Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talofa Lava Uso ma Tuafafine!!!

Talofa Lava Uso ma Tuafafine!!! June 27, 2011

Hey everybody how’s everything going?!? I hope all is great and dad had a grand celebration of his special day and he deserves it. Manuia Lou Aso Fanau Tyson!! Happy Birthday bro, I hope its great man. All you guys are getting super old haha. You can't hit me, I am thousands of miles away ha ha!! Just reminding you that’s all but ya I still love you all remember. I won’t say that about getting older to my sisters-in-law or my sis, but ya I could get in trouble there. Anyways I hope it’s a good day Tyson and you enjoy the pizza as that is a rarity over here.

Well first off to start this email on the update, we had two days Tuesday and Thursday where we spent all day PAINTING! It was such a huge project, painting two schools every inch of them!! The one on Tuesday was a two story school and there was so much paint it was insane. The two other zones besides ours in Savaii actually had to go back on Wednesday to finish up the project. Our zone is just on the complete opposite side of the island and also my comp and I needed to finish up the lessons that week for our baptism that Saturday so that was good to have a day break in between. The fale aoga (school) on Thursday we were able to finish in one day with all three zones working and also people from the village (nu'u) helping so it made the work go by faster, but it still took the whole day!! But we had fun and made it fun by joking and keeping talking and singing too and cracking jokes and stuff to keep the spirits high. Nearing 4:00 we were finishing up and people just started slapping the paint on the outside wall and spreading it out it was so hilarious. The school is practically all cement and cinder blocks for the walls and stuff so painting was harder to fill in holes and paint cement and stuff, but we did it. It was good too because the au paia (ward) closest and others fed us each day like twice, with good food that wasn't cheap to provide. That was generous and so a good opportunity there to also get to know all the missionaries on the island because a lot of them I haven't seen in awhile or never met before. Awesome times!!

So ya as I said earlier in that paragraph there we had a baptism to work towards this week and it did work out, but on Sunday morning at 8:00. But any time is a good time to have a baptism. The night before the bishop in Papa had been busy so we weren't able to do it then. Oh ya the baptism is a guy named Fotu and he is an amazing guy just so strong and wanting to be baptized. We just had to finish up his lessons on Wednesday and Friday before his interview, just two lessons left. On the one on commandments he told us how he like so many others I have told you about had been a smoker previously but had talked to the bishop three weeks ago and the bishop told him he needed to stop and he quit right then and there and has never smoked again!! I am just absolutely amazed at how they can do that. Strong Examples. So ya we had the baptism on Sunday morning and his confirmation as well right after in church which started at 9:00 so that was great. We are planning and teaching three more people this week to be baptized this Saturday as well, so just keep on working.

Now on to the sad time of this mission, but also a new experience. As I have read Cory's and Tyler's emails sounds like it is happening the same time to all of us. Our much loved Mission President, President Haleck finishes this Wednesday and President and Sister Leota arrive then too. It is a sad time as I have learned so much from him and owe a lot to him for the missionary I am becoming and how his example has affected me in my life. He is such a great man and will do amazing as a seventy. I will miss him but life goes on and now is the chance to welcome President Leota and continue working with him as I did with President and Sister Haleck. Also today my dad in the mission goes home, Elder Miller. Miss him too and he started out my mission great. And last but definitely not least is the Eves the senior couple on houses and cars and other things like that related. Just a group of great and amazing people I will never forget.

Well that’s the update. I’ve got to get going. I love you all so much!! I know this church is true. I know the living prophet on the earth right now is President Monson. I know Jesus is the Christ and He suffered for all of us and has felt all of our pains. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith translated it and also restored the church to the earth. Keep Strong!! Remember that!! Ou te alofa ia te outou!! Thanks so much for everything.

Elder Cody John Walker

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