Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Talofa Lava!! March 28, 2011

Hey everybody, how’s everything going? How’s life going? Any new news? Hey mom I got the card and pixes this past week and it was awesome!!! Thank you, I love receiving pix as I know you wish you were also more often, but I did send home a card, so hopefully it makes it to you. I will get better, it’s just the systems here aren’t exactly the best and stuff can happen and so I have to be specific where I do it. But anyway I also got Grandma's letter and one from Ross and Tyler too. Still waiting on CBass in the Baltics, I hope he cannot be busy for a little and write a letter ha ha!!! No I joke but seriously. It’s great to see how great all these guys are doing and it’s fun to hear news. Hey I heard about Seneca and her soccer game. That’s so awesome!! It was muddy and everything that’s great. Keep her playing that sport, it’s the best one!!! Yep I did get dirty in every soccer game I played, it’s just in the sport. Well that’s fun. How’s life for everyone I hear news from mom but you guys (my brothers and their families and my sister (a recent one from her ha ha right tor)) I would like to hear some stuff personally even if it’s in a short email. But I know you are all still supporting me and loving me and I feel it, so thank you for that. Lives are busy and I understand and I love you all and hope all is going great and thank you for your examples to me and everything!!

So this week it has been super busy but also way fun with our new comp Touli. This guy.. is way funny and wanting to work and so it’s fun. We really didn't get too much time to really proselyte with all this stuff happening. On Tuesday when we went out to proselyte together all of our visits fell through. Kind of a bummer for Touli to have his first day and not be successful but he was good about it and we did work and get the area book caught up that day which was good to do. Anyway then on Wednesday the new group from the MTC in Provo came and President had his welcome with the office couples and APs so Touli went to that all day, so Asuafi and I stayed in Lemoli that morning. But Asuafi was having eye troubles so we went into the office in the afternoon to get that figured out and everything taken care of. Thursday was our zone meeting and the APs came to it. I guess they are taking a certain interest in our zone right now, no I am joking maybe that’s not necessarily a good thing I don’t know!!
It wasn’t till Friday that we got our really good day in. We wanted to faamasani (make familiar) Touli with Faleasiu itai so we planned it and it turned out to be a great day!! We went and visited some members, showed him the houses of others as well as investigators, and also talked to the bishop about the zone blitz we are planning this Thursday for Faleasiu and he was happy. The bishop wanted his own missionaries but the mission president said that there weren’t enough missionaries and said we were doing what we could and the bishop understood and is always supportive. But this split will be good I believe. Oh and also Misiona the ward mission leader is back from Savaii with his wife and kid so I guess the problem he had before with the mom of his wife is over and all is good and we are glad to have him back. Anyway went over to Malia Moega's too and talked to her for a bit because she wanted some help with some stuff. Apparently she wanted to see or get advice on the best way to talk about some problems between her and her two daughters Taunese and Silia and how people in the church would do it. Asuafi advised her first off pray and read from the Book of Mormon and then sit down with both of them and her husband and start with prayer and then talk peacefully asking for help and just talk about it. Great counsel from my comp and she cried a little, I guess it’s been affecting her a little. But it was good to visit her that day. On Sunday when we saw her she seemed better and Taunese was there too and she seemed good as well, l so hopefully things are in the mending process.

Saturday was a day of baptisms for our zone!! We moetasi (slept over) at Lotopa because their baptism was at eight in the morning. So after that, the same sisters had a different baptism in Siusega and it was for the parents of 11 children. The Mom was so fragile and her foot was swollen and hurt, it was so great to see her faith. Then Aleisa had two girls in Leauvaa getting baptized. Last was our baptism at seven that night, which was great. It was Litia and Peni (we didn’t find his paper work so he needed to be baptized). It went so great and Litia was so happy and so was Peni. I felt so blessed to be a part of it and I was excited for her. I love serving in this area and the people here are so great. Everyone wants to help and it’s so fun. Oh I forgot, on Wednesday Mary Anne and Peato were married so that was completed. Now they can work on a temple marriage in the future. It felt good to help them with that.
Well that’s the update for the week. It was busy but we got some great things accomplished. I am so blessed I know it to be in this mission and serving here. I am also very grateful for my awesome family and friends. I love you all and thank you for everything!!

