Friday, November 19, 2010



Talofa Lava ma Malo Soifua!!! What's up everybody?? Is everything still doing great? I sure hope so!! How’s baby Alyssa doing?? I’m glad everything worked out with the surgery and all with Rachael!! So what’s the news with the baby, Bryan and Jesenia?!? I am excited to hear!! Looks like I am going to miss Thanksgiving just like everyone else out of the US ha ha! I just realized that when I asked my comp and he said they have no need for the holiday since it all happened in America, I felt kind of dumb for a little bit!! My comp and two others from my mtc district will celebrate it though in American Samoa lucky them!!
Anyway this week, some surprising things happened!! But first on Tuesday we had a full day of appointments and back up plans with no going into town for once!!! It was so great, we just planned all these people and went and visited them it was great!! One of them was Manoa and she is still doing great and is excited to be baptized!!! We also started lessons with two other girls in a house in Aleisa first ward and a kid who lives there is sitting in because he wants to see how the lessons are taught because he is planning to serve a mission as well!! It is a really cool family and the two girls asked a lot of questions which my comp was able to answer. It still frustrates me not being able to hear and understand what people are saying fully, I get the jest of it sometimes but the people for the most part ignore me and what I try to say and listen more intently to my comp. But as long as I keep trying I will get there!! Anyways it was a great lesson and one of the girls and the boy took notes and wrote down a lot of facts!! It was very interesting to see that, but was really good!!! There is also another girl, Mativa, who we have taught the first lesson who is progressing very well and acts interested and wants us to keep coming. It just is hard to teach sometimes because she is very quiet as long as the lady of the house where we teach her is there. She is a member, but I think she intimidates her because when she left for a couple of minutes, Mataiva opened up and started asking questions and we got to know her more!! For the most part we like having members, but in Samoa the way the culture is and who is in charge, the people are sometimes scared into being baptized, which isn't the right way, so when we can speak just to the investigator and come to know them, it is even better!! For the most part though it works that the investigator does want to be baptized and everyone is happy which is great!!! A really great thing that happened on Saturday is Elder Teaupa and Elder Asuafi had some baptisms that afternoon, so we went and talked to Mataiva and she said she wanted to come and also another of the two girls there, who both live really close!! They are all not members and it was great because they all came and loved the baptism and said they felt really good!!! I love being on the mission and seeing how the spirit works on people and how they come to know of the truth for themselves!!!
Now for the two surprising things!! First was on Thursday, we were tracting and we walked towards someone’s house which we had been to before and nothing had happened, but as we stopped right at the door, out of nowhere a dog came and started attacking me!!!! It bit my left leg above the knee, luckily didn't catch any skin, and then bit my knee full on and sunk its tooth into my leg a little right below the knee!!!!! Instantly I grabbed its head somehow after that and just squeezed as hard as I could and the owner came and grabbed it apologizing again and again for what had happened!!! I just stood there surprised and amazed at what just happened!!!! It was crazy!! My adrenaline was going so fast I didn't really feel much pain but knew I was bleeding a little!! We finished the visit and continued on, I looked at my knee where the dog had bit it and we did two more visits, then I cleaned it and now it’s all good but it was something else!!! Dogs really do not like missionaries ha ha!!! Then came Friday night!! There apparently was a flu virus of some sort going around and I happened to catch it!! I had a splitting headache all night with fever and chills and slept I think like 4 or 5 hours that night!!! It was crazy I could barely stand I was shivering so bad!! But after that and getting to travel and sleep a little during the next day I was good by Sunday!!! Just a day fever and temp of 100.5 or so and I am just grand now!!! It was so nuts!!! Now everything is good and Sunday was great except for some reason if the water isn't working at the chapel, there is only sacrament meeting and nothing else!! So that is what happened and then we went to the rest of a different ward!!!
I love being on a mission the experiences are great and I will remember them forever!!! I love you all!! I know this church is true!!! We are having people ask for Book of Mormons!!! It’s so great!!! I know that Jesus is the Christ!!! I know He atoned for all of our sins!!! Ou te alofa ia te outou!!! Keep strong!!
Love ya, Cody

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