Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Temple, Interviews, and Zone Conference!!

Temple, Interviews, and Zone Conference!! May 30, 2011

Talofa Lava!!

How is everyone doing?! I hope all is great and you guys are enjoying life as well. It’s almost summer time out there but that doesn’t mean it’s the same weather wise right?! Anyway I hope you guys had fun when Jason, Rachael, and Alyssa came to visit this past week. How was climbing in Zion’s and the barbeque and stuff? I bet it was great to catch up. I hope you took a bunch of pix and will send them my way. Hope fires are also settling down and stuff as well and the rain will let you pour cement.

Wow wow wow!! This past week has been super busy and super filled. First off were interviews and our zone’s temple day. But this temple was super special because we went through with President and Sister Haleck. First off we had a meeting where we heard from a returned missionary who served in Colorado, then President and Sister Hanks, the temple president and wife, and then we heard from President and Sister Haleck. Also there at the temple were the APs and Apia Zone came as well. We went through the session and it was just amazing because a blessing the Lord gave to me was that I understood everything in Samoan. I know I was blessed and am continually blessed as well. When I entered the celestial room there was President and Sister Haleck to give us hugs and then just the peace and quiet in there was amazing. Never forget it. Sad thing though is we didn't get any pictures taken!! Can you believe it? argh! Everyone just went to the office, but oh well unforgettable experience. Then came interviews, the last one with President Haleck and it was awesome. He gave me so much good advice on becoming a better elder and servant of the Lord. I thanked him for the help in March and also all he has done. He has done so much and I will miss him as my first mission president. He told me to keep going and working hard as well for the new mission president and he told me that President Leota is a good man and will be a good mission president as well. Then he gave me hug and we said goodbye, it will be great to continue having opportunities to see each other around. So ya the last interview with him, but time still goes on and I just need to keep working hard.

But actually it wasn't too bad, because two days later we had a zone conference with our zone and three others and President and Sister Haleck were there and the APs came to talk and teach us. It was great and we had classes teaching different things and then last was President Haleck's advice and part to teach. He focused on working more with members during lessons and with new converts. Then an elder going home next month gave his testimony as well as Pres. and Sister Haleck gave their parting testimonies. Sister Haleck said to remember for sure her love for all of us and President Haleck seconded it when he got up. That was really touching and great to hear and as a parting thing to say. Both also made sure they bore a strong firm testimony and told us again to work hard and have faith in the new mission president as well. So ya that was great and a funny thing is after the conference we were walking out and Sister Haleck said to me that I looked a little thinner and was losing weight -- a compliment right for hard work? But then she continued by asking if it was because I was sick and not feeling good. Ua ma!!! (an expression of embarrassment or when someone makes a comment to get ya) so ya I told her that I had been a little sick right after temple and had lost some pounds and in fact I weighed about 168, but today got it back to 170 so staying as healthy as possible.

This week as far as teaching and investigators go it’s been tough being busy with conferences, etc, but we will have a baptism this next Saturday, a Tama named Visesio. He is a great guy and so humble and listens during the lessons and respects us so much. It is just awesome to teach him. We taught all the lessons but one this last week and so should finish on Tuesday and then prepare for his baptism on Saturday. So that was fun this week and he will be a great member!

Also on Wednesday we went on a split with two sisters from Lemoli Muamua ward and made some visits to some families and received some new investigators to teach this week. One is Lesina, we will start lessons on Tuesday so that should be good and maybe have a baptism in that ward as well since Visesio is in Lemoli Lua Ward. It is great to still keep the work moving as much as possible and keep up with it.

So ya there it is for ya, an awesome week and sad but, happy sad, as well just keep going. Thanks for everything all of you. I feel your prayers and know you love me. I know this church is true and that it is led by a true and living prophet President Thomas S. Monson. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he did restore the church in its fullness to the earth. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know He atoned for all of our sins and that we can repent and return to live forever with Him and our loving Heavenly Father someday together as families. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another Testament of Jesus Christ. I love all of you!! Ou te Alofa tele ia te outou!! Keep Strong. Remember that. Thanks for everything.

Elder Cody John Walker

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