I know this church is true!! I know Jesus is the Christ!! I know President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and that he leads and guides the church!! How blessed we are to listen to his counsel and the counsel of the quorum of the twelve apostles who are prophets, seers and revelators. They are called of God and I know that to be true. Conference is awesome and I hope everybody has the chance to listen and learn because you never stop learning. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Ou te alofa ia te outou. I love you all!! KEEP STRONG!!!

Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Malo Soifua!! March 21, 2011

Hey everybody how is everything going?? Did everything go well with the funeral and everything? I hope so, I remembered the time and thought about it on Saturday. I hope all is still good and all of you are doing great and are keeping strong and comforted at this time. I am doing just fine and it helps to keep busy with lessons and different things in the mission. It’s been a pretty busy week and lots of things have happened!!

First off I am not getting transferred!! Thank goodness. I love it here in Lemoli and Faleasiu and don’t want to leave for awhile, but some things did happen. My comp Asuafi became a trainer. He is just an excellent missionary and is really showing he can handle a lot. I can learn quite a bit from him or more than what I am right no. The new missionary's name is Touli and he is from Vaovai here on Upolu and he seems like a pretty great guy already. So Asuafi is training and we are a triple I guess till Asuafi gets his visa and goes to Papa New Guinea, which president thinks will be soon so I need to start stepping up and working even harder with the language so I can help my comp out. He has got a lot on his plate and I also think he became a District Leader too. I hope he can handle it and I know he will he is a great missionary and hard worker. Also with this huge transfer Elder Pili returned to our zone kalofae. He is comps with an elder from his same district who came in about two months after me or a little before and was comps before with Asuafi (who were both trained by Teaupa). His name is Elder Tui and they are in Lepale to take over after Elders Vili and Davidson who finished this past weekend. A lot of people were in this departing group, like 20 missionaries. A group from the MTC in Provo has I think 13 so some things will change. I am going to miss Vili and Davidson and also Moala the latest AP and Ualotu. All of those guys finished but it’s all good, life moves on and you have got to make the most out of the time available right?!! So anyway that’s the update with me and my zone. Oh some cool news with some elders in my mtc district, Elder Tanielu is training another Samoan from Utah so that’s pretty cool. Elder Rousseau came over to Upolu so I will be able to see him more. Smith went to Tutuila and Rodgers to Savaii so that’s the update!!

I had, like I said, a pretty busy week with stuff from transfers and elders finishing, oh and a sister from our zone too Mauai, but Asuafi and I still got some work done and ended up the week with three more baptisms which was Awesome!!! Always great news right and fun. They were three kids from Lemoli 1st ward, Fatuloa, Failelei (Brothers) and Lamese. We had finished Fatuloa's lessons the week before but waited till this week to baptize him with his brother and their friend. We taught all the lessons this past week to Failelei and Lamese the last two with them together. They are great kids and love us as the missionaries. We had some funny experiences with them too. Lamese especially, he is kind of shy and when we were teaching the second lesson and we asked where he came from he said Tutuila, so we taught him more but it was funny because when we asked where we go after we die or more specifically where he would go and he smiled and answered with confidence seriously "Tutuila"!!! Oh we just laughed and laughed and taught him where he was going and everything it’s just so funny some of the things these kids say. Anyway it was a fun week with those three and I hope they stay active and keep strong!!
Also this next week Mary Anne and Peato are getting married on Wednesday and then continue to be active to marry in the temple someday hopefully. That was good and fun to help out with that. Found out that Litia and Ese found their earlier marriage papers or it was already done I guess because that is all solved and her baptism is this Saturday so that will be fun and good.

