Monday, October 25, 2010

A Strange Week!

A STRANGE WEEK! October 25, 2010

Malo Soifua Tagata Uma!!!! Well this week has been something different that’s for sure!! To start off though pday ended up being a very fun day with volleyball and stuff!! Samoans are very good at volleyball I will tell you that!!! Even the sisters were rocking it with spikes and saves, the only thing is they look like they are effortlessly trying all the time and yet they still do very amazing!!! while I on the other hand along with other palagis are sweating and working so hard to get the ball or anything its crazy and kind of frustrating but I laugh because they laugh ha ha!!!
Well now begins the surprises!! My comp, elder miller, started to have back pain and it was really hurting him Monday night and he started to lose feeling in his arms and stuff!! He said it had happened before but he didn't really explain to me all the details!!! He just started getting dressed and told me the aps were on their way to pick him up!!! It was about 10 at night and I was kind of tired so I had my glasses on, I got dressed and we went and sat out by the road, that’s when he started to tell me about losing feeling in his arms!!! Well while the aps were on their way, we live like twenty minutes from them, he was stressing and having pain pretty bad so I offered to give him a blessing of comfort and so I did. He said he kind of felt better and the pain lessened. Anyway the aps came we took him to the office where the couple missionaries with doctor and nurse training took him to the emergency room and I went and stayed with the aps and another missionary who had a staph infection!! At around five in the morning, the couple missionaries asked for a relief and one of the aps, elder gage, and I went down and sat next to him!! The hospital here is so nuts; it is unsanitary and looks not like how a hospital in America does!! It was crazy; I have never seen anything like it!!! I guess they do with what they have!! The pharmacy was something else too I should have taken pix but I didn't have my camera because of the rush and I had even forgotten my belt!! Anyway the next day Tuesday I sat in on two zone conferences which had the same thing taught at each!!! Oh well I learned some things though ha ha!! the doctors finally got it all figured out that it was kidney stones that he had and with later ultrasounds found he had two to dispose of!!! They told him it could be up to a year before the stones pass, but the pain he was feeling was them moving. So now the next move is when they come out!!! He has to go in every other Monday to see how they are doing to make sure nothing bad happens!! My comp spent from Monday night till Wednesday night doing all of this!!
On Tuesday night for me I went on splits with elder teaupa, the other zl, and elder hayden in their area. It was a great day and I liked it alot!! They helped me too with my Samoan and I sat in on like two lessons and ate at both of their fafagas!! I love the language I am just sick of not understanding it!! Oh well it will come in time as I concentrate and try my hardest!!! My comp and I went back to our area Wednesday night and on Thursday started in our area again!! We had another two candidates for baptism in aleisa 1st ward and so we went and talked with them about it!! A lot of drama happened with those two baptisms and some frustrations from ward and stake leaders were told to us, I didn't understand it in the language but my comp told me the details! But the good thing is we got it all worked out but there probably will be some lingering annoyances and anger toward us until we leave!! All my comp and I care about is that the two getting baptized are ready and will have a good experience and be strong and other things. But things need to happen the Lord's way and we try to emphasize that with the people, but they don't understand fully sometimes!! It’s ok but we will keep moving forward and doing the best we can!!
I had the opportunity to baptize two more people, a couple, on Saturday for two sister missionaries in our zone!! It was a great experience!! I am so glad to be on a mission!! It is a great place to be!!! Church again was a place where I didn't understand much but am still learning!!! I know I’ll get it as I rely on the spirit and do my best!! I know this church is true and that Jesus is the Christ!!! I know that He is our savior and redeemer!! The work will progress, and none can stop it!! I love you all!!! Keep strong!!! Thanks for all the support!!
Alofa, Elder Cody John Walker

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