Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Temple, Interviews, and Zone Conference!!

Temple, Interviews, and Zone Conference!! May 30, 2011

Talofa Lava!!

How is everyone doing?! I hope all is great and you guys are enjoying life as well. It’s almost summer time out there but that doesn’t mean it’s the same weather wise right?! Anyway I hope you guys had fun when Jason, Rachael, and Alyssa came to visit this past week. How was climbing in Zion’s and the barbeque and stuff? I bet it was great to catch up. I hope you took a bunch of pix and will send them my way. Hope fires are also settling down and stuff as well and the rain will let you pour cement.

Wow wow wow!! This past week has been super busy and super filled. First off were interviews and our zone’s temple day. But this temple was super special because we went through with President and Sister Haleck. First off we had a meeting where we heard from a returned missionary who served in Colorado, then President and Sister Hanks, the temple president and wife, and then we heard from President and Sister Haleck. Also there at the temple were the APs and Apia Zone came as well. We went through the session and it was just amazing because a blessing the Lord gave to me was that I understood everything in Samoan. I know I was blessed and am continually blessed as well. When I entered the celestial room there was President and Sister Haleck to give us hugs and then just the peace and quiet in there was amazing. Never forget it. Sad thing though is we didn't get any pictures taken!! Can you believe it? argh! Everyone just went to the office, but oh well unforgettable experience. Then came interviews, the last one with President Haleck and it was awesome. He gave me so much good advice on becoming a better elder and servant of the Lord. I thanked him for the help in March and also all he has done. He has done so much and I will miss him as my first mission president. He told me to keep going and working hard as well for the new mission president and he told me that President Leota is a good man and will be a good mission president as well. Then he gave me hug and we said goodbye, it will be great to continue having opportunities to see each other around. So ya the last interview with him, but time still goes on and I just need to keep working hard.

But actually it wasn't too bad, because two days later we had a zone conference with our zone and three others and President and Sister Haleck were there and the APs came to talk and teach us. It was great and we had classes teaching different things and then last was President Haleck's advice and part to teach. He focused on working more with members during lessons and with new converts. Then an elder going home next month gave his testimony as well as Pres. and Sister Haleck gave their parting testimonies. Sister Haleck said to remember for sure her love for all of us and President Haleck seconded it when he got up. That was really touching and great to hear and as a parting thing to say. Both also made sure they bore a strong firm testimony and told us again to work hard and have faith in the new mission president as well. So ya that was great and a funny thing is after the conference we were walking out and Sister Haleck said to me that I looked a little thinner and was losing weight -- a compliment right for hard work? But then she continued by asking if it was because I was sick and not feeling good. Ua ma!!! (an expression of embarrassment or when someone makes a comment to get ya) so ya I told her that I had been a little sick right after temple and had lost some pounds and in fact I weighed about 168, but today got it back to 170 so staying as healthy as possible.

This week as far as teaching and investigators go it’s been tough being busy with conferences, etc, but we will have a baptism this next Saturday, a Tama named Visesio. He is a great guy and so humble and listens during the lessons and respects us so much. It is just awesome to teach him. We taught all the lessons but one this last week and so should finish on Tuesday and then prepare for his baptism on Saturday. So that was fun this week and he will be a great member!

Also on Wednesday we went on a split with two sisters from Lemoli Muamua ward and made some visits to some families and received some new investigators to teach this week. One is Lesina, we will start lessons on Tuesday so that should be good and maybe have a baptism in that ward as well since Visesio is in Lemoli Lua Ward. It is great to still keep the work moving as much as possible and keep up with it.

So ya there it is for ya, an awesome week and sad but, happy sad, as well just keep going. Thanks for everything all of you. I feel your prayers and know you love me. I know this church is true and that it is led by a true and living prophet President Thomas S. Monson. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he did restore the church in its fullness to the earth. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know He atoned for all of our sins and that we can repent and return to live forever with Him and our loving Heavenly Father someday together as families. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another Testament of Jesus Christ. I love all of you!! Ou te Alofa tele ia te outou!! Keep Strong. Remember that. Thanks for everything.

Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, May 23, 2011


Mika's Baptism

Fesolai, Maria, Lemolina, Mary, Moega


Eteuati's Baptism

Fatuloa, Lamese & Failelei

Malo Soifua Tou Susuga

Temple Day

Malo Soifua Tou Susuga!! May 23, 2011

First off, where did May go?!?!?! It is almost done already and wow it just flew. I had a lot of good days though. Oh ya Rachael--Manuia Lou Aso Fanau!! Happy Birthday Rachael I hope it’s a great day. I have to apologize that the card will get there late but please forgive me. Sorry about that. love ya. I hope everyone else is doing great and having fun and staying safe as well love you all!!

This past week was another good one and we were able to finish up the lessons and perform the three baptisms, Leafaitulagi, Francis, and Naomi's baptism, so that was fun. My comp was able to baptize them and that was fun for him. We had some difficulty actually getting the right time to be able to teach them as they were busy at some times and with no pipe for water at their house they had to go down the road (gatai) to a different house to shower. But all worked out in the end so that was great. They are great kids and also every lesson was great because the lady Lafua, the kids mom's sister, was able to attend each lesson which helps us out to have her there to give more insight or to share her testimony as well so that was great. Preach My Gospel and leaders have pressed and wanted us to try to teach more lessons with a member there, so we try but most times it is hard to be in a situation where that can happen.

Anyways as I said in my last email I was excited to continue the lessons with Lonise and maybe start the lessons with another girl Feagai, but again when we went the Tina (mom) was a little bit of a problem. But as we keep visiting she gets more and more familiar and can see that we care and hopefully will let us teach her eventually. We made Tuesday and Friday days where we went and spent it in Faleasiu itai to try to get some lessons and other investigators and also visit some ward members as well. On Friday it was especially good as we were able to go on a split with the ward mission leader there, his name is Misiona, and go make some good visits and stuff and we also tried Lonise again but couldn't get to her so keep trying like I said.

Anyway this one is a little shorter as I am also getting pix sent which mom said she got so that’s good. Anyway we did a split again with our zone this time in Aleisa Muamua (first) so that was alright. I think we are doing too many of them but I hope they get some investigators out of it. Even Aloi whose area that is said it wasn't needed, it is just Sua wanted to do it, but we did get fed which was cool. I can't think of anything else right now but that’s the basic rundown of this past week and I hope you like the pixes!!

I know this church is true and that it is led by a living prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I just finished it again on Saturday and what a great book it is. Always get something new out of it. I know Jesus is the Christ and Our Savior and Redeemer. I know this is His church and the only true one on the earth today. The earth did not end on Saturday like that guy predicted ha ha oh man funny. Love you all!! Ou te Alofa ia te outou!! Keep Strong!! Always remember that. Thanks for everything.

Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Talofa Lava Everybody!

Talofa Lava Everybody!! May 16, 2011

O a mai outou?? How is everyone doing? I hope all is good and going great for all of you guys. Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards and packages and wishes as well. I love you all!! It’s weird to be done with the teens and on to the twenties. Don’t feel it yet but it will come. Thanks again for everything the love and the letters and the emails and the prayers especially!

So this week has been my comp and I being blessed and helped from members in Lemoli Lua. We were going to be searching for some other investigators to teach and try to get some baptisms for this month when all of the sudden we were referred to three kids who wanted to be baptized and so we started teaching and will finish up this week and have their baptism this Saturday coming up. The story is that in the same house was a girl who wanted to go do baptisms for the dead but the bishop couldn't find her records so she said well I want to be baptized again if needs be, but when we went to visit they had found her records from Tutuila so we were glad for that. But there went a for sure baptism when all of the sudden the lady there Lafua, if you remember her, said her sister had three kids who wanted to be baptized two daughters, Leafaitula (13 yrs old) and Naomi (11 yrs old), and one son, Frances (9 yrs old). So we started and have finished all but one lesson so we plan on that on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on which day is best and when we can meet. Just great kids and Frances especially as I talk and teach in Samoan he smiles and watches me and listens intently and stuff, so a great guy there. Anyway it’s been fun and another good thing is Lafua attended all the lessons and so she was there to help with the lesson as well. It has been a while since we in Lemoli have had a lesson with a member present. It’s always good to have help and have a member to testify and help out.

