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Talofa Lava!! March 28, 2011

Hey everybody, how’s everything going? How’s life going? Any new news? Hey mom I got the card and pixes this past week and it was awesome!!! Thank you, I love receiving pix as I know you wish you were also more often, but I did send home a card, so hopefully it makes it to you. I will get better, it’s just the systems here aren’t exactly the best and stuff can happen and so I have to be specific where I do it. But anyway I also got Grandma's letter and one from Ross and Tyler too. Still waiting on CBass in the Baltics, I hope he cannot be busy for a little and write a letter ha ha!!! No I joke but seriously. It’s great to see how great all these guys are doing and it’s fun to hear news. Hey I heard about Seneca and her soccer game. That’s so awesome!! It was muddy and everything that’s great. Keep her playing that sport, it’s the best one!!! Yep I did get dirty in every soccer game I played, it’s just in the sport. Well that’s fun. How’s life for everyone I hear news from mom but you guys (my brothers and their families and my sister (a recent one from her ha ha right tor)) I would like to hear some stuff personally even if it’s in a short email. But I know you are all still supporting me and loving me and I feel it, so thank you for that. Lives are busy and I understand and I love you all and hope all is going great and thank you for your examples to me and everything!!

So this week it has been super busy but also way fun with our new comp Touli. This guy.. is way funny and wanting to work and so it’s fun. We really didn't get too much time to really proselyte with all this stuff happening. On Tuesday when we went out to proselyte together all of our visits fell through. Kind of a bummer for Touli to have his first day and not be successful but he was good about it and we did work and get the area book caught up that day which was good to do. Anyway then on Wednesday the new group from the MTC in Provo came and President had his welcome with the office couples and APs so Touli went to that all day, so Asuafi and I stayed in Lemoli that morning. But Asuafi was having eye troubles so we went into the office in the afternoon to get that figured out and everything taken care of. Thursday was our zone meeting and the APs came to it. I guess they are taking a certain interest in our zone right now, no I am joking maybe that’s not necessarily a good thing I don’t know!!
It wasn’t till Friday that we got our really good day in. We wanted to faamasani (make familiar) Touli with Faleasiu itai so we planned it and it turned out to be a great day!! We went and visited some members, showed him the houses of others as well as investigators, and also talked to the bishop about the zone blitz we are planning this Thursday for Faleasiu and he was happy. The bishop wanted his own missionaries but the mission president said that there weren’t enough missionaries and said we were doing what we could and the bishop understood and is always supportive. But this split will be good I believe. Oh and also Misiona the ward mission leader is back from Savaii with his wife and kid so I guess the problem he had before with the mom of his wife is over and all is good and we are glad to have him back. Anyway went over to Malia Moega's too and talked to her for a bit because she wanted some help with some stuff. Apparently she wanted to see or get advice on the best way to talk about some problems between her and her two daughters Taunese and Silia and how people in the church would do it. Asuafi advised her first off pray and read from the Book of Mormon and then sit down with both of them and her husband and start with prayer and then talk peacefully asking for help and just talk about it. Great counsel from my comp and she cried a little, I guess it’s been affecting her a little. But it was good to visit her that day. On Sunday when we saw her she seemed better and Taunese was there too and she seemed good as well, l so hopefully things are in the mending process.

Saturday was a day of baptisms for our zone!! We moetasi (slept over) at Lotopa because their baptism was at eight in the morning. So after that, the same sisters had a different baptism in Siusega and it was for the parents of 11 children. The Mom was so fragile and her foot was swollen and hurt, it was so great to see her faith. Then Aleisa had two girls in Leauvaa getting baptized. Last was our baptism at seven that night, which was great. It was Litia and Peni (we didn’t find his paper work so he needed to be baptized). It went so great and Litia was so happy and so was Peni. I felt so blessed to be a part of it and I was excited for her. I love serving in this area and the people here are so great. Everyone wants to help and it’s so fun. Oh I forgot, on Wednesday Mary Anne and Peato were married so that was completed. Now they can work on a temple marriage in the future. It felt good to help them with that.
Well that’s the update for the week. It was busy but we got some great things accomplished. I am so blessed I know it to be in this mission and serving here. I am also very grateful for my awesome family and friends. I love you all and thank you for everything!!

I know this church is true!! I know Jesus is the Christ!! I know President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and that he leads and guides the church!! How blessed we are to listen to his counsel and the counsel of the quorum of the twelve apostles who are prophets, seers and revelators. They are called of God and I know that to be true. Conference is awesome and I hope everybody has the chance to listen and learn because you never stop learning. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Ou te alofa ia te outou. I love you all!! KEEP STRONG!!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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