Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy and Fun

January 10. 2011

Malo Soifua!!! O a mai outou? How is everybody?? How was Alyssa's baby
blessing? Hopefully the flights were good and not too bad with the
weather!!! How was it? I bet it was just great!! Who was able to go?
How is she doing and also Jason and Rachael? I hope all is good!! I
will hopefully be back on the regular schedule of email on next Monday
so cross your fingers!!! Since last Thursday it has still been pretty
busy and fun!!
It’s been a pretty tough time getting to finish the last lesson with
the Fesolai and Malia Moega!! We have scheduled about three or four
lessons and even shown up to some to have them say they are busy or
family is visiting!! It’s too bad because it is really a simple lesson,
the commandments and they don't have any word of wisdom or any other
commandments they are breaking to keep them from baptism. So we will
keep trying!! They are doing great though and still progressing!! On
Thursday night we taught the third lesson, the gospel of Jesus Christ
and it was really good!! We started off answering their questions on
the previous lesson about the plan of salvation!! Malia is really
doing well with the reading and getting questions. We are doing
well in answering or at least my soa is. I am still trying and
doing the best I can. I am being told I am improving which I like
Anyway these are two great investigators and I am excited for
them to be baptized, which it should be soon!!
We have tried to make other visits but all of them have fallen
through!! With dances and people working and also the rain it has not
helped but we keep trying right?! We have also stopped by and seen
people who were baptized recently to see how they are doing.
I am happy to report we are looking forward to about five
people ready to be baptized this month hopefully, so pray for that!!!
It is so exciting!!! The work is still progressing and it is not being
stopped!!! I was able to baptize another person on Sunday, a girl 15
yrs old who lives with the second counselor to the bishop!! I only got
to teach one lesson with her but she is a good girl and really
strong!! Her name is Faaaloaloga Sefika!!! It was great!!! We also
confirmed Fereti a member of the church on Sunday!!! It was a great
Sabbath day!!! I am still working towards my goal of finishing reading the
book of Mormon in Samoan out loud and Jesus the Christ!!! It is great
and I love it!!! I better go!!! But I know this church is true and is
led by a living prophet!!! I know Jesus is the Christ the Son of the
living God!!! I know He atoned for our sins in order that we can
repent and return to live with our Heavenly Father someday!!! The book
of Mormon is the word of God and was translated by Joseph Smith!!! I
love you all!! Oute Alofa ia te outou!!! keep strong!!!

Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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