Oh! I have some excellent news! Lonise said she can finish the lessons and maybe be baptized. She lives in Faleasiu itai if you can remember. Back in January and February when Asuafi and I tried to teach her, we had troubles with the mom and stuff, but we went and visited her on Friday and she told us she wants to finish the lessons this week and maybe be baptized. So pray for that please so her mom will stay willing and stuff because it would be so awesome, she wants to be baptized so bad it’s great. Oh and also while we were there we met another lady named Feagai who wants to talk with us more so on Tuesday we will go over there and talk to both of them. I was so happy and excited I just felt so good when we left. So ya, oh and we also visited the Moega family and Malia and Fesolai were doing great and Malia had a lot of fun with the mother’s day party, her first one as a member. Then we went to see her bishop and on Tuesday we will just have to dedicate all of it to Faleasiu itai as the ward mission leader who has referrals and all these things that will get the work going again, so that’s great news for us.

Still having some trouble with getting the marriage process started with Faamoina and her husband Ene so she can be baptized, but Ene is pretty busy and only free certain nights, but just got to keep trying and praying and stuff and hopefully all works out. Oh also my comp and I are going to a family tonight to have FHE and hopefully strengthen the family there, it is Sera Fiti's brother who we have been picking up as well to go to church and he is already baptized. The chapel is just too far for him and transportation, there is none so we are trying to get him and other toeaina(s) (elderly gentlemen) to come to church to partake of the sacrament and stuff so ya that should be good tonight.

Well got to go for this week. Hoping all works out this week with the baptisms and stuff. Love all of you!!! Thanks for everything. I know this church is true and led by a living prophet. I can’t wait for the conference issue, (it still hasn't got here). I know Jesus is the Christ. I know He atoned for all of our sins so that we can repent and return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven one day. I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and is true through and through. Ou te alofa tele ia te outou. Keep Strong. Remember that. Keep up the good work. love you all!!

Elder Cody John Walker

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ASO SA O TINA ( Mother's Day)

Talofa Everybody!!! May 9, 2011

First off Mothers Day (Aso Sa o Tina) was just Grand!!! I loved talking to all of you guys, it was so awesome!!! Just hearing all of your voices and seeing how all of you are doing it was more than I could type here!!! Just Sekia. Anyway, oh ya welcome to the Walkers, baby Emmett yesterday. He looks great and all looked like it went well. The pixes were great, thanks for those. Well like I said from the phone call all sounds good and I was so glad and happy afterwards. You guys are the greatest family ever!!!

Well this week before Mothers Day, I had two days where I was sicker than a dog and not good at all. It was horrible!!! I got food poisoning from something on Sunday and come Monday and Tuesday I was bedridden and weak needless to say. I am about 167 lbs. now and trying to gain all of it back. So not good there. The other day was Saturday and I was sick again, from what I cannot tell you, I just had a splitting headache which in turn weakened my whole body and my stomach acted up again, so ya but now that that’s all over its back to getting the work progressing and going. Some days just come like that, so just get busy and move on. I had a blessing on Saturday and immediately the pain in my head subsided and I was able to rest more and sit up and talk a little so I know the power of the priesthood is real that’s for sure. I know the Lord knows each one of us individually too and cares for all of us. Right Bryan, oh I will remember that.

But besides me being sick my comp and I still worked hard the other days and got some lessons taught and found some families to teach as well. On Wednesday we wanted to find some new investigators in Lemoli Muamua (1st) ward so we proselyted there and came across an elderly couple that were in the Seventh Day Adventist church and they let us teach the first lesson to them and they asked some questions too especially about the first vision and the Book of Mormon. So we answered them and are going to go back and talk more about the Book of Mormon and the Sabbath day with them this week. Hopefully all works out there!!

