Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Talofa Lava!! Aug. 8, 2011

Hey everybody how is everything going?! I hope all is good!! I am so so sorry to hear the news about Gurr!! That was so sad to hear. I will always remember that man and the leader he was to me and also the great example. He was such a great person and distinct individual. In soccer and also in life. I will miss him that’s for sure. He did so much for me and will be remembered. I hope all is good with his family and friends, man I loved that guy!! I hope all is good with the fam and that you guys are keeping busy and having fun.

Well this past week has been an adventure that’s for sure. Started off in Upolu Monday till Wednesday before coming back with my new comp. On Monday we had the two hour long training with president and then I had pday with East Zone and my comp from there till Wednesday was Elder Apo. He is from Tutuila and knows English and is training as well, in fact he actually trained Elder Johnson from my mtc group so that was fun to be with him for a couple days. He is a great guy and funny too. Then on Wednesday we went into the office and had another two hour training, this time with our companions. So again my comp's name is elder Too-Faalogo from Brisbane Australia and he is Samoan but was born in Australia so doesn't know too much Samoan, but that is ok we are still doing great and he will get there in no time. So ya the training was great just more teaching and getting us going from the President before we headed out to come back to Savaii on the boat. A little more on Elder Too-Faalogo, he is a rugby player of course and a little bigger as well. He has a thick Australian accent is so excited to be here, so that’s fun and I am excited and we will get to work here in Sili.

We only had two lessons to less active members this week as the other potential investigators we had before dropped and are no longer an option to teach. It was sad, but now is time for finding people and asking for referrals and all of that work going along with that. It should be fun and challenging too. We had another lesson with Fiu Vasa on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he is liking all he hears just still having troubles on getting to church as he didn't come yesterday, sad thing. But also on Sunday we taught a young man about 18 yrs old the first lesson on the restoration and it went really well! In fact we had received him as a referral the night before and had thought he would be an investigator and as we were finishing up the lesson yesterday he told us that he was already baptized. That’s great and all, I had just had my comp all ready to extend the invitation to be baptized and then he told us that, so no go there but we are going to reteach him all the lessons, then prep him to receive the priesthood after getting active again.

Wow so already a year gone and time has flown. I am so surprised at how fast. On Thursday this week, crazy stuff!! Just got to keep strong and work harder. Thanks for everything. You guys are the best!! The support and prayers have not gone unnoticed.

Well that is the update for this week. I love you all and am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I know that it is true and is led by a living prophet. I know that President Monson holds all the keys to lead this church and receive revelation for us in our lives. I know that Joseph Smith restored the church in its fullness and that he did translate the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Through Him we can repent and become clean. He is the Key to the Plan of Salvation. We will be resurrected and see all of our family and loved ones someday and live together forever!! I love you all!! ou te alofa tele ia te outou! Keep Strong!! Remember that. Thanks for everything!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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