Monday, October 18, 2010


MY FIRST BAPTISMS!!!! Oct. 18,2010
Talofa Lava Everybody!!!! How is everyone doing!!! I have so much to say but very little time to say it!!! I am so stoked to be in Samoa!!! It is so great out here and it is also so overwhelming!!! I had my first three baptisms this last Saturday!!! It was crazy! My comp, whose name is Elder Miller, and who was supposed to be his companion, Elder Teaupa, let me baptize the three kids just so I could!! They were really cool about it and everything, I didn't even expect it!! It was so exciting! I got the prayer down and didn't mess up on it but I did accidently not say the little boy’s name on the first one and had to do it again!! They are such cute kids!! There were two girls and one boy!!! Alice Brown and So'olofae Brown were brother and sister, and Sene si'u was a friend!!
These people are so humble and great!! You wouldn't believe where they live and how they live and what they eat!! My comp and I like most of the others live in a little house built on the chapel grounds!! It is really small barely able to fit a bunk bed a desk and a tiny fridge with all our stuff, but it is sufficient since we don't spend too much time there!! But it depends on where a missionary is because some companionships live with families in some wards!! These first few days have been kind of a blur!! I don't understand a thing anyone is saying!! It all blows my mind!! I listen so hard and catch a few words here or there but I can't even comprehend what or who they are talking about!! I love it though, and so do the people!! They think it is so funny and they say random things that only my companion gets and then they all laugh because I have this blank stare on my face!! My comp has been trying to get me involved as much as he remembers and thinks I can which isn't too much right now!! It’s ok though I am learning along the way!! I have born my testimony about five or so times and say about five or so sentences which is ok with me as long as it still works and they understand ha ha!! My comp like I said is Elder Miller and our area is Aleisa!! He just recently became a zone leader and has a car, so we are driving/walking right now!! It is great except I think I am getting fat ha ha no I try to keep it down!!
All the kids are so intrigued with us palagis and how we are so white ha ha except for one kid!! We saw him on Saturday and he went to the church we went to on Sunday but he is deathly afraid of me for some odd reason!! Like on Saturday all I did was smile at him and he started to bawl like crazy!! the parents here(just a side note) just don't care for crying kids, they just swat them or tell them to be quiet and they either continue being ignored or they stop because they know they won't get any sympathy!! It is so different!! But anyways the kid just doesn't like me or is so scared to be around me or something!! My comp smiled at him and he was ok but then I did and he freaked out!! But then the strangest thing is when he was leaving with his family he said "fa" to us which is goodbye and wasn't even told to or forced to ha ha!! It is so strange!!
Church was something else though, it was so different!! The people of Samoa do basically anything during church and no one cares!! They don't just talk but they fan, they walk around, they let their kids walk in and out it is just something else!! And when they sing, they sing loud, very loud!! It blew me away, I couldn't even think or try to carry a tune because I couldn't hear myself!!! We had the confirmations of the three kids and I stood in the circle, first the bishop blessed one, then my companion, then the bishop looked at me said I was next and bowed his head!!! Luckily Elder Miller understood that I probably wouldn't have even confirmed the girl but probably would have said everything wrong so he blessed her too!!!! I was so scared for just a second or two ha ha!! I about had a heart attack!!! It was insane!!!
Well out here in Samoa my stuff apparently is everyone’s stuff because if you leave it out they just take it!!! So when we have some stuff we don't want we just set it outside our house and it is gone by the time we get home!! People check it every day ha ha!!! It is so weird but it is just the Samoan way!!! I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!! My comp is great!! The food is different but good!!! Each ward just sets up who is going to feed the missionaries each time whether in the morning or the night!! Each day we have two fafagas and a family either cooks or gives us money!!! The thing is that they give us quite a bit of money or as much as they save up or can give us!! Sometimes it is quite a bit!! It is so different the way we eat here!! The family cooks a meal but only the head of the house or just us faifeaus eat and everyone else watches and talks to us!! At first it was really awkward . It still is but that is just the way it happens!! They actually cook basically all they can and give us the whole meal but we always leave some so that the other members of the family can eat!! We never could eat it all anyway ha ha!! They care about us so much it blows my mind!! they have their kids sitting right there so they keep the flies off and keep our glasses full of the drink which is mainly koko samoa!! It is actually pretty good!! It is a whole new experience for me!! I wouldn't be anywhere else though!! I love all of you!! I know this church is true!! I can't wait till I can convey it in Samoan and help my comp out!! I know Jesus lives and that He atoned for all our sins!! Joseph smith is a true prophet!! Thanks for all the support and prayers!! I love you all!!
Alofa Elder Cody John Walker

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