Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mission Conference!

Malo Soifua!!!! O a mai outou??? How is everyone doing?? Hopefully all is well and great with everything!!! I read the email really quickly and saw some news in there!! Thank goodness for a win for BYU finally. Hopefully we can play well against Utah ha ha!!! Anyways this week was another week of riding around and picking people up and doing errands!!! We got two new elders one from Savaii, elder Vili, and one from Tutuila, they are going to go into an area Lepale and do what they can for a time!!! President Haleck wants them to get twelve new baptisms done in the area and then he is going to close it again because the work is so small it is will be covered by the Faleasi'u elders who are elder Teaupa and his new comp elder Asuafi!! Elder Hayden was sent to Savaii for the first time in his mission and elder Teaupa is training again once more before the end of his mission!!! So now with Hayden gone it is only elder Miller and I who are palagi's in our zone ha ha!!! Oh well its cool!! The Samoan people are so great!!!
On Monday we had a fhe at a member's house-- Mariana and her whole family or relatives live like right next to her. It is a huge family and is its own little community!!! It was way fun and there were a lot of great messages and fun things happening!! They had dances and I videotaped some of them on my camera so that should be cool for you to see!!! Then elder miller and I did a little skit with doing a little mind trick and they all liked it a lot ha ha it was way fun!! In that family a girl just moved in, her name is Manoa and she is not a member. She has been going to church and everything but has never been taught!! So we started teaching her the lessons and Mariana has been to almost every single one to support and give input so that is always good!! Plus just yesterday we asked Manoa if she could prepare to be baptized on the 20 of November and she accepted!!!! She has been really receptive to the lessons and is keeping the commitments and is learning so fast!!! She wants to be baptized and that is so great!! She was definitely ready to hear the gospel!! Also another great thing is we were at the fhe and were called afterwards to go give a blessing to an investigator Renata. When we got there we explained what a priesthood blessing was and then my comp gave her the blessing!!! Right after she said I want to be baptized!!! It was amazing and during the blessing a nonmember friend was crying so I think we will be able to teach her too!!! The Lord moves and acts in ways we can’t even imagine!!! The spirit was so strong and she was so ready, she just needed another witness or proof!!! First we need to get her married to her husband who has been baptized but is less active, then we can baptize her!!! It is so great I love being here!!
We had our first mission conference and President Haleck came and taught us in Aleisa!! There were three zones in attendance and we had three classes we went to, one taught by my comp and elder teaupa!! So ya and we also had interviews with President Haleck and were taught by the aps and were reminded of our goal for the year!! It has been a learning week that’s for sure, lots of things taught!! Also on Sunday we had stake conference for Aleisa and President and Sister Haleck came and taught there as well!!! It is still hard for me to understand almost all of it, but I am trying my best!!! I had the great opportunity again on Saturday to do some baptisms for the sisters!! 6 total together it was a great experience!!! The people were so happy and one older guy was crying and so excited to be having this happen to him!! The change brought in people’s lives is something else when it is witnessed firsthand!!! I love being on a mission!!! I want to do the best I can!!! The language is coming and I am learning each day more and more things!!! It is so great and a testimony builder for me and the people I try to communicate and teach with!! My comp is a great helper and we are doing the best we can in the big area we have!!! All is still going well!!! I need to get exercising and walking though the car is making me fat no ha ha but really!!! I know this church is true with all my heart!!! It was restored by a true prophet Joseph Smith in its fullness!!! I know that Joseph Smith translated the book of Mormon and that it is another testament of Jesus Christ!! Jesus is our savior and redeemer and through Him and His atonement we can live together forever!!! I know President Monson is a true prophet today and leads and guides the church!!! I love you all!!! ou te alofa ia te outou!!! thanks for all the support and love!!! keep strong!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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