the house is going to be with us with the lessons and she is the president of the Au Alofa (Relief Society). The name of the girl is Lucia and she has been going to church steadily for about three weeks now so that’s good. Sad we didn't get referred to her sooner, no one really puts it at such importance. But once we found out we contacted her right away just wanting to progress the work. The Mom is the mom of the guy, Saogaloke, and she is pretty confident of the marriage and baptism after we talked, so that should be fun. Always best to work alongside members. That’s how the work can double and triple!!

Also we had some other referrals too, but when we went to contact them the family said they had gone to Upolu for a quick trip and errand and hopefully came back last Saturday. So we are going to go check up on that this week. I am just hoping and praying all begins going better and the work is again picking up. It’s hard only having a limited amount of area to proselyte. We like I have said before have visited almost every house in this area or tried. We can’t go outside of Sili until they open it for us to go to Papa, Puleia, Gautavai, and Gataivai. So just keep praying and doing all we can!! Oh a good thing for this week is my comp and I have a service project planned for Thursday at a part-member part less active family's house this week in Papa. It’s Merita and her Mom, Tauola, they are building another house and doing a lot of work, so I offered for our zone to help and also some of the high priests and elders are going to come and help out too. It should be a good thing. I love doing service!! It can do more than teaching a lot of the time and can open other doors. It feels great too, to do it. So ya, that should be good this week!!

We had a great lesson with Rasela and Faamalie this week. It is that loomatua (elderly lady) that was giving us trouble and not letting us teach Rasela who wanted to maybe be baptized, so after a month I thought we would go back and give it a shot and it went well. We talked and tried to help Faamalie understand the importance of the church and also hopefully soften her heart to let us teach Rasela. Also her belief, like many others, is that every church is true and will lead us back to God. FALSE!! Why are so many commandments different and there are different beliefs?? That is the big question! Also had another lesson with a less active lady named Luka and I thought it went well and I invited her to church and she said she was going to Upolu to take a sick kid there but after our fafaga on Sunday caught her coming back from the meeting for the Metokisi (Methodist) church. So ya she said that someone else took the kid, I don't know if it’s true but ya. She says she always is available to talk about religion and the lesson we had was so good, read chapter 31 in 2 Nephi and she said herself how enduring to the end is so important. But we will keep trying and visiting her so hopefully all that works out.

Well that is the update for this week I got to get going. Sorry it is short again and hopefully it is better next week. I know this church is true and is the ONLY true and living church on the earth. I know it is led by a living Prophet. How great this weekend to listen to his voice and the voices of other apostles and prophets and others give us council for our day to help us get back to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only way to gain salvation. His Atonement makes it possible for us. I know He lived and died for us. There is no other way. Read the Book of Mormon. Let us not become lazy either because of the Easiness of the Way. Alma 37!! So great! It can be easy as we seek to obey all of the commandments and He will help and bless us. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I love you all!!! ou te alofa tele iate outou!!! Thank you all for everything!! Keep Strong!! Remember that and His Grace is Sufficient.
Alofa atu
Elder Cody John Walker

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