Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hey Everybody!

Hey Everybody Dec. 28, 2010

Talofa Lava!!! O a mai outou?? Hey everybody how are you all doing? Hopefully all is well and Christmas was awesome!! It sure was great for me and being able to talk to everybody on the phone that was way cool and I loved it!! It’s too bad it couldn't be longer it seemed too short to me!! I wanted to just keep talking but it is still only about five months till mother's day ha ha!!! I didn't email yesterday because all the email places were closed!! If a holiday falls on a weekend than the next Monday is when the holiday is observed and everything is closed in town and stuff so that’s what happened yesterday!! Weird thing is all the stores and restaurants were open and ready to accept business just the things that were closed were the things important on pday ha ha!!!
Anyway this week was just a week of everyone being busy!!! Oh first I want to thank everyone for the packages and the cards and letters!!! All is so awesome and it made the Christmas away from home and in the mission so much better!!! I love you all and am kind of in a rush today so the email won’t be long!!! Sorry just next week it will be longer!! Oh I am being transferred to Lemoli in the same zone so no big move really and it will be fun because I know some people there and they are all really nice!! Hopefully I can help the work keep moving on there and everything!! I will have elder Asuafi from Lotopa in Samoa as a comp and he is really cool and can speak alright English but he will help out a lot with my Samoan and stuff so I am excited for that!! It will be my first transfer and it will be fun!! Oh a surprising thing I just found out is I lost 10 pounds in like two or three weeks!! That is so crazy it’s because I got sick and it wasn't good but I hopefully will gain it back and be good. I will be walking in my new area so I will be getting some exercise!!! It’s a good area and I am ready to do what I can and get the language down better!!! I will miss Aleisa but all will be good I have friends there and all ended well with my soa and the people. I got to get going just updating you for now!! Keep me posted and up to date!!
I love you all!! oute alofa tele ia te outou!!! I know this church is true!!! I know it is lead by a prophet today president Thomas S. Monson!!! I know the book of Mormon is true!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and that through His atonement we can repent and live together forever someday!! right Tori, just like the Forgotten Carols, "We can be together forever someday!!!" Thanks for everything!! Keep strong and do what is right!! I love you all!!
Elder Cody John Walker

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