Last but definitely not least is Mika a kid just two years older than me and we are teaching him and preparing him for baptism for this Saturday with Litia. He is a great kid, and I get along with him really well and joke a lot so it will be a cool experience when he is baptized. One thing though is before we taught the last lesson on commandments and your body is a temple he had just gotten a tattoo on his arm reading "Moonshine"!! I was kind of joking with him and he tried to hide it. But he is still good, he will change and is changing, which is cool to see!!
So that’s the update. I hope all is going well I love all of you so much. Thank you for all the support and love and letters and emails. I am so thankful for all of you. I hope all is good and peaceful with the funeral and I wish I could have been there but I know that the spirit was there. I know this church is true and that the gospel is eternal. I know that President Monson is the true prophet who leads and guides the church today. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I know he restored the church and brought forth the gospel in its fullness to the earth. I know he also translated the Book of Mormon which is another Testament of Jesus Christ. I know Jesus is the Christ and that He did perform the atonement which is infinite and eternal. We all will be resurrected and see each other again someday through that ultimate sacrifice. KEEP STRONG!!! It is so essential and important!!!

I love you all and miss you, but two years is short as I think about these elders finishing and leaving. Ou te alofa tele ia te outou!!! Write and email when you can!!

Elder Cody John Walker

Monday, March 14, 2011

In Memory of my Grandpa Walker

March 14, 2011


How is everyone doing? I hope all is well with everyone and that you all are feeling peaceful and the love of our Heavenly Father at this time. I got called by my mission president last night around eight o clock telling me of Grandpa passing away on Saturday. President Haleck was really good about it and asked me questions about Grandpa to get me talking because even though you told me about the blessing last Monday and I could feel it was coming I still didn't expect it to hit like this to me and, personally I was scared. I was honestly lost talking to president for that time and he helped me come back. He expressed his love for me and bore his testimony of the plan of salvation and the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how I will see my Grandpa again someday!! It was great to get his reassurance of that and it helped me. But it was still harder than ever and I am starting to cry talking about it. I went inside and knelt down and started crying. After awhile I started to pray and to thank my Father in Heaven for all my blessings!! I thanked Him for my Grandpa and all the memories. I thanked Him for my family and all the love you all have for me. I thanked Him for the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ and His everlasting Atonement. I thanked him for the knowledge of the gospel in my life and how I have grown up knowing that families can be forever and that we will be together forever someday. I thanked Him for all my many blessings and then I asked for help. I needed help and was struggling then in fear and didn’t know what else to do. I asked Him to strengthen me and also all of you. I asked Him to bless Grandma with peace and His love as well as Dad and your brother and sisters. I just prayed and prayed and prayed for help and comfort!! It was hard for me and I needed Him and the blessing of the Holy Ghost to be with me. It was a difficult thing to hear and still is. I hope all of you feel of my love and know I am praying for you!! I also want to say I feel of your prayers and love for me as well!! I then got up and wrote a letter to Grandma and that helped immensely and I knew it was a tender mercy of the Lord for me to write to Grandma and bear my testimony and help reassure myself I knew of the plan and eternal families as I told that and wrote that to Grandma. Lastly, I wrote in my journal and while writing I read one of the scriptures at the bottom of the pages that I write on (I need to thank Tori for that journal!!!) and it was John 14:27 and it said "Let not your Heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." another tender mercy!! Anyway I am doing better and I asked Elder Aloi to give me a blessing last night and it helped a lot as well so I am in good hands, but I still want a hug from you guys but I can feel your love and that’s enough.

This week has been pretty good in Lemoli and Faleasiu. Oh first off Manuia Lou Aso Fanau Bryan!!! Yet another great Brother and example to me!!! Have a great day and hopefully you got my card. Anyways, we checked Fatuloa's records and couldn't find anything so we taught him this week and finished the lessons and hopefully baptize him next week. He is a good kid and at least acts like he is listening and liking the lessons. I say that because we would ask him a commitment and even my soa would simplify it and he would answer with a totally different answer like "obedience" instead of a yes or no. But we worked with and got him to an understanding and he even reads the stuff we ask him to in the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets we give him so that’s good!!

We also got Litia's and her husband, Ese's, marriage papers done this Wednesday as well as Mary Anne and Peato. It was good and it’s great to help out. Litia is the only investigator, all the others are baptized but we are working with them to be worthy to partake of the sacrament and hopefully marry in the temple some day (Mary Anne and Peato). Now we have to wait two weeks and then the Stake President will marry them and then Litia can be baptized. I really don't know neither does anyone else what will happen come next Monday with the transfer but I am hoping nothing does in Lemoli/Faleasiu!!

