Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ASO SA O TINA ( Mother's Day)

Talofa Everybody!!! May 9, 2011

First off Mothers Day (Aso Sa o Tina) was just Grand!!! I loved talking to all of you guys, it was so awesome!!! Just hearing all of your voices and seeing how all of you are doing it was more than I could type here!!! Just Sekia. Anyway, oh ya welcome to the Walkers, baby Emmett yesterday. He looks great and all looked like it went well. The pixes were great, thanks for those. Well like I said from the phone call all sounds good and I was so glad and happy afterwards. You guys are the greatest family ever!!!

Well this week before Mothers Day, I had two days where I was sicker than a dog and not good at all. It was horrible!!! I got food poisoning from something on Sunday and come Monday and Tuesday I was bedridden and weak needless to say. I am about 167 lbs. now and trying to gain all of it back. So not good there. The other day was Saturday and I was sick again, from what I cannot tell you, I just had a splitting headache which in turn weakened my whole body and my stomach acted up again, so ya but now that that’s all over its back to getting the work progressing and going. Some days just come like that, so just get busy and move on. I had a blessing on Saturday and immediately the pain in my head subsided and I was able to rest more and sit up and talk a little so I know the power of the priesthood is real that’s for sure. I know the Lord knows each one of us individually too and cares for all of us. Right Bryan, oh I will remember that.

But besides me being sick my comp and I still worked hard the other days and got some lessons taught and found some families to teach as well. On Wednesday we wanted to find some new investigators in Lemoli Muamua (1st) ward so we proselyted there and came across an elderly couple that were in the Seventh Day Adventist church and they let us teach the first lesson to them and they asked some questions too especially about the first vision and the Book of Mormon. So we answered them and are going to go back and talk more about the Book of Mormon and the Sabbath day with them this week. Hopefully all works out there!!

On Friday since Tui's comp has been in the MRC from the bike accident, he wanted to get out of the car for a day so I went with Aloi and Sua while my comp went with Tui and used the bikes to go to Lepale. That was fun to teach with those two as well. So that’s the update for this week, well besides the dog bite during the split on Thursday in Siusega. Ya my second dog bite ha ha!!! But all is good, just the dog snuck up behind me and got my calf and ripped a hole in my pants. Ya laugh, but it’s all good I am now used to it ha ha!!

I love you all!! It was great to talk!! Thanks for everything!! I know our family will be together forever, which will be awesome!! I know this gospel is true and is led by a living prophet. I know Jesus is the Christ and lived and died for us. The Book of Mormon is true. Ou te alofa tele ia te outou. Keep Strong!! Thanks again!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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