Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Temple and Teaching!!

Update for the Week!! 1/31/11

Talofa Lava!!! How is everybody? Hopefully all is just grand!!! We had another member of our zone go home today, Elder Vaenuku, a Tongan from West Valley just like Davidson, my second soa and follow up trainer. We actually dropped by the Malae Vaalele (airport) to see him off this morning. It was sad but all good!! He was actually in the same mtc group as Teaupa but he extended for a month. He was a great guy and awesome missionary!! It has been fun having him in our zone that’s for sure.

So this week, we taught a ton of lessons!!! It was great!!! My comp and I right now are planning for about 8 or 9 baptisms this coming Saturday!!! It should be a busy but awesome week. But first off on Tuesday it was a great day because we got to go to the Temple again!!! What an amazing place. I still didn't understand all of it in Samoan but I got a lot more which was awesome. It is still just a great place to be that’s for sure. I love it and it is beautiful inside and makes any person feel amazing. I can't write enough about it, but I can say it was great. Anyway it was fun and always a great opportunity.

Then we started trying to get lessons set up, especially with Fesolai, Maria, and their daughter, Lolina. Luckily they were free and we finished teaching them the last lesson Saturday night. They are so ready for baptism and committed to follow all the commandments and live the gospel. They are getting baptized this Saturday, all three of them. We are currently teaching three little kids right now and they just believe with that childlike faith and trusting. Two are brother and sister, ages 9 and 12, and one other girl. It is great. They should be baptized also this coming Saturday. The other three are three people we are still working with but are improving. Hopefully we can get them going. Nu'utele is still working hard on his goal of not smoking and going to church. A lady named Litia is being hard to catch at home, she is working a lot and so we will have to try at night after one of our fafagas. Another one of Fesolai and Maria's daughters, Silia, is progressing as well we are teaching the third lesson this Thursday but she is still doubtful about some stuff and she smokes which is a problem. But she is accepting the lessons and asking many questions which are thoughtful and have been thought about by her before. Plus she is reading steadily in the Book of Mormon in English because she wants to improve her English and the Samoan translation is pretty bad. But I heard from Vaenuku that the triple combination and new translation is coming in June, so that should be good. There have been many missionaries looking forward to that so hopefully it still comes. I am still going strong in reading the Tusi A Mamona but I can't find as much time to read, we have been pretty busy.

Anyway it has been a pretty awesome week. Lots of things happened and lots of fun experiences with the zone as well. We have got to be the closest zone and definitely the coolest. We joke around with each other all the time and always have a good time when we are together. On Thursday after our meeting it was Vaenuku's last one so we ended the meeting at around 1:00 in the afternoon and stayed together for a little while and then ate. It was cool to have fun and make Vaenuku's last Thursday enjoyable. Seeing him go makes the time to be on a mission shorter than what it is feeling and I know it will be. I want to give it my all!! It has been great my first four months here in Samoa. Time flies by so fast. I can't believe it!! I love being here and can't wait till the day the language clicks to the point where I can talk and listen and have full conversations with everyone, hopefully in a month ha ha!!

Well that is the news for the week. I love you all!!! The work cannot be stopped it is continually progressing. I know this church is true and that it is led by a living and true Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I know Jesus is the Christ and that He did atone for all of our sins. I know Joseph Smith restored the church and translated the Book of Mormon. I know it is true and the word of God. I love you all!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!!
Thanks for all the letters and support!!! Keep Strong!!! Do what is right!!!

Elder Cody John Walker

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