Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talofa Everyone!!!

Talofa everyone!!!! What is new? How is the house coming? Any new news about anything or anyone? Hopefully everything is great!!! Well the date to go to Samoa is coming up really soon!!! I can hardly wait!!! It is so exciting, the language is still pretty rough but it is coming!!! It is crazy what we have to do at almost every house!! there is an entrance speech that we give that is like four or five sentences, than when they invite us in, if they say something to the affect to recognize us as faifeau (preacher or missionaries) or say something it gives me the permission to give another speech that my companion will echo or I will echo him!! Then after we ask how the day went or something there is an igoa (name) speech which basically tells how the one who is talking will be the spokesperson for the companionship and introduce the two of them to the family and tell who they are and stuff like that!!! Then if they feed us right before we leave we give a faafetai speech (thank you) and it could last up to ten minutes once we get it down!!! It is so crazy but way cool!!! Our teachers demonstrated it for us and they speak so fast!! A funny thing with the faafetai speech is the head of the house will talk during it telling us to stop or thank you or too much or anything but we just keep going, it is way different but pretty awesome!!!
I am loving the mtc but I really cannot wait for Samoa!!! It will be so exciting!!! So conference is coming up this week and I gotta say I have a whole new perspective on it that is for sure!!! Just from the stuff I have learned while here in the mtc is crazy!! I write down things they say but also what I get impressed to write down!!! It is great to hear from a prophet!! Also to hear from all the other general authorities!!! It’s pretty cool that three from our district will represent us at the priesthood session!! So ya we are beginning to have class in Samoan only!! Starting out small but soon probably from this coming up Tuesday till we leave will be in Samoan!!! It is good for us to hear it but it still is hard to understand what they are saying!! Our teachers say the time will come when we will just start to realize that we are having a conversation in just Samoan like we would be in English!!! I can't wait for that day!!! It is so fun when we have conversations in Samoan and can understand each other!! So we are teaching two people in the te (teaching evaluation) and it is going great, when we can meet with them!!! We had another appointment fall through!!! It is good training I guess but I still want to at least teach the three or four lessons to one person before we leave!!! Oh well at least we will get the first and second lesson down right! ha ha missionary life is so great!!!
We had a speaker talk to us and she told us about how we are hearing so much more without all the technology around us! It is true I feel like I am hearing air all the time ha ha!! No but the spirit is so strong!!! It is awesome!!! I feel it every day!! We watched the Joseph Smith movie again on Sunday and it still amazes me the spirit I feel every time I watch it!!! It is a wonderful feeling and I went to the residence hall and wrote down all I felt in my journal and it was quite a bit!!! I am so grateful and blessed to have the gospel in my life!! I am so blessed to be able to serve a mission for the Lord and to learn a new language as well!!! It may seem like a sacrifice to me but it really isn't!!! It is way more of a blessing!!! I know this church is true with all my heart!! I know Jesus is the Christ!! He did atone for our sins!! He is our savior and Redeemer!! Our advocate with the Father!! I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God!! I know he saw what he saw and that he did translate the Book of Mormon!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and Another testament of Jesus Christ!!! I know President Monson is a true Prophet on the earth today and holds all the priesthood keys!!! Thanks for everything!! I love all of you!! Ou te Alofa ia te Outou!!!!
Alofa(love) Elder Cody John Walker
ps. thanks for all the letters and packages!!!

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