On Friday since Tui's comp has been in the MRC from the bike accident, he wanted to get out of the car for a day so I went with Aloi and Sua while my comp went with Tui and used the bikes to go to Lepale. That was fun to teach with those two as well. So that’s the update for this week, well besides the dog bite during the split on Thursday in Siusega. Ya my second dog bite ha ha!!! But all is good, just the dog snuck up behind me and got my calf and ripped a hole in my pants. Ya laugh, but it’s all good I am now used to it ha ha!!

I love you all!! It was great to talk!! Thanks for everything!! I know our family will be together forever, which will be awesome!! I know this gospel is true and is led by a living prophet. I know Jesus is the Christ and lived and died for us. The Book of Mormon is true. Ou te alofa tele ia te outou. Keep Strong!! Thanks again!!

Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, May 2, 2011


Talofa Lava Everybody!!! May 2, 2011

Well a lot is happening in this next week as I can see and some big days too. First off Manuia Lou Aso Fanau to Trisha Walker and Grandma Arrington!! I hope they are both great days! Then Congrats to you three--- Tori, Tyson, and Jenny on your graduation!! Tyson and Tori from the school that cannot be said in these emails; no I’m joking a graduation from the U is legitimate too. Way to go with the Bachelors!! Jenny getting a Masters from USU, way to be--a great job on that! I heard a baby boy is coming sometime this week (hopefully not on Sunday ha ha, if you know what I mean) so I hope all goes well and congrats to Bryan, Jesenia, Seneca and Paelyn. Then of course is the very special Sunday for Mothers everywhere but a BIG Happy Mother’s Day to the best, My Mom!! Happy Mother’s Day and have a great one and I can't wait to tell ya on the phone. Happy Mother’s Day as well to Rachael, Jesenia, Angela, and Jenny as well! Have a great day and talk to ya then.

So this week was way amazing and cool! First off was on Saturday when we had Eteuati's baptism. A cool thing about this is that he had a daughter on a mission in Sacramento at the time and wanted to wait till she got back, which was on Thursday, so she could be at the baptism. It was an amazing experience and he is just a great and humble guy. So a cool thing about it is when Sua went and did the interview on Friday, he asked who he would want to perform the baptism and he said "O le Palagi" which was referring to me the white person!! So I had the great opportunity to perform his baptism for him and his daughter was crying and so was he especially at church the next day when she said her testimony about eternal families. It was just an unforgettable experience! Oh a little side note, if you remember he can hardly walk with his legs infected and stuff and also he is a pretty hefty guy as well. The baptism was harder than it looked because he can’t bend his knees, so he sat down when I said the prayer kind of fell to a sit and so lifting him back up, I needed help from a witness. But after all was done it was just a great neat experience!!

This past week we have been trying to set a time and have a conversation with Faamoina and her mate, not yet husband Ene, about getting married. But all times have fallen through so we got the phone number and will call them sometime this week. That’s the plan anyway. Faamoina wants to be baptized really badly but she is keeping faithful and patient as are we, until her husband can get free and the marriage process can be started, but when all works out it will be good and great.

Also we are trying to get some new investigators in Lemoli Muamua and Faleasiu itai wards so we went proselyting/knocking doors (talai tuitui) this past week and had some visits but no real takes. It just takes work and with the help of the members we will get some work going again in those wards. Oh also really quick we had a split in Aleisa Lua in my first area for Sua and Aloi and they gained some new investigators so that’s great.

In Lemoli Lua this past week we visited and had three other toeaina('s) (elderly men) to come to church, one being Faamoina's father and two others. When we went to pick them up though it was only Faamoina's dad and Eteuati that came, but one is better than none. It was good and he liked the meetings. He is a former member but is too old and weak to walk, so he went inactive. But as I said he liked it and appreciated us taking him and everything.

So anyway, I still can't wait for Mother's Day on Sunday and the call!! I love you all and thanks for everything. I know this church is true and that it is led by a living prophet. I can’t wait for the new conference issue liahona to get to Samoa. I know Jesus is the Christ and that He did live and die for us so we can repent, and then was resurrected and gained a perfect body as will all of us. I know the Book of Mormon is true and is another witness of Jesus Christ. Keep Strong!! Ou te alofa ia te outou! Thanks again for all the support, letters, and prayers!! Oh and boxes with pix. Love you guys!!

Elder Cody John Walker