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Feb. 21, 2011

Talofa Lava!! Hey everybody I hope all is still great and going good. What’s new anything?? How is everybody doing? Keeping busy? Oh first off, Manuia Lou Aso Fanau Paelyn!!!!! (on Thursday ha ha) Happy Birthday and I hope it’s a good one!!! Hopefully you got my card. I have to keep up with all of these birthdays, it’s fun!!! I have people ask how many people are in my family and I now say 19 because with all the new babies coming. It’s fun though to show them the book and everything, they really like it. It’s great to have something to show them. (hint: I would like some new pix if you can send some more please of the basement or things happening that would be great. sorry I need to do it here too so I’ll get on that.) Anyway all is good and we are doing just great!! Second-Collin, Way to BE DUDE!!!! That will be awesome to see you here in this beautiful place of Samoa!!!!! Get ready and be excited!!!! It’s the best mission!!!!

It has been a pretty busy week this week. We had interviews on Tuesday, as I told you in the last letter and it was great. I loved it. But then we had Wednesday to tala'I but on Thursday we had Zone Conference starting at nine and going until one and we did some stuff afterward too as a zone. Then Friday and Saturday were the other days for proselyting. We stayed only in the Lemoli wards this time working with three kids to work for baptism. We just didn't have time to go to faleasiu itai but we will this week since it won’t be so hectic. Anyway I have some funny stories going along with teaching these kids it’s great.

Starting out on Wednesday we went over to a kid who we were given as a contact, his name is Fatuloa. So we went to his house and asked if he had been baptized and he said no and so we started the first lesson. It went all well and good and we both taught and bore testimony! At the end of every lesson especially the first we teach the steps to prayer and challenge them to pray at night and in the morning. Most of the time they forget but we keep reminding them and they are great and try. Well the steps are (in Samoan) 1st: Lo Matou Tama Faalelagi, 2nd: Faafetai (give thanks for things) 3rd:Olega (ask for help and things you are in need of) Last: I le suafa o Iesu Keriso Amene. So we asked him to say the closing prayer just a simple one following the steps, well he said yes which surprised us so he said the prayer. It went just like this " Lo matou Tama Faalelagi, Faafetai, Olega, I le suafa o Iesu Keriso Amene." (He simply repeated back the “steps” given to him as his prayer.) It was so funny and Asuafi and I had to hold our laughter to not embarrass him it was great!!! At least he tried right!!! Later we came to find out by a family he had lived with earlier that he had already been baptized! I guess he just forgot. We had two other lessons, one with Elena and another with a boy Jas. We taught the second lesson to both of them and we had some stories there too. At the end of the lesson as we describe the three kingdoms of glory and how they are compared to the glory of the sun, moon, and stars, we also ask where they would want to go after this life expecting the answer "O le La" which means the Sun. Well we asked Elena and she answered "Masina" which is Moon so we taught some more, making it clearer and she corrected her answer. We asked Jas later and he said "E fia alu le Fetu" I want to go to the Star which surprised us again, so we talked to him and he said the sun after that. They are so innocent and also all this talk of these different things can confuse them I guess. Oh well the stories are great and it gives opportunity to describe it in more detail. They are all great kids so that’s fun!

On Thursday we had a Zone Conference with our zone, Aleisa, and two others, Apia and Central. It was amazing and great except for the fact I had an infection in my right eye which I came to find out later was pink eye!!! I made it through the conference and pictures which was fun and great but with pain constantly in my eye. President Haleck talked on the importance of commitments and making them at each lesson. It is really important and gives the investigator something to work on before the next lesson and all commitments are to help understanding and strengthen their faith. It was great!!! I went to the Kelley’s, the senior couple, for nursing and they got my eye taken care of with some drops they gave me. Now all is good except for the fact that it spread to my other eye, but I got the drops in and now all is good.

We had Elena's baptism on Saturday morning and I had the opportunity to perform it which was fun. Hopefully next week I can get online and send a lot of pix I know you would like that. But it was great and then Jasibel's baptism was to happen later. Well when we headed up to go to talk to Jas we stopped and contacted another kid named Pene and started the lessons with him. He is a good guy and will talk so that’s good. He was tired from a long day though because he was nodding at the end of the lesson ha ha!!! Anyway we talked to Jas a little then headed back to prep for the baptism, but when we got there the kids who were cleaning the fale sa drained the water!!!!! argh!!!! We started filling it with buckets but it wasn't happening fast enough so the bishop postponed it till Sunday. That night though we filled the font up with buckets of water from our shower!! It was a great feeling to do that so Jas could have that done for him. The water from the tanks that are for the font and bathrooms had run dry, not enough rain these past days. It will get filled though by a truck so that’s good. Anyway the next day for church we went to both Lemoli wards and did the baptism after sacrament meeting in Lemoli Lua(2nd) since they canceled the rest of church due to no water (they do that here, water is vital I guess), at least they had sacrament meeting though. Jas' baptism was great and fun.

It has been a great week, busy but great!!! The work is still going great and I am loving it. I know this church is true and that President Monson is the living prophet and he leads and guides the church. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he translated that wonderful book, the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God no matter what language it’s in. I know Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. I know we can repent of our sins through His atoning sacrifice. I love you all!!! oute alofa ia te outou!!!! Keep Strong!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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