Grand News...Silia got Baptized!! It was great!! It was a little tense on Saturday night with the interview. Story is Sua and Aloi (zone leaders) showed up an hour late and Silia said plain out that she didn't want to be baptized and to cancel it for Saturday. Asuafi and I were pretty sad to hear that but had faith it would work out. Next morning Silia calls Asuafi and they talked for a while and Asuafi told her that people make mistakes and that this was a temptation from Satan to stop her from being baptized and gaining this saving ordinance in her life. She said she knew that and that she had been thinking about that exact thing that night. Also we had told her on Wednesday when we stopped by really quickly that Satan would try to work on her and she needed to keep strong. She knew the church was true and asked to get interviewed that morning so we called Sua and he and Aloi left right then and did the interview and she passed and then her baptism was that night and I had the opportunity to do it!!! It was great!! My camera was on the fritz and I couldn’t take a picture but I will with her later I am hoping.

On Thursday Elder Nielsen of the Seventy came and talked to us, or well four zones, and ours was lucky enough to be in that four. It was great and he gave so much great counsel!! It was on becoming personally converted before trying to convert others. He also talked on burying our weapons of rebellion in the mission and throughout life. We will always have weaknesses and so we need to continue to repent and work on putting down things that are keeping us from being who the Lord wants us to be!! Take advice, be teachable and serve hard, it only comes once!! I, as like every missionary, have my weapons of rebellion and he challenged us to look at our lives and find them or at least one to work on and then when we conquer it the Lord will bring another one to bury. It was a great conference and I loved it!!

I love you all!! I miss my Grandpa but I know he is in a better place right now and is being a strong spirit in moving the work up there. I know this church is true and that it is the only true one on the earth today. I know Jesus is the Christ our Savior and Redeemer. He overcame death so all of us will be resurrected again and gain a perfect body and have the chance to live together forever!! I know He performed that ultimate sacrifice the Atonement which is infinite. I know He has felt all of our pains and knows our weaknesses and will be there to help us if we come to Him. We are never alone!! He always loves us!! Thanks for everything. Keep strong. Remember that!! Mom send me a program of the funeral please. I hope all goes well and I know the Lord is continually watching over us.

Ou te Alofa ia te outou!!! I love you all!!

Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Talofa Everybody!!! How is everyone doing this week? How were the birthdays? I hope all was fun and good!! How was the Chef's salad mom? Man all my brothers are getting to be old guys now. No I’m joking but really!! You are all getting there ha ha!!! Mom you still look 40 or so!! Oh man I am laughing so hard right now but jokes are fun right!!! All the world needs is more smiles and laughter. Manuia Lou Aso Fanau to Jason, another Awesome Brother!!!! I hope all is good over there in Oklahoma with your family and stuff and hope your birthday is good!!!

To start off I have been getting all the news from you and dad, mom about Grandpa Walker. I am so grateful for dad and his worthiness in holding the priesthood and I know the blessing was great. I will miss Grandpa so much. He has done so much for me and I owe a lot to him. I hope Grandma is doing well I know it’s probably really hard right now but I hope all is well and that we can all feel at peace. I know that the Plan of Salvation is true. I know it with all my heart. I know that the Key to the Plan is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He has felt all of our pains and is always there for us. If we ever feel lonely or saddened we can remember that He is there and loves us always. It makes me cry that he will be gone when I get back, but I know I will see him again. This plan is so perfect and our Loving Heavenly Father created it. I love you all and wish the best I am doing ok and will keep working. I know I am supposed to be here at this time and although I will not be there, I am there. Tell him I love him for me. I know he knows that, just remind him. Thanks for everything. I miss you all but hope all is doing great.

