Monday, November 1, 2010

First Baptisms and My House in Samoa


Malo Soifua!!!!! How is everyone this week? Anything new yet? Any new news? Have Jason and Rachael named the baby yet??? ha ha jk but really! When will I know whether it’s a boy or girl for Bryan and Jesenia?!? What is up with the house now anything new?? Keep me posted as much as possible the wait for mail is about two weeks I think or something like that!
But ya so this week has been another busy one but not necessarily all with teaching but running errands with the car!! On Thursday we just ran around for the office and for other things which are important, but I wish it wasn’t like that, but with my comp being the zl and having the car we are over our whole zone and stuff!! so ya sometimes it will happen but we just have to do the best we can with the time we have!!
So on Tuesday it was a great day!!! We were out visiting and finding referrals in the morning and then in the afternoon we stopped by a house that the ward mission leader had shown to us earlier!! it was a mother of two kids, Joane is her name, and her husband works all the time during the day! Anyway we were over there and she was excited to have us come (which is always a good sign)!!! We were talking to her about her concerns which she had many but we were answering them the best we could!! Some were just little things like why does the bishop bear his testimony of the truthfulness of our church and that it is the only true church on the earth today (that really made her mad) and others like people talking in church and having stake dances in the gym!! We answered to the best of our ability and she understood but she was just having problems with all the noise and how she thought we were disrespecting the church building with the dances. Oh and she thought that every church is true!! it is good because she wanted to speak english, I forgot that fact, and so I could understand and I could participate actually ha ha!!! So anyways we discussed all of it and just mentioned that there is such a place where it is perfectly quiet and you can talk directly to the Lord and not be interrupted!! Of course she liked that fact and wondered where such a place was and we said the temple and said that could be a goal for her and she kind of smiled and was liking that idea!! Also she mentioned that she has been having problems with her husband ( they aren't married though) and getting along, he drinks a lot and doesn't treat her the way women should be treated and she runs away sometimes but always comes back. So we tried to teach her about forgiveness and turning the other cheek!! Of course it is really hard to do that, but she even asked if she should just leave for good and we said she needed to pray and find out for herself!! The best thing she said though is she noticed that when hard times come and she is beginning to wonder if God exists and loves her, the missionaries come!!! Anyway it was a really good lesson and one that I could actually participate and help resolve certain issues!!! it was my first real story so I wanted to tell it!!
But for the rest of the week during certain parts of the day when we are at our house we have been getting the area book taken care of as best as possible so that we can get it going good again. Which has been good!! Also we have found many referrals and been finding out a lot of people are actually just waiting for us to come again so they can get baptized and find out the truth. We are trying our hardest!!! So anyway that’s the update for this week. I will answer questions in the next week’s letter!!! I know this church is true and that it truly is led by a living prophet!!! I know that Jesus is the Christ!!! I love Him for His infinite and loving sacrifice!!! without it we would not be able to return to our Heavenly Father!! I am so glad I am on a mission and can share this message with others!!! I love you all!!! Have another good week and be safe!!! keep me posted!! keep strong!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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