Monday, November 29, 2010

Malo Soifua!!

MALO SOIFUA!! (Congratulations on living!! -- a common Samoan greeting.) 11/22/10

Malo soifua!! Manuia outou? Hopefully all is good and well there!!! So it’s a boy for Bryan and Jesenia eh!?!? I knew it ha ha I guessed it right but I really only had a 50/50 chance right? No I’m joking but really that is so awesome!!! Oh and baby Alyssa is so cute too thanks for the pix they were great!!! It sounds like all is good with that!!! I am so excited to see these new babies!! It is so great!!! What’s new out there?? Anything else that I haven't heard of yet ha ha!! Thanks for the letters and emails they are great!!! So anyway this past week we have been pretty busy!!! We baptized Manoa on Saturday and it was so amazing!!! She is such a wonderful person and progressed very fast to be ready to be baptized!!! A family member of the family she is living with baptized her and my comp and I stood in for the confirmation on Sunday!!! It was great and she was so happy!!! It was just an all around great experience!!! Oh and it is so frustrating though, we cannot find Joanne for the life of us!!! Ever since that email I sent talking about her we have tried to visit at least twenty or so times with no success we have not heard of her or anything it is like she disappeared!!! It’s frustrating but we are praying and hoping to find her soon!!
Also we have had two other experiences which are very surprising for me but common I guess!! Two girls we are teaching, Apaula and Mataiva, live with two separate families but for some reason or another they did something to anger the family they are living with and the families kicked them out to some other family near town for both of them!!! We went and talked to the family that was housing Mataiva and they said that she didn't finish making the koko Samoa so they told her to find another place to live!!! My comp got frustrated and said if we would have known we would have bought a ton of koko and brought it to her just so we could keep in contact with mataiva!!!! She was progressing but now is gone until we can find her or if she comes back!!! We are just hoping that we can get talking with the families and somehow let them come back!!! It surprised me to hear it but my comp says it happens more than I know!!! A big downside is both are member families and they can't seem to understand the importance of what we are doing in helping them come unto Christ and be baptized in His name and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!!! Anyways that was the downside of the week with the upside being Manoa's baptism!!!! I love being here in Samoa and most of the people are great but sometimes they can be stubborn and not helpful at all!!! We had pday at Mariana’s house with one other zone and they fed us and we played volipolo (volleyball) and it was a lot of fun!!!
Oh a great thing that the mission has given us and has worked pretty well is the movie the Restoration in Samoan!!! We have shown it three times and each time the spirit has been super strong and has touched the hearts of the people watching it!!! One such example is Renata and a girl that works at her house Lani. Renata's husband is a member, but is inactive(happens all the time) and we gave her a blessing and she said she wanted to be baptized but she has to take the lessons and be married first so we are working on that right now!! Her marriage is planned sometime around New Years!!! But the other girl her age about 20 or so and Lani watched the movie as well and loved it. She was crying halfway through especially at the first vision part!!! It was so great and we bore our testimony and said we would come back and teach more and she said yes!!! It is so great and the spirit can help so much!!! I love being here and sharing the gospel with the people here!!! They are so humble and give us all they can at our fafaga's!!! Here is a little about the food we have eaten pig, cow, chicken(all the time), a potato like food called talo, soup, fish( I actually enjoy eating it, except the raw stuff I will have to get used to), rice, fried chicken, sausage, eggs, canned spaghetti, toast, and so much more ha ha!!! I have pictures I will send soon!!! Anyway I know this church is true and that it is led by a prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson!! I know that Jesus is the Christ and He atoned for our sins!!! I know Joseph Smith restored the church to its fullness and that he is a prophet of God!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God!!! I love serving a mission it is so great!!! I love you all!!! Ou te alofa ia te outou!!!!!! Keep strong!!!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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