Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010
Malo Lava le Soifua Manuia ma le Lagi Mama!!!!! O a mai outou? How are you all doing this great day huh? What’s up, what’s new? Any new news or anything? I love hearing the news about everybody its fun to hear and know what’s happening!! Thanks for all the emails and letters they are great!!!
To start off this week we had a four zone conference and we had Elder Hamula, the presiding Seventy come and talk to us with others!!! It was great and all the speakers were good!! It was all in English so the Samoan elders who couldn't understand had headsets so they could hear the translation!!! It was such a great conference Elder Hamula spoke on listening to the spirit and keeping ourselves tuned by keeping the rules and also hearkening so we can have its help and guidance as we teach and study!! it is always a question that missionaries have and I think about if I have the spirit with me, but as a talk I can remember from Elder Bednar, a replay we watched in the mtc, is not to worry but just do what I am supposed to and I will have the spirit!! All of the speakers spoke on the same thing with no, umm what do you call it, no talking about it earlier with one another, I guess!! They all just wrote what they thought should be talked about separately and it ended up being the same!!!! It was definitely a sign of importance for the topic and also of the guidance and knowing of what is needed to be worked on and is important for missionary work!! He and the other speakers along with my mission president are all inspired men called of God for their callings and assignments!!! It was great and a privilege to have them speak and to be there!!!
So this week has been a tough one and a lot of a talking and getting things taken care of!! There are people in Aleisa prepared to hear the gospel from us and I am trying to talk to my soa (companion) about that. I just need to keep trying to do my best and the Lord will help me!! I went on another split on Saturday night and all day Sunday and Sunday night till this morning with Ualotu and it was fun again.
On Saturday I had another opportunity to do three more baptisms for the sisters in si'usega again!!! They sure are getting a lot and they are all from the same house which is great!!! They spend quite a bit of time there, but the people have testimonies, from what my soa says, and they know it’s true!!! I love baptizing people, it is such a blessing and I am grateful for the opportunity!!! This time it was the parents of some earlier baptisms and also one of their daughters, I am pretty sure the last unbaptized one from their family!!! It was so great now all of them are members in the church and from what I hear and see doing well!!! The mission is so great!!! I really do love it here!!! I will get things worked out with my soa and all will be good!!! I know the Lord will help me as I strive to be a peacemaker and help out as much as possible!!! I love being in Samoa!! The people are great and I am here for a reason and I just need to find the people!!! We had a great visit on Wednesday with Renata again and we both bore our testimonies in English and got a date set for her papers for marriage!!! Then she wants to be baptized!!! I know this church is true!!! I know it is led by a prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson!!! I know Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God and that he did restore the church and translate the Book of Mormon!!! I know the book of Mormon to be the word of God!!! I know Jesus is the Christ and that He did atone and die for all of our sins and pains, and weaknesses!!!! I know that through the atonement we can all return to our loving Heavenly Father someday!!! I love you all!!! ou te alofa atu ia te outou!!!!! keep strong and keep me posted!!!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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