Well this week we have had some crazy things happen. First off I think on Wednesday, we went over to talk to Silia. I thought it would be more questions and other stuff but she just wanted to talk and towards the end said she wanted to be baptized on the 19th! This is so crazy and let me tell you why. If you can remember she started investigating after a lesson with Fesola'i and Malia Moega when I was talking about the blessings of temples. So we started her lessons and it was different teaching her. For instance the third lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ it ended up just not going so well. We were kind of bible bashing and she was asking off the wall questions to try and catch us. It was just not a lesson that was the picture perfect situation and all. During other lessons she would ask questions and after we answered she would get this smug look on and say ok like she heard what she wanted. Well we finished the lessons anyway and after the last one on commandments we asked her to stop smoking and come to church and surprisingly she said yes, but she wouldn't commit to baptism. So we went to fhe the next Monday with the Moega's and they told us Silia had stopped smoking and went to all of church and liked it. It blew me away!! She still hadn't said anything about baptism but wanted to talk more!! She just dropped smoking and was continually reading in the Book of Mormon like every day. We went over one more time before this last visit I am talking about and it went kind of the same with her asking questions and we were doing the answering. Then she just surprised us all and said she wants to be baptized! I was totally proven wrong, and I am glad. I thought she just wanted to hear what we had to say and that’s it, but she has changed and she loves talking to us and seeing us. We went over on Saturday too and she wants to be baptized this weekend, so sooner than she first planned. People can and do change. Also on Sunday we found out other great news that goes along with this and that is with Lonise. She said she wants to and can be baptized with Silia this Saturday so we just need to teach the two last lessons and they will both be baptized. Great things are happening and I know the Lord's hand is in it.

Also what is great is Litia committed to baptism, but we need to get her married first!! We went and talked to her mate, I guess that’s what you call it, and he said yes and he is going to church too (he has already been baptized) and was happy for Litia as well. So all that is good and great, she is still strong and coming to church so we just need to talk to the Stake president and get all the paper work and stuff done.

On Friday our water ran out for our house (we have tanks that we use) and the palota was this past week, (voting), and so people were busy and the Eves said no water till Monday so we weren't happy about that but got lucky and they filled it up Saturday night for some reason, so that was a blessing!

All else is good. I am loving it here and the language is still coming. I love you all! Thank you for all the prayers and letters. I can feel them and tell I am being blessed. I know this church is true. I know our Savior Lives. I know that with all my heart might mind and soul. He atoned for us and we can all be together again someday. He is our Savior and Redeemer. I know all these things are true and are eternal. Ou te Alofa tele ia te outou! I love you all. Keep Strong! It is so important!!

Elder Cody John Walker

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Talofa Lava! Feb. 28, 2011

Well I first must apologize because the last week’s letter did not get sent!!!! MY BAD!!! I am still doing good though, so no worries! So first off for this week, MANUIA LUA ASO FANAU to My Awesome Mother on Sunday, and One of the Greatest Brothers Blake!!!! Happy Birthday and I hope they are great days for you both!!!! I love you guys!!! I hope all is good and everyone is doing awesome!!! Things here are still doing great and I am having a lot of fun doing the work of the Lord in Samoa!! It is a privilege and I am so grateful and so happy and blessed to receive.

This week has been a week of strengthening the less active (faamalosi atu). We were going to have a baptism, a little kid named Peni, but as we were teaching the third lesson which is on the gospel of Jesus Christ we asked him if he had been baptized, expecting the answer no or he had in another church. Well he surprised us by saying "Yes" he had already been baptized!!! It took us by surprise and we asked if he was joking or if he was telling the truth and he said yes I have already been baptized "Sa uma" (its finished)!! We asked where and he said in Malie, so we asked who the sisters were and he named them. Apparently the family he is living with didn't know he had been baptized and so they got us to start the lessons. I guess we will make sure they are not baptized first. So our lessons we had taught earlier in the week were counted for Faamalosi Atu numbers instead of lessons taught ha ha!! It was funny!! We ended up just finishing the lessons because he wanted to finish. Funny thing though, as we were teaching him he would be answering and involved but towards the end of all four lessons, he would start to nod off. Apparently he doesn’t ever sleep at night or something. Anyway he is a good kid and is starting to pray and will come to church he said. We are going to check the records and hope we find them after a good search.

