Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manuia le Kirisimas!

Manuia Lo Outou Kerisimasi!! December 20, 2010
Manuia Lo Outou Kerisimasi ma lo Outou Tausaga Fou!!!!!! Hey everybody!! O a mai outou?!? How is everyone doing?? Happy Birthday to Seneca yesterday! Hope it was good!! How is the Christmas season this year? Is the house all decorated and ready? How’s the weather, really cold I bet!! It’s still just as sunny and hot over here as ever!!! It’s crazy though, it just doesn't feel like Christmas with no snow and I am sweating everyday and driving with the ac on all the time ha ha!!! Oh well ill get used to it I know!! So any new news, I know I ask this every time but just wondering ha ha!!! This week has been pretty busy with everything!! On Tuesday we were able to meet with Renata and teach her some more and get her date set for her tusiga faaipoipoiga (wedding papers) so then after two weeks she can get married and baptized!!! It should happen this Wednesday we are hoping!! She tells us every time how she has a testimony ever since she was young but her father never approved and wanted her to be baptized!! She used to go to the lds church school in pesega and got close to being baptized but when her father found out he transferred her to a different religion school!! She has taken lessons before but missionaries get transferred and stuff happens so we are here to finish it and help her complete her baptism but first she needs to start going to church!!! But she said she would, she just had a baby so it is getting strong enough now so that’s great!!! She can speak English and wants to hear the lessons and stuff in English so it is a great investigator for me (like Joanne was but she moved, but good news the elders in Apia are teaching her and she is being at their lessons and stuff)!!
Another great investigator is Makerita in the same ward!! She is also accepting the lessons and we are trying to get her and her husbands tusiga faaipoipoiga done as well on Wednesday!!! Hopefully the stake president and all of that works out!!! They are both progressing so well and we are working well with each!!! They both ask really good questions and love hearing about it!! It’s too bad their husbands aren’t the ones who get them to church and help them but we are hoping the baptisms of their wives will get them reactivated!! We also just started on another girl in Leauvaa named Safaira and she needs to get married as well but they don't have the money for the tusiga faaipoipoiga!! Also she wants to hear the lessons, so we are starting tomorrow morning at nine!! she also has a kid, one years old, and she is 17 years old herself, but that as you can see happens a lot here but all good since they are accepting the gospel and being baptized!!
On Thursday we had the mission Christmas party and it was amazing!!! All the elders came over from Savaii and all the elders and sisters from Upolu also were there!!! It was amazing and so much fun!! We had a little spiritual program that president and sister Haleck got put together and it was great!! Then they fed us and gave us all gifts!! We all received a personalized letter thing with a flashlight and pen and the best is a DVD of the mission like an hour long it was great!!! It was fun to see some people from Savaii and have a lot of people together!! Then afterwards we went on a super long drive around the whole island basically and it was fun with our whole zone!!! I don't know quite what the plan is for us missionaries on Christmas day but it should be fun either way!!
I am doing great the people are great and our companionship is doing a whole lot better!!! My zone is the top!! I know this church is true! I know it is lead by a prophet of God, Pres. Thomas S. Monson!!! I know my Savior lives!!! I know He atoned for all of our sins!!! I know the book of Mormon is the word of God!!! I love you all!! oute alofa ia te outou!!! I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas day that should be so much fun!!! keep strong and faithful and have a great Christmas season and a happy new year!!! love ya!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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