Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Work Goes On!!

Talofa Lava!!       July 12, 2011

Hey everybody!!! How’s everybody doing!? Welcome, welcome and malo le soifua to Elise Charity Walker to the world! Congratulations to you two---Tyson and Jenny. Wowser!! Way to be! I am so excited, the Walker family just keeps building. Please send me some pix please in the mail. I love the ones in the email too though, but would love to have some printed off and sent if you could please.

Well the coming of a new life to the family trumps my news. haha No, but seriously it has been another good week here in Savaii. We had two more baptisms on Friday, the two girls Vasa and Sia. I had the great opportunity to baptize them and they are very good, smart and well over ready to be baptized. We finished up their lessons this week and also finished up the fafaga(s) (meals cooked by families for us) in Sili Muamua and now start in Sili Lua ward which is going to be pretty good as I am not very masani (familiar) with that ward as much as the Sili Muamua Ward, since we have been involved with all their baptisms and fafagas ever since I started here in Savaii.

But the big news is we have a grand baptism planned for this Saturday! Her name is Lipena and she is like the perfect investigator. We have taught her the first two lessons and she has kept all the commitments. The best was when we challenged her to come to the baptism on Saturday as that is one meeting that is nice for investigators, then they can see what happens at a baptism and stuff. She came to the baptism and then came to church the next day and loved all of it. She prayed about the Book of Mormon and also Joseph Smith and said she received the answer that all of it is true! Just so awesome to see her progress and also at the end of the second lesson she accepted the invitation to be baptized this Saturday. So cool and I love it! The second lesson I felt especially blessed personally while teaching about the part of our purpose in this life and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I teared up a little bit as while I was teaching the lesson, I noticed I was not hesitating or slipping up or anything with the language and as I looked at Lipena I could see she was pondering and listening to every word I was saying. It was an amazing experience and a true blessing from the Lord. My testimony was strengthened even more and I will never forget that. It was great and I know it is only the beginning of more to come as I keep at it. The language still isn't all there but it is coming along just fine.

We had a good faamasani day (make familiar) on Tuesday with the Sili Lua ward as I wasn't very familiar yet as I said earlier. We went around and met some people and even got some referrals that didn't work out as they were already baptized a while ago just became less active. We would have visited longer but the family was busy so we will try more this week. We want to get some work going together with the other wards as well, just been really busy receiving all these people in Sili Muamua. But ya, so that’s the plan this week and as we also found out we would be able to baptize Ana after all, but the president of the stake is working on it.

Anyway that’s the update of life here in Samoa! I love you all!! I miss ya but am here and loving it. Congrats again and keep me posted I love the news and letters. Thanks for everything. I know this church is true. I know it with all my heart that it is the only true church on the earth and Christ is at the helm. I know it is led here on this earth by a living Prophet President Thomas S. Monson. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that through him our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ restored the church in its fullness to the earth. I know he also translated the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God. I know it is true and is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know Jesus is the Christ. He atoned for all of our sins so we can repent and live forever with our Loving Heavenly Father someday together as families forever. I love you all. Ou te alofa tele ia te outou. Thanks for everything. You guys are great. Keep Strong!! Remember that!

Elder Cody John Walker

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