Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amazing Contact and Lesson!

Malo Soifua                                                                                                   August 22, 2011
Hello hello hello to you all!! How is everyone doing? I hope all is good and going well!! Keep me updated!!

Well this past week we had an amazing lesson with Manufotu Eli and his family!! It was so great, the spirit was so strong and ya one of the best I have had. To start off, we got in and he immediately got his entire family called into the house to sit down so we could teach them all. Needless to say I was kind of nervous as this would be the first lesson with an investigator I would start off the lesson and teach. So in his family, it is Manufotu and his wife with three daughters. They all came in and sat down and he turned the time over to my comp and I. Well of course we started with a prayer and then got right into the lesson and again I was humbled more and felt very inadequate talking and I apologized for my Samoan, but he, Manufotu told me to stop apologizing and that everything I said was clear!! I felt so peaceful when he said that and then the lesson started to go so much better and I could feel the spirit strong and knew that it was carrying my teachings to the family. It was also hard at the start as the other members of the family, especially the mom didn't look too interested but then I started to ask questions to each of them and get them involved. Also which was good, is the Dad started asking questions which were really good about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and we got talking and I just felt so blessed in the language and still continue to feel that every day!! Anyway the ending was so great. My comp gave the baptismal invitation which they said they weren't ready to decide then but it got my comp talking and the mom especially was very excited to hear him talk and was tuned in more after that which was really exciting. Then I asked Manufotu, the Dad, to kneel and pray to end the lesson and ask if these things we had taught were true and he accepted and we all knelt and the spirit was so strong it was amazing!! I was so excited and humbled and blessed to be teaching them and have that great opportunity. It was so great!! We gave them the commitments to continue praying and read the Book of Mormon and the other lesson books and they accepted. We also tried to get them to come to church, but he said maybe next week, so we are praying and hoping. Our next lesson is tomorrow on Tuesday on the Plan of Salvation and so we are preparing and getting ready for that.

Also another thing (I’ll make another paragraph), is he smokes and thankfully didn't smoke during the lesson but right after the prayer he went to smoke and asking if it was ok. He said he saw other members smoking. I talked to him about how we have agency but the Lord has commanded us not to and that He also said "If ye love me, Keep my commandments" and after I said all that he threw the cigarette outside and said that he wouldn't smoke while we are there. For the lesson tomorrow I want to talk to him about the Word of Wisdom and try to get him to stop smoking. Praying always and if you can too that would be great. Just feel so good about this family!!

Well for other news, I still get the opportunity to help teach piano which I like and it is good also because my comp talks with our ward mission leader and others while I teach and that helps him to improve his Samoan. He is doing great and improving everyday and starting to incorporate as much Samoan as he can each day and for the lesson tomorrow we are going to have him bear testimony and give the baptismal invitation again so he is nervous but will do great.

Also we went to Papa a couple of days and found out from Merita (she came back) that it is actually open to us and proselyting so we are going to double check with the Pule Nuu (the head guy of the village) to make sure the rules are all good and that we don't break any. Wouldn’t want to do that!! But ya, if Papa is open we will get a lot more visits in to a lot of new people so I am excited and feel good about all of that.

Well that is the update and good story for this week. We are still busy just knocking doors and asking for referrals from everyone. The people here are so great and just love to talk with us. Our fafaga last night was way cool and he and I talked for about an hour and a half on different gospel things and he was really nice giving me confidence boosters to my Samoan. It also helps me in helping out my comp which I love to do as much as possible and we are getting a ton of studying in. Great, great stuff. Well I love you all!! I know this church is true and is led by a living prophet. I know also that the Lord loves us and that is why He gives us commandments and if we obey His commandments He will bless us. I know He lives!! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God!! ou te alofa iate outou!! Keep Strong!! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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