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Malo Soifua!! March 21, 2011

Hey everybody how is everything going?? Did everything go well with the funeral and everything? I hope so, I remembered the time and thought about it on Saturday. I hope all is still good and all of you are doing great and are keeping strong and comforted at this time. I am doing just fine and it helps to keep busy with lessons and different things in the mission. It’s been a pretty busy week and lots of things have happened!!

First off I am not getting transferred!! Thank goodness. I love it here in Lemoli and Faleasiu and don’t want to leave for awhile, but some things did happen. My comp Asuafi became a trainer. He is just an excellent missionary and is really showing he can handle a lot. I can learn quite a bit from him or more than what I am right no. The new missionary's name is Touli and he is from Vaovai here on Upolu and he seems like a pretty great guy already. So Asuafi is training and we are a triple I guess till Asuafi gets his visa and goes to Papa New Guinea, which president thinks will be soon so I need to start stepping up and working even harder with the language so I can help my comp out. He has got a lot on his plate and I also think he became a District Leader too. I hope he can handle it and I know he will he is a great missionary and hard worker. Also with this huge transfer Elder Pili returned to our zone kalofae. He is comps with an elder from his same district who came in about two months after me or a little before and was comps before with Asuafi (who were both trained by Teaupa). His name is Elder Tui and they are in Lepale to take over after Elders Vili and Davidson who finished this past weekend. A lot of people were in this departing group, like 20 missionaries. A group from the MTC in Provo has I think 13 so some things will change. I am going to miss Vili and Davidson and also Moala the latest AP and Ualotu. All of those guys finished but it’s all good, life moves on and you have got to make the most out of the time available right?!! So anyway that’s the update with me and my zone. Oh some cool news with some elders in my mtc district, Elder Tanielu is training another Samoan from Utah so that’s pretty cool. Elder Rousseau came over to Upolu so I will be able to see him more. Smith went to Tutuila and Rodgers to Savaii so that’s the update!!

I had, like I said, a pretty busy week with stuff from transfers and elders finishing, oh and a sister from our zone too Mauai, but Asuafi and I still got some work done and ended up the week with three more baptisms which was Awesome!!! Always great news right and fun. They were three kids from Lemoli 1st ward, Fatuloa, Failelei (Brothers) and Lamese. We had finished Fatuloa's lessons the week before but waited till this week to baptize him with his brother and their friend. We taught all the lessons this past week to Failelei and Lamese the last two with them together. They are great kids and love us as the missionaries. We had some funny experiences with them too. Lamese especially, he is kind of shy and when we were teaching the second lesson and we asked where he came from he said Tutuila, so we taught him more but it was funny because when we asked where we go after we die or more specifically where he would go and he smiled and answered with confidence seriously "Tutuila"!!! Oh we just laughed and laughed and taught him where he was going and everything it’s just so funny some of the things these kids say. Anyway it was a fun week with those three and I hope they stay active and keep strong!!
Also this next week Mary Anne and Peato are getting married on Wednesday and then continue to be active to marry in the temple someday hopefully. That was good and fun to help out with that. Found out that Litia and Ese found their earlier marriage papers or it was already done I guess because that is all solved and her baptism is this Saturday so that will be fun and good.

Last but definitely not least is Mika a kid just two years older than me and we are teaching him and preparing him for baptism for this Saturday with Litia. He is a great kid, and I get along with him really well and joke a lot so it will be a cool experience when he is baptized. One thing though is before we taught the last lesson on commandments and your body is a temple he had just gotten a tattoo on his arm reading "Moonshine"!! I was kind of joking with him and he tried to hide it. But he is still good, he will change and is changing, which is cool to see!!
So that’s the update. I hope all is going well I love all of you so much. Thank you for all the support and love and letters and emails. I am so thankful for all of you. I hope all is good and peaceful with the funeral and I wish I could have been there but I know that the spirit was there. I know this church is true and that the gospel is eternal. I know that President Monson is the true prophet who leads and guides the church today. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I know he restored the church and brought forth the gospel in its fullness to the earth. I know he also translated the Book of Mormon which is another Testament of Jesus Christ. I know Jesus is the Christ and that He did perform the atonement which is infinite and eternal. We all will be resurrected and see each other again someday through that ultimate sacrifice. KEEP STRONG!!! It is so essential and important!!!

I love you all and miss you, but two years is short as I think about these elders finishing and leaving. Ou te alofa tele ia te outou!!! Write and email when you can!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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