Friday, October 8, 2010

I am in His army!!!

I AM IN HIS ARMY!! October 7, 2010

TALOFA Everyone!!!!! How is life?! I am so excited I will be going to Samoa on Tuesday next week!!!! It is so exciting I have been waiting for this for so long!!!! I cannot wait to be in Samoa!!! The language is still hard and we are learning everyday but the learning will almost double in Samoa according to our teachers because we will be absorbed in the culture and language!!! Everyone will be speaking it and I will be hearing it a lot more!! It is so exciting!!! A sad little note our solo sister got reassigned for a short time like 3 or 4 months to the Alabama because of visa problems!!! Sister Fu`e was not very happy but she knew it was for a good purpose and the Lord is involved in it!! We all felt bad for her but we know she will do well where ever she is going!! All of us are still going to Samoa there are no problems there thank goodness ha ha!!!
Wasn't General Conference just amazing!!! It was so awesome to hear the prophet’s voice and listen to him as well from all the other general authorities!!! It was so amazing to hear President Monson start off his talk about missionary work and the need for more missionaries!!! I loved it!! It just inspired me more to be a better missionary!!! All of the talks were good!!! I was able to stay awake the whole time as well!!!! ha ha no it definitely helps to write notes!!! I cannot wait for the next one!! That is amazing!! All of them are inspired men!!! The Prophet especially!! I love them all and will keep their words and apply them to my life!!!
So ya apparently there are 30 missionaries coming home and only ten of us going so that is going to be something new!! That is what my companion found out from his dad who talked with the secretary in the mission home in Samoa!!! We are all wondering if they were sent home or if their mission was complete two years I bet it might be a mix hopefully most are just scheduled to come home next week or something!! So when we land we immediately take off our suit and hang it up for two years in the bat cave (that’s what they call it)!! With our suits we leave one bag so that will probably be my duffle bag with my name on it!! Then at the end of two years we go back and pick everything up and go home ha ha!! No suits for two years!!! It is so crazy we are all so excited to head out and get going in Samoa!!! It is going to be so much fun!!
We are still working hard and almost harder than ever right now as we are leaving!!!! My comp and I are trying to teach lessons even if they are short everyday like 3 or 4 times a day!!! It is definitely helping us with the lessons and getting vocab down and getting more comfortable talking!!! I love this language it is one of the coolest in the world I think!!! It is such a pretty language if I can speak it right!!! The mtc has been a great experience!!! I will never forget it!! I am going to miss my new friends in my district but that is ok I will see a bunch of them again at byu ha ha but also we might be companions in the mission field!!! Oh I forgot we all get to stay together at the mission home the Wednesday night we get there because transfers aren't until Thursday so we get to go to the temple and be shown the ropes a little about stuff that goes on there and all that jazz!!! It will be so much my head could explode ha ha!!!
I love missionary work!! It is so exciting!!! We had a great devotional Tuesday with a speaker who spoke like he was speaking to us!!! It was a great talk to send us off into the mission field!! He talked about the seven key things that make a missionary a successful missionary!!! It was so good!! I know this church is true!!! I know this is God's work!! I am in His Army!! Jesus is the Christ and our Redeemer!!! He atoned for all the sins of the world!!! Joseph Smith is a true prophet and he did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ!!! I know the Book of Mormon is true!! I have read and prayed about it for myself!!! I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet on the earth today!!! I love all of you!! Pray for all the missionaries!! We need all of the help!!! Thanks for everything!! Love ya,
Love Elder Cody John Walker

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