Monday, November 29, 2010



Talofa!!!! Malo Soifua!!!! I heard about byu losing. That stinks really bad but I guess it was a good game anyway!!! Utah got lucky, but I am here and don't care too much ha ha!!! What else is new how is everyone doing?? Hopefully all is still good and going great!! How is the snow and the cold weather?? I won’t have that for two years ha ha!!!
It has been an extra crazy week for me!!! to start off on Monday for pday we drove around basically the whole island!! it was cool and sweet to see all the different places and the other parts of the island of Upolu!!! we went all the way to where the tsunami happened and saw all of that and it was interesting and sad to see the damage!! Apparently elder Miller lost everything and he had only been on the mission for about three weeks and then had to start all over with all his stuff!!! That would stink really bad that’s all I can say!!! Anyway so after that whole trip we were headed home when all of the sudden Miller got a call and found out he was being transferred to American Samoa the next day and the elder there was coming to be my follow up trainer!!! It was so surprising and very last minute!!! We were going to the temple the next day so he had to pack that night and have all his stuff ready to leave the next day!!! We had a cool family home evening that night with the sisters in Lotopa by the way and it was game night so that was fun ha ha!!! But anyways we all moekasi that night (slept together) and then left the next morning by eight to get to the temple by nine!!! The temple is so beautiful and amazing here in Samoa!!!!! I didn’t understand a lot of what was being said besides remembering what would be said in English!!!! it was so cool though!!! it is so....just amazing!!! Then came the time for the switch after a dentist appt for new elders and other things!!!! My new soa(companion) is Elder Davidson!!! He is also from utah but was originally born in Tutuila and lived there for only two years, so he doesn't remember anything!!! He is way cool and is helping me a lot with language already!! It took awhile to get used to the switch and how he is. We had some disagreements, but we talked it over and now all is cool!!! We have been way busy this week so it is just so crazy!!! We only made it to three of the fafagas this week and we felt bad, but my comp had all these meetings and so many other things since he was new!!!
One of the days, I went on a transfer with elder Vili in our zone in Lepale and we walked and rode bikes so that was good!!! I haven't changed weight wise which is surprising since I am riding in a car the whole time!!! On Thursday we had our zone meeting and then we did a zone blitz which is where all of our zone went around Lotopa, the sisters’ area, and found people to invite to the fireside that was that Saturday!!! It was really fun and way cool to do!!! They are really pushing for firesides!!! It helps get the members and the investigators in the same place so it is actually a way good thing to have!!! Then we all ate at the bishops who owns McDonalds or manages it I mean. He got us all double quarter pounder meals, which was super nice!!! We have moekasi almost every night and finally slept in Aleisa on Saturday night!!! It’s been fun but tiring as well with all these things to do!!! My comp did some more interviews for sisters on Friday in Siusega and I was able to baptize the two young guys on Saturday!!! It was fun and always a blessing!!! Then came Saturday night the fireside!!! It was so prepared for and announced to everyone we found but the sad thing is only one investigator showed up!!!! What a bummer, we did all this preparing and all we could, but one is better than none!!! If that one gets baptized and felt the spirit at that fireside than it was all worth it right!!!!
Anyway the next day was aso sapati (Sunday, the Sabbath) and we went to Leauva'a again!!! Then we went to Mariana’s house for our fafaga and had an awesome one by the way!!! It was a crazy week and we didn't do much in Aleisa but we got things settled and now can begin to work and get stuff going again!! Anyway that was a lot of stuff that happened and now my soa is getting used to the roads and we are accomplishing a lot and he is getting familiar with the area, so all is good!!! I love you all!! I know this church is true and that Jesus is the Christ!!! I know that we have a true and living prophet on the earth today!!! mom thanks for the ensign!!! the conference talks are great. The ones to Samoa are on backorder so I am the only one with an issue!!! keep strong and keep me updated!!! you guys are the best!!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!!! (I love you).
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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