Tuesday, February 15, 2011


February 15, 2011

Malo Soifua!! Hey everybody what is happening?? Any new news anyone is hiding, Tyson and Jenny? But really it’s great to be updated. I love hearing from everybody. Elder Su'a is the new elder with Davidson and they are both ZL's and he is a great guy and funny too! I am already liking this guy.

Well this last week we had no baptisms but a lot of lessons and we were planning on five this upcoming Saturday, but after interviews tomorrow that went down to four (I’ll explain later) They are all kids around the ages of 9-12 or so. That’s always good to help them get involved in the church early. They are just so trusting and believe all that we say and are easy to teach for that reason. They are also very shy! We had a lesson with Elena a little girl about 10, and she wouldn't answer any question my comp asked her, she would just nod her head or shake it to Yes\No questions, so it’s kind of difficult there. I can understand when two strangers, one white to add, come in and start asking questions about some stuff she had really never heard before. That is the same story with almost every kid ages nine to eleven. We are teaching another lady's son named Jason, he is only eight though but he didn't go to church and when they asked me if we taught him I thought that his mom wasn't a member so that would be one we would teach. Well the lady is a member in fact the same lady, her name is Lafua, whose husband died (look back a couple emails). She really wants all of her children to go to church and be strong and herself too so they can go to the temple soon and be sealed together forever. What great news when I heard that!!! She was asking if it was possible that she could be married in the temple, and have her children sealed to her and her deceased husband, and of course I answered yes and she was happy and ready to prepare!! Another boy she showed to us, his name is Jess, and we have started lessons with him this past week. We can still teach Jason but not baptize him; the good thing is we will teach Jess and Jason together the rest of the lessons so they can be more comfortable in answering and being taught. We should finish up the lessons this week. We received two other referrals for two other kids we will start teaching today I think and try to finish and baptize by this Saturday. So the work is still going just great!!

We had two days of splits in both Lemoli wards this week. The first was on Wednesday with Lemoli 1st and it was good, but it rained really hard and was muddy and stuff. But we still made a lot of visits. We talked with Fesolai Faalaa and he said we could start lessons with him on Sunday, but when we went there, he declined, but said we could still visit. So that was a bummer. The other split was in Lemoli 2nd on Friday. I went with Pene who lives next to the church while Asuafi went with two other young men That was the day we received the contact for Lafua's son Jason so that was good. But right after the split, the APs called to let us know as well as everyone else in the mission that when splits happen comps have to stay together or missionaries have to stay together. Anyway it was a good week and the language is coming along still. Hopefully it picks up faster and faster!!!

We had a good afiafi faaleaiga last night (fhe) with Fesolai and Maria and their family. Their first one, it was great! I loved it. Silia was there too and we found out that she attended all of church on Sunday. What great news!!! We heard she is quitting smoking and drinking coffee too. She is really liking what she hears and believing and the change is amazing. She should be baptized soon. It is so great to see the change in people’s lives. I love being a part of it, even though it’s small on my part, I am still there watching.

Interviews with president were today, plus teaching by the aps and senior couples. All did a great job and my interview with President was great! He gave me great advice again and challenged me to continue with the language and work hard. He complimented my comp and I on our work and said keep at it. It’s always great to talk one on one with president. He is a great guy and very inspired. He is also funny. Just a great guy. I am thankful for him and all he does!!
Well that’s the update. I love you all!! I know this church is true and led by a living prophet. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He is our advocate with the Father. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. oute alofa ia te outou!!! Keep Strong!!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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