Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Talofa Lava!!! What’s new everybody? Any new news?? How’s the baby doing? Keep me posted on Tyler, Ross, and Cory please!!! Thanks for all the emails and letters everybody!!! I love you all!!
Well this week has been a week of splits for me!! It all started Monday (aso gafua) night when I was put on what I thought was just a split for that night but ended up being a split for all of Tuesday (aso lua) as well!! It surprised me but was all good I liked being with elder Ualotu, he is a funny guy and actually very motivated!! He is really nice to me now and wants to help with my Samoan so we can talk more than just his English which is limited like my Samoan!!! It’s great; I am the only palagi in my entire zone!! All of the Samoans are really cool and want to help, along with elder Teaupa and my comp (who is Samoan)!! Anyway I went with Ualotu all day Tuesday and went around his area, Lepale, while my comp and elder Vili (elder Ualotu's comp) went and did some stuff. While I was with elder Ualotu, we stopped at this one house and the family's last name is guess what... Walker!!! It was crazy I didn't expect to find a Samoan family with the last name of walker I couldn't believe it!!!
Then after that, on Wednesday (aso lulu) I was put on a split again this time in Lemoli with elders Asuafi and Tui!! It was another great day except for the fact that I had drunk some bad water we figured out and I was super sick and not liking life for the day!! Oh well all of these experiences are for a reason ha ha!! We were walking the whole day and it was an overcast humid day and I was sick and sweating so bad it was dripping off my face just standing it was crazy!!! There was one place that we went and visited that took I think almost an hour to walk through paths I would have gotten lost on if I was by myself through trees and bushes!! It was fun though because they were cool and tried to help me in fact they gave me a blessing before the big long walk and I was better by the next day it was great!!! I know and believe in the power of the priesthood that’s for sure!!! I came back after that long walk and got back to Lemoli around six and I slept till eight and didn't eat or anything and I felt a lot better!!! It also gave me time that night to write in my journal and catch up on that!!
Anyway, the next day we did another zone blitz, this time in Lepale for the fireside that Saturday!! After the zone meeting I went with the bishop and the first counselor (fesoasoani muamua) and we went to three houses and were done, the area is widespread with very few houses!!! Then we all came back and reported!! We were fed by some ward members, which is really nice and then went to returning people to their areas. The next day Friday (aso falaile) I went on the final split for the week in Lemoli again with Elders Ualotu ma Asuafi! It was another great time all of us get along and we had fun together!!! We went to visit that family that was far away again and this time as we were walking it poured rain!!! Thank goodness for my waterproof backpack!!! I didn't get a drop inside to get anything wet but the rest of my body was completely soaked!!! It was so crazy!! We tried to block it at first and get under some trees but there was no getting out of it so we just walked and got wet!!! It was way fun though and I had a good time!!! We stayed there a while and watched Joy to the World the Christmas movie and they fed us quite a lot of food, they just kept it coming!!! These people will feed you until you leave because it is just respect for the faifeaus (missionaries)!! One time they brought oka (raw fish) and I actually liked it!! I am becoming more and more acquainted with this food which is good!! Then came that night, we moekasi (slept our whole zone) in Lotopa for the service project the next day!! But before we were treated by going to the Christmas party one of the wards had in Lotopa!! There was dancing with music and a live dj there!! It was such a great time and moms came and asked the elders to dance, especially the one palagi in the whole room, ME!!!! I couldn't believe how many times I got asked but it was so much fun and everybody just laughed!!!
The next day was the service project and we weed-eated a lawn about as big as the back part in Vernal (maybe even more) but it was good work and great to unify our zone!!! The lawnmower was broken by the bishop pulling the cord too hard and breaking it in half. ha ha!!! I had to be the one to start all the weedeaters because the others didn't understand what was wrong and how to use the choke and prime and stuff!!! Oh well it was great though!! That night was the fireside in Lepale and it was an awesome one with a lot of preparation and great classes!! It was on the second lesson, the plan of salvation with different rooms being the latter part of the plan past earth life!!! It was great and they had about ten investigators show up!! On Sunday we went to Aleisa muamua ward (first ward) and had a good time there!! Then we ate at the stake president's house. We hopefully will get some proselyting in our own area this week. My comp and I are working to catch up to where we should be!!! Hopefully it’s not too busy again!!! The language is coming more and more everyday especially with the help of everyone in my zone and the people here!!! I love just talking and no one cares if I mess up and everyone laughs, including me!!! I know this church is true!! I know it is led by a living prophet (perofeta soifua) President Thomas S. Monson!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God!!! I love you all!!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!! thanks for everything!! keep strong and keep working hard!!! I know this is where I am supposed to be and would not want to be anywhere else!!! Remember the true meaning of Christmas!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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