Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Talofa Lava Tou Susuga!! April 26, 2011

So how are things this week?!? I hope all is good and Easter was great. Oh, Happy Belated Easter by the way. Sorry about the no email yesterday since with the Easter holiday everything is closed on Friday and Monday. Every holiday here that happens on the weekend, all places will be closed the next Monday, so the same story with Mothers and Fathers day and other holidays as well. But anyway I hope all is still good and great!!
This week has been pretty hectic and also a sad week as well. First off I found out Monday that Asuafi and another elder received their visas for Papa New Guinea. So that meant they were leaving on Friday on the plane to the islands of Papu. At first I didn't find out until that night when my comp Touli who is now my comp still in Lemoli and Faleasiu, said that Asuafi had received his visa and was leaving on Friday!!! So that whole week was just tense and kind of dreading the coming Friday and saying goodbye. But we kept working and did what we could. Asuafi was great and was helping both of us get ready for when he would leave He had been in that area for about 6 months, almost 7 and it was his first and only area here in Samoa so he knew everything there pretty well. I have been with him for 4 months as well in this area so I’m pretty used to it, but still having a little trouble with the language and conversing consistently with people, but it is getting better. But anyway I am really appreciative of Asuafi and all the help he gave to me and all he did for me as we were comps. He was my comp for the longest time so far on my mission so we had a lot of great times together. There is one thing I can say for Asuafi is "Malo Lava le Onosai!!!" (Congrats on the Patience). He needed it with me, but ya we all do for every comp at times, but don't think of the hard stuff, remember the good. I miss him, but will keep going and hope to keep in contact with him as much as possible.
Anyway as I said this week was hectic in other parts as well. On Tuesday, it was the main proselyting day I had with Asuafi. We visited in Lemoli Lua and actually gained a new investigator. Her name is Faamoina and she is set on being baptized! Let me tell you the story. We visited her on Tuesday and she agreed to receive the lessons starting on Thursday. So we went after the zone meeting and getting final things for Asuafi on Thursday night, oh and Tui from Lepale came too. So it was us four and we went to teach her the first lesson. It was one of the most spiritual and best lessons I have ever been a part of so far in my mission!! The spirit was so strong and I received strength and comfort for when I taught in Samoan and felt truly blessed of the Lord. It was Asuafi's last lesson here in Samoa so he cried a little as he bore his testimony at the end and it just increased the feeling of the spirit. It was fantastic. Then after Asuafi was gone on Friday Touli and I went to teach her the second lesson and all went ok for that one it is the hardest lesson for talking in samoan, at least for me, but we got through it and she said she would attend church that Sunday. So Sunday came and she showed up, it was great. After the sacrament meeting we taught her the third lesson and she loved it and accepted to be baptized. We talked to her about getting married first and she said she would talk with her husband--well mate right now I guess, and so that is in the process. It has just been a neat experience.
On Wednesday I did a split with Aloi since Sua had a zone leader meeting so that was that day. Fun day with the fafaga's in Leauva'a my first area so that was fun. Thursday was the zone meeting in which President Haleck attended and he told us the story of him being called to the Seventy and it was very spiritual and inspiring! He told us that everything is for a reason and that the Lord could be preparing each one of us for something later in life. It was great and I loved it!! I will miss President Haleck when he ends, but the new president will be great too.
So anyway that’s the rough update for the week. I love you all and thank you so much for all the support, prayers, and love for me, you probably don't fully understand or realize how much it helps!!! I know this church is true and is led by a living Prophet, President Monson. I know Jesus is the Christ our Savior and Redeemer. This church was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. We are so blessed with all this knowledge and need to share it with the world that is what I and 50,000 other young men and women are doing. This is the work of the Lord. Keep Strong!!!
Ou te alofa tele ia te outou!!!
Alofa tele
Elder Cody John Walker

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