Oh a great thing and blessing that happened to my comp and I is we were able to start lessons with this lady named Litia. She is the mom of Si'i who is married to Salu who lived in Leauvaa before getting married in December. So I knew him (her son-inlaw) before and he served in Arizona on his mission!! Anyway back to the story. Apparently Litia has seen many missionaries but never allowed them to start lessons because she just wasn't ready or didn't like them or what we don't know for sure. Anyway she said she has allowed us to teach the lessons to her and we felt blessed and humbled. She is a strong lady and is progressing just great. We are going to teach the last lesson on Tuesday and she came to church on Sunday!!! It was so awesome to see her there!!! We started teaching last Tuesday and taught her the second on Wednesday and the third on Sunday at the chapel. It’s amazing to see the change and joy and happiness. Oh in the third lesson I bore my testimony a lot on what my comp taught and said new things and it just felt so spiritual, and for the first time as I was bearing my testimony, and as she and my comp were talking I just started to tear up for some reason (I thought it was the fan- :), but as I sat there I just could feel the spirit and knew that was the reason!! It was a great experience for me. I loved it! I think she will probably be baptized this week. Just a great lady!!

We went on a split on Wednesday with Misiona, the ward mission leader in Faleasiu itai. We only went to one house in the time we had, but it was a great visit to a less active lady who was so happy to see us and told us how she knew this church was true and would try to come back. She was crying and knew we were sent at that time for a reason. The Lord knows all of His children and their needs and wants. What great love and a witness to all of us. We spent like two hours there but it was a good visit. Oh also that day we walked quite a bit and it felt good except I got sunburned pretty bad!!

That same day we were asked by Silia to come and answer some questions she was having about the Book of Mormon, so we went down there and started talking. She was asking more questions of specific things in the Bible about stuff in the Book of Mormon. One question was where is the name America in the Bible and I had to tell her it wasn't named America until later because of that one guy!! :) Another was where is Lehi's name and we had to tell her that it wasn't there and many other things that she just needs to pray about. Oh a question that was in the Bible is him telling of his visitation to the Nephites and Lamanites in ancient America the one in John about the other sheep and the answer by Jesus in third Nephi but she wasn't very convinced. But we bore testimony and ended leaving with not much accomplished for her, at least that’s how we felt.

There are good and bad experiences of every mission. Missions were never easy, I know that and have read about it and I have even been told to my face by an Apostle, Elder Holland in the MTC. Cory can be a witness of this, of when he said, “Salvation is not a Cheap experience”. So true, we have to work for it and that’s what we are doing. I am so thankful for the examples of dad and my brothers!!! They are so great to me!!! Also my friends on missions right now!!! It’s so great to hear of their success and their good examples to me. I love you all!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!! I know this church is true. I know we have a living prophet who leads and guides the church today, President Thomas S. Monson. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and translated the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God. I know Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. I know that only through Him can we repent and return to live with our Loving Heavenly Father someday. Thanks for all the support and love!!! Keep Strong!!! Remember that!!! It’s so important!!

Elder Cody John Walker


Feb. 21, 2011

Talofa Lava!! Hey everybody I hope all is still great and going good. What’s new anything?? How is everybody doing? Keeping busy? Oh first off, Manuia Lou Aso Fanau Paelyn!!!!! (on Thursday ha ha) Happy Birthday and I hope it’s a good one!!! Hopefully you got my card. I have to keep up with all of these birthdays, it’s fun!!! I have people ask how many people are in my family and I now say 19 because with all the new babies coming. It’s fun though to show them the book and everything, they really like it. It’s great to have something to show them. (hint: I would like some new pix if you can send some more please of the basement or things happening that would be great. sorry I need to do it here too so I’ll get on that.) Anyway all is good and we are doing just great!! Second-Collin, Way to BE DUDE!!!! That will be awesome to see you here in this beautiful place of Samoa!!!!! Get ready and be excited!!!! It’s the best mission!!!!

It has been a pretty busy week this week. We had interviews on Tuesday, as I told you in the last letter and it was great. I loved it. But then we had Wednesday to tala'I but on Thursday we had Zone Conference starting at nine and going until one and we did some stuff afterward too as a zone. Then Friday and Saturday were the other days for proselyting. We stayed only in the Lemoli wards this time working with three kids to work for baptism. We just didn't have time to go to faleasiu itai but we will this week since it won’t be so hectic. Anyway I have some funny stories going along with teaching these kids it’s great.

Starting out on Wednesday we went over to a kid who we were given as a contact, his name is Fatuloa. So we went to his house and asked if he had been baptized and he said no and so we started the first lesson. It went all well and good and we both taught and bore testimony! At the end of every lesson especially the first we teach the steps to prayer and challenge them to pray at night and in the morning. Most of the time they forget but we keep reminding them and they are great and try. Well the steps are (in Samoan) 1st: Lo Matou Tama Faalelagi, 2nd: Faafetai (give thanks for things) 3rd:Olega (ask for help and things you are in need of) Last: I le suafa o Iesu Keriso Amene. So we asked him to say the closing prayer just a simple one following the steps, well he said yes which surprised us so he said the prayer. It went just like this " Lo matou Tama Faalelagi, Faafetai, Olega, I le suafa o Iesu Keriso Amene." (He simply repeated back the “steps” given to him as his prayer.) It was so funny and Asuafi and I had to hold our laughter to not embarrass him it was great!!! At least he tried right!!! Later we came to find out by a family he had lived with earlier that he had already been baptized! I guess he just forgot. We had two other lessons, one with Elena and another with a boy Jas. We taught the second lesson to both of them and we had some stories there too. At the end of the lesson as we describe the three kingdoms of glory and how they are compared to the glory of the sun, moon, and stars, we also ask where they would want to go after this life expecting the answer "O le La" which means the Sun. Well we asked Elena and she answered "Masina" which is Moon so we taught some more, making it clearer and she corrected her answer. We asked Jas later and he said "E fia alu le Fetu" I want to go to the Star which surprised us again, so we talked to him and he said the sun after that. They are so innocent and also all this talk of these different things can confuse them I guess. Oh well the stories are great and it gives opportunity to describe it in more detail. They are all great kids so that’s fun!

On Thursday we had a Zone Conference with our zone, Aleisa, and two others, Apia and Central. It was amazing and great except for the fact I had an infection in my right eye which I came to find out later was pink eye!!! I made it through the conference and pictures which was fun and great but with pain constantly in my eye. President Haleck talked on the importance of commitments and making them at each lesson. It is really important and gives the investigator something to work on before the next lesson and all commitments are to help understanding and strengthen their faith. It was great!!! I went to the Kelley’s, the senior couple, for nursing and they got my eye taken care of with some drops they gave me. Now all is good except for the fact that it spread to my other eye, but I got the drops in and now all is good.

We had Elena's baptism on Saturday morning and I had the opportunity to perform it which was fun. Hopefully next week I can get online and send a lot of pix I know you would like that. But it was great and then Jasibel's baptism was to happen later. Well when we headed up to go to talk to Jas we stopped and contacted another kid named Pene and started the lessons with him. He is a good guy and will talk so that’s good. He was tired from a long day though because he was nodding at the end of the lesson ha ha!!! Anyway we talked to Jas a little then headed back to prep for the baptism, but when we got there the kids who were cleaning the fale sa drained the water!!!!! argh!!!! We started filling it with buckets but it wasn't happening fast enough so the bishop postponed it till Sunday. That night though we filled the font up with buckets of water from our shower!! It was a great feeling to do that so Jas could have that done for him. The water from the tanks that are for the font and bathrooms had run dry, not enough rain these past days. It will get filled though by a truck so that’s good. Anyway the next day for church we went to both Lemoli wards and did the baptism after sacrament meeting in Lemoli Lua(2nd) since they canceled the rest of church due to no water (they do that here, water is vital I guess), at least they had sacrament meeting though. Jas' baptism was great and fun.

It has been a great week, busy but great!!! The work is still going great and I am loving it. I know this church is true and that President Monson is the living prophet and he leads and guides the church. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he translated that wonderful book, the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God no matter what language it’s in. I know Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. I know we can repent of our sins through His atoning sacrifice. I love you all!!! oute alofa ia te outou!!!! Keep Strong!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!

Elder